The idiot’s guide to Poker

For those of you who have been marooned on an island, under lock and key,  are just plain ignorant or let your wife run your life – poker is a bit of a big deal nowadays. Within minutes of logging on to the internet you can enter a game in Japan, America, Alaska or even the Antarctic. But if you are one of those boys who call themselves men who just end up smiling and nodding at the mention of the greatest card game on the planet, do not fear, is here to help.

Prepare to be welcomed back as a man as we give you the idiots guide to poker and fill you in on  the simplest form of the game that is available to you. So sit back lads and prepare to re-attach your pair of ping pong balls. Brace yourself, you are about to be welcomed back into the privileged club of manhood.

Poker: A simple definition

Ok. The simple premise behind the game is that it is played between two or three more persons, in which the players bet according to the strength of their hands (set of cards) with the winner taking the overall pot of money. The best place to start with the different versions of the game is the form of Texas Hold em – the most widesread and popular recreational version, with a host of multi million pound professional tournaments played throughout the world.

Texas Hold em

Known as the simplest form of the game and therefore the perfect start for beginners, Texas Hold em came to prominence in the late 1970’s as the flagship game of the World Poker Series tour. The game is a seven card version of the game with a simple set of rules that acts as a basis for a fast paced and tactical game of cards.

Each player is dealt two cards face down by the dealer. The player to the dealer’s left must put down a pre-determined small blind and the player next to him the big blind. The reason for this is to encourage all the players to play the round and make sure no one can up the ante on the first round of betting.

The next three rounds of betting are called “the flop,” “the turn” and “the river.” The flop is when there are three cards laid down and around of betting insues, the turn is when one more card is laid down with another round of betting, and tduring he river another card is put down and another opportunity to bet takes place.

After the final round of betting has been completed the showdown occurs. The winner is the person with the best 5 card hand they can make up. There is a possibility of two players drawing resulting in the bitcoin pot is shared.

Winning Poker hands from top to bottom:

Royal Flush – Five card sequence from ten – Ace in the same suit.

Straight Flush – Any five card sequence from the same suit.

Four of a kind – Four of the same cards.

Full House – Three cards of a kind with a same pair of cards.

Flush – Any five cards of the same suit.

Straight – Five cards in sequence but not in the same suit.

Three of a kind – Three cards of the same value but not the same suit.

Two Pair – Two pairs of cards not from the same suit.

Pair – Two cards of the same value but not from the same suit.

High Card – A win by having the highest one card.