The ICO vdice potential

bitcoin gambling news is the leader in blockchain gambling for Ethereum. It is live.

vDice has become very popular. It is the most popular live, working, commercial application in Ethereum.

vDice is having an ICO. This let’s you be part of the future of internet gambling: vDice.

Crowdsales or ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) are becoming very popular on Ethereum. Many ICOs for Ethereum projects have been generating excellent returns and profits for people.

The interesting part of a Crowdsale is the tokens they create. vDice tokens will be bought and sold on the open market, obtaining value. ICO tokens on Ethereum have been making great percentage returns lately.

The vDice ICO is very interesting. The vDice token (called; vSlice) is the first profit-sharing token on the blockchain.

vDice tokens are on Ethereum. They will be directly linked to the game profits. Token holders directly receive profits from the game, automatically. The token uses Ethereum smart contracts to do this.

Go to the ICO website for more details.

It could be said that vDice is the future of internet gambling. It is powered by the Ethereum Blockchain. It is fully decentralized. It is a technological breakthrough in many ways.

If blockchain is just like the early days of the internet, then vDice is at the forefront of gambling on the internet. Internet gambling is worth Billions of dollars. vDice is right there.