The Art of Bluffing

bitcoin poker bluffingIn today’s ultra competitive world of poker, bluffing has become an integral part of the game both in online bitcoin casinos and offline. Regardless of whether you are a tight or aggressive player, without implementing the art of a bluff you will never be able to turn over consistent profits in the game.

When you should be bluffing, will come down to a number factors; the type of game you are in, who is the weak player, who is the maniac and also how people perceive your image and playing style. As an example if you consider yourself a tight aggressive player (a player who doesn’t play too many hands, generally plays good cards, but when they do play a hand will play it strong) then often your opponents are going to give you credit for playing a strong hand most of the time and unless they have something equally strong themselves are frequently going to relinquish their hand by the river.

In turn you can use your ‘perceived’ image as a TAG player to your advantage, you can widen the range of cards you may play, to suited connectors (56 of spades, 9T of hearts etc) and with enough aggression in your play, you will still be able to take down the pot, as often your opponent will not be hitting the flop (you only a flop a pair 1/3 times) or alternatively weaker players will more often than not give you credit for being strong. In this sense your perceived image gives you a right to bluff and  get away with it at that. Alternatively if you are loose player who plays a lot of hands, you are far more likely to get called when trying to bluff.

It is vital that you are aware of what your image is but also the image of your opponents.  Who are the weak players, who are the maniacs who can play 72 as fast as Aces? This awareness, gives you a strategic advantage when bluffing, i.e you will be far less likely to try and bluff the tight player who raised in first position, then you would the loose player who raises in a later position. In cash games, but more so in tournaments, bluffing the guy with the short stack is going to be far more advantageous then bluffing the guy who has a monster stack.

Also if you get lucky enough to encounter players who like to limp a great deal, and tend to always, check then call, then please take advantage. It would seem here you have found a newbie who, as said, will only hit a pair on the flop 1/3 times, so 2/3 of the time enough aggression will let you take down the bitcoin pot, which is going to be incredibly profitable for you. In essence, if you are playing online bitcoin poker players like that, then it almost doesn’t matter what cards you are playing yourself. When attempting bluff’s you must remember not to go too crazy with them, being selective and weighing up if it is going to be a profitable bet for you is very important.

Here’s a bitcoin poker tip for you: you must take calculated risks, but don’t be too disheartened if your bluff’s aren’t pulling off; a) this will enhance your image as a loose player, making it more likely that when you do have the hand you will get paid and b) poker is all about the long run, so if you are a consistently getting called in your bluff spots, re-evaluate the timing of your plays and the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents and over the long haul  these bluffs should become profitable.
Good Luck at the Tables