A Review of the Voodoo Slot Game and Where to Play With Bitcoin

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One thing that is so fascinating with the human creature is that its mind instinctively focuses on the negative side of things. What I mean by this is that one wrong erases a thousand good things done. You will never hear anyone speak out that gambling and gaming, being a favorite of many, helps stimulate the brain, and one can pick up several skills while gaming. Among these is the ability to quickly interpret patterns and numbers. The game also acts as a form of exercise for the brain and trains your eyesight to be keen and focused. Voodoo Slot Game, a thriller for gamers, comes with a stack of goodies for everyone and requires a little audacity to dive into its world of mystery and adventure.

Design and Features

This thriller online slot game has been subjected to top design workmanship. The theme and overall look are impressive, with many symbols that may look scary to the faint-hearted. Here are some of the design and features worth noting:

    • Super-sized Symbols

Developers of the game something no one has done it before. The over-sized symbols encountered while maneuvering the reels, all mixed, give a unique touch to the game. A single symbol, taking about 2×2, 3×3, or even 4×4 block along the reels, has taken ingenuity to attain. Available also are empty spaces underneath the giant symbols. These act as others and will complete a winning sequence.

Bomb symbols are also available in this slot game. These can act as dynamite for unleashing hidden treasures. The bonus symbol unleashes bombs into the reels, thus clearing surrounding symbols, in the process igniting an avalanche, which potentially generates some extra wins. With two bombs, you can be able to clear more spaces. The same bonus symbol when in three or more places on the game guarantees a free drops round. That means you can earn as from six to 15 symbol cascades, concerning the number of bonus icons generated by the triggering spin. Multiple wilds can trigger various payouts.

    • Avalanche Feature

Winning symbols explode and create space for new symbols. Each avalanche generates an extra row that comes with several ways to win. Play begins with four rows with about 4096 ways to win. Any winning combination results in an explosion that leads to the formation of new symbols. Winning can be as follows:

  1. Four rows-4,096

  2. 5 rows-15,625

  3. 6 rows- 46,656

  4. 7 rows-117,649

  5. 8 rows-262,144

    • Dual Bonus Feature

This feature comes into play when two bonus symbols have been generated concurrently. Any symbol that comes into contact with the line between the bonus symbols explodes to generate new symbols. There, however, an exception with wilds and big voodoo symbols. Additionally, any active instance of the touched symbols will blow up. One more bonus symbol will also appear to allow the gamer to trigger the main bonus feature.

    • Wilds

Available are two wilds, with the standard wild being a demonic red creature with a wild logo. Next is the witch with the signature purple hair. Her main role is to stack over the entire reel to increase your winning chances. The two wilds can substitute all the other symbols except for the scatter.

wild symbol
wild symbol – voodoo slot machine
    • Re-spins

There are three scatters at the middle reels that activate five free spins. Remember, when the free spins are triggered, all the mystery symbols transform into the same character, with either of these features; Voodoo wild that pays 10xthe stake, Mega Voodoo guaranteeing 50xthe total wager, or Super Voodoo that win 25x the bet. If unable to get a guaranteed payout, there are free spins until you get it.

Gamer Experience

The voodoo slot game has been designed to make the user experience exceptional. It is easy to play and is intuitive by design. In terms of visuals, it is brilliant and comfortable to behold for an extended period of play. The overall theme is user-friendly, and all symbols available are meant to serve its purpose of delivering a little scare and sense of mystery. At any given point, you can never predict what awaits you along the journey of the play.

The voodoo slot game has a cartoon design that complements the overall theme, making the game fun. High definition and superbly design graphics take center stage in this slot game. There is also an eerie soundtrack with bubbling brewing pot sounds, making the gamer wonder what could be cooking. Remember, there is a mystery black magic woman always accompanying you in the adventure with a death-stare right there on the reels.

This game has an RTP of 96.5%, meaning the house has a tiny edge percentage of 3.5%. The game is highly volatile and might take a little more time for the gamer to begin to receive high-value features on the reels. The betting range starts at 20 pence, and the maximum stake is £100 for a single spin. The up and down rows serve the purpose of setting the bet amounts.

The most valuable symbol in the voodoo slot game is the high priestess, capable of paying 10x the stake for five combinations on reels. The wild witch may also give the death-stare, but she is high paying, with 12.5x the total bet. There is no progressive jackpot in Voodoo, but gamers can win 1000xtheir stake during the free spins.

A Wrap-Up

You haven’t tried anything new, adventurous, and scary; then the Voodoo Slot Game will intrigue you. The online slot game maybe a little scary with its plethora of creepy symbols, but once your play begins; you will realize how amazing it is to traverse the world of the unknown. It is a welcoming game and not developed to scare. It has some decent payouts to offer with high volatility, meaning it may take a while to earn. The slot game is available at selected bitcoin casinos and is certainly worth giving a shot.

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