The online Bitcoin Poker boom – Why it works!

This is a bitcoin game that still enjoys huge popularity and high rollers whether you are sitting at tables in the United States or the United Kingdom; especially now that the Internet can make the game of poker accessible to every computer in the country.

As long as the player has access to the web, they can buy chips and bet on a virtual table whether or not they live within range of a land-based casino.

Poker is a game that was developed in the US but originally had its roots in a sixteenth century Persion game called ‘As Nas’. It was 1800’s New Orleans that shaped the card game into the style we recognise today. The rules have changed somewhat from those early days of frontier speculators and cowboys who would modify their strategy and the structure of the game to enhance their profits.

These were days well before the advent of email and life was a lot simpler, consequently there was only one round of betting in early poker with five card hands and no draw. Eventually wild cards and bluffing was introduced along with a second draw and a subsequent round of betting.

This gave players more chance to cheat and demonstrate their skill, which helped to enhance the appeal of the game. As frontier towns became more socially repressed, gambling was frowned upon in the growing communities and poker moved onto the riverboats in the 1830’s. There was a simple and practical reason for the popularity of card games like poker on the riverboats that trawled the Mississippi; they were not heavy like the roulette wheels to carry.

The history of poker has received another chapter since the 1990’s and the dawn of online gaming. The first poker room was established in 1998 and suddenly this easy fun card game was made available with a mouse click to a much wider audience. Poker tournaments started up all over the globe, in particular the US and the UK and this already popular game suddenly experience a massive revival movement. 2004 saw Chris Moneymaker take away a million dollar prize in the first live tournament and the rest is history.

The brilliant thing about the Internet and bitcoin is that it doesn’t matter where you are in the world you can play btc poker or video poker on websites worldwide. America still leads the way in the quantity of gaming sites but the British are now providing some of the highest quality and popular bitcoin casinos online. Most UK sites will offer poker as it is one of the most popular games on the Internet and many will have a series of different playing options. Texas Hold-em is generally the most popular but seven-card stud and Omaha hold em are usually only a click away.

You are often faced with the choice of playing the computer or at the virtual table with other online players. The latter is always the preferable option as so much a part of poker UK is the skill component that comes through experience. Try and play against real players online where possible, as it will make it more fun than simply pitting your wits against the randomness of the software.