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Usually, part of our reviewer job consists in explaining how the gambling site works. With Win88 casino, that part is already done because the site has a very good integrated interactive tutorial. Indeed, after setting your language among 16 proposed and after choosing your nickname, pop-up menus will show up and help you familiarize yourself easily with the bitcoin dice platform.

  • Deposits/Withdrawals

Before crediting bitcoins to your account, Win88 needs 2 confirmations from the network. Appropriately, deposits may take up to one hour to show up in your player account but can often be done in ten to twenty minutes depending on how fast bitcoin network confirmations are completed. In most BTC wallets, you can see the amounnt of confirmations currently verified .

Regarding cashout, you can withdraw any amount up to your entire balance (minus a fee of only 100 bits). Withdrawals typically take up to 24H to complete, specifically for new clients. While you carry on playing with WIn88, the withdrawal time will speed up and in some cases will become automated up to certain cashout limits.

  • Games and house edge

They offer 3 provably fair games

– BTC DICE with investment option.
– BTC LOTTO is an instant win lottery.
– RPSLS is Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock for bitcoin.

House only takes 2% edge in single player mode: 10% on draws which happen 1/5 times on average = 2% edge. Multiplayer is only 0.5% take from each player (ZERO house edge). 3% house edge on single player.

  • Investments

Benefit of investing in Dice is passive income and returns based on wagers from Dice players. They are the first Bitcoin Casino allowing investments at multiple edges.
Min. Investment 0.1 BTC – Cashout Investments any time – Investment Protections + Dynamic Maximum Bets to Protect Upside – Users automatically play the best edge available – Move investments between edges with 0% fee

  • Affiliate program

Invite new players with your personal link as much as possible as Win88 casino periodicaly distribute referral comission (also called the Prize Pool) to their top referrals, based on their performance.

  • promo code

Promo codes and bonuses are always given on the site. It means you won’t find it anywhere else.
Jackpots across all games.

  • Faucet

Claim free bits with their built-in faucet and roll the dice for potential winnings

  • Customer Support

They offer great customer support via a Live chat and players can also leave a private message.
Alternatively, visit support by clicking on the “Help” button or “FAQ” link at bottom of the screen.

In a Nutshell, bitcoin casino is a provably fair, fast and responsive gambling site. By 18 September 2014, the total bitcoin wagered at Win88 exceeded 718 BTC!

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