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Thanks to cryptocurrency technology, which offers security and anonymity, online Bitcoin poker rooms are rising. But is every poker site worth your time and investment?

If you are looking for an excellent crypto poker site that will offer you quality games, numerous promotions, and an unmatched poker experience, SWC Poker may be a great option.

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But before you stake in your investments, read our SWC Poker review that covers all the site’s features to determine if it’s worth it.

SWC Poker Game Selection

This top Bitcoin site has little going on in terms of poker games. The site only offers a variety of cash games and hourly freeroll tournaments.

Most SWC Poker games are cash games, which is understandable as only a few players are willing to sit around for a couple of hours waiting for their return on investments (ROIs) due to Bitcoin price fluctuations.

Cash Games

Swc Poker - Cash games

SWC Poker cash games include:

  • 2-7 Triple Draw
  • 5 Card Omaha
  • Chinese 
  • Courchevel
  • Draw games
  • 5 Card Omaha H/L 
  • Hold ’em
  • OFC/P
  • Mixed games
  • OFC/P Progressive
  •  Omaha  
  • OFC/P 2-7
  • Omaha H/L
  • Pineapple Hold’em
  • Razz
  • Short Deck
  • Stud 
  • Stud H/L

Besides the categories mentioned above, our SWC Poker review found more types under each game section.

For example, we found various game types, rules, and limits. Cash game limits include a fixed limit, a pot limit, and no limit. Under the Chinese category, we found Badacey, Badugi, and Badeucy mixed games.

While the site is heavily lauded for offering rare poker types like pineapple and Badugi, these poker types have low chances of attracting more cash game players to the site.

Cash game stakes go as low as 0.02/0.04 and up to 200K/400K.

SWC Poker Tournaments

All SWC Poker games are available for tournaments.

Freerolls are always available, and since they are risk-free, our SWC Poker review team recommends them to players who need to test the SWC Poker software and website.

Freeroll tournaments have a minimum buy-in amount of 0. However, high rollers can participate in tournaments that require up to 10,000 chips.

The biggest Bitcoin poker tournament is held every Sunday, with a buy-in of 0.25 BTC (250 chips) and a 10 BTC minimum guaranteed prize pool.

Sit and Go Tournaments

A sit-and-go tournament is usually fast-paced, lasting about 30 to 60 minutes. For this reason, players must think fast.

On the SWC online poker website, numerous sit-and-go tournaments are listed in a separate category.

Buy-ins for sit-and-go tournaments range from 25 to 50,000 chips and are available in a 5-max format.

Our SWC Poker review also found heads-up sit and goes. They are available at 25000 and 50,000 buy-in levels.

On the other hand, satellites run from 25 to 2,000 buy-in levels.

SWC Poker players can request home games. Upon request, SWC Poker will create a tournament considering all your wishes and open it up for every player you provide.

For instance, regular schedules include the following:

  • Daily Crumb: 1K GTD
  • Daily Crust: 2K GTD
  • Mini Deep: 6K GTD
  • Nightly 11-game: 6K GTD
  • Late night Smooth – 16K GTD
  • Turbo Progressive KO – 6K GTD
  • Daily Deep: 20K GTD

SWC Poker Software

The client interface has a fun retro pixel look, which is uncommon but appealing to the eyes. It supports languages like English, German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Malay, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, and Czech.

In 2018, the SWC Poker site released its Bitcoin 3.0 update, which improved its software in many ways. For instance, the lobby has seen vast improvements.

Our review team appreciates how the software allows poker players to search and filter for tables and tournaments.

You can sort tables by name, stakes, type, average pot, number of players, and duration. It allows multi-table tournaments and access to table statistics, hand history, and customization points (resize table windows).

Like other top online poker sites, SWC Poker has downloadable software (Windows and Mac versions).

If you don’t want to make any downloads, you can play SWC Poker games via the instant-play version. It allows you to play up to four tables at the same time directly from the SWC Poker website. You only need a mobile device (iOS or Android) or a desktop.

Another feature our SWC Poker review team loves about this site’s software is the global chatbot. This feature allows players to interact while waiting for the next game to start.

SWC Poker Room Traffic

Because SWC Poker is a Bitcoin-only site, it has no geographical restrictions. Therefore, it is open to players worldwide, including the United States.

But despite having no restrictions, SWC Poker’s website traffic is relatively low (not among the top 10 poker sites in the US). Its traffic usually peaks during the United States evenings (from 17:00 to 23:00 in the GMT-4 time zone).

You will find several hundred active tables and over 200 poker players during peak hours. The most traffic is in heads-up games. Omaha and Hold’em cash games also have decent traffic.

While tournaments are less famous than cash games, the popular ones will attract many players. Regular poker players gain access to many freerolls, and hourly freerolls are open to all players.

You may not find a game running in the most obscure genres. But games typically start relatively quickly if you sit at an empty table. Our SWC Poker review team recommends you use the software chat feature to find other interested players before you sit at the table.

SWC Poker Bonuses and Promotions

When you think of gambling sites’ bonuses and promotions, several suggestions like a reload bonus and a no-deposit bonus will pop up in your mind. But that’s different from the kind of promotions our SWC Poker review found.

SWC Poker offers a rakeback bonus, freeroll tournaments, and a bad-beat jackpot.

All SWC Poker promotions are centered around Krill tokens. Krill points can be used to unlock a variety of features, such as a rakeback bonus and freerolls. When dealt into a raked hand in Bitcoin poker, players can earn Krill Tokens.

Bonus Code

When you first sign up for your account with SWC Poker, you have the option to fill in two fields: a “Referred By” and a “Bonus Code”. Feel free to enter ROM80 in the “Referred By” field and SEALS500 in the Bonus code field. Those entries are optional.

VIP Program

Through the VIP program, this Bitcoin poker room offers a rakeback bonus that rewards online poker players who play a lot of hands in cash games.

The rakeback bonus starts at 5% and goes up to 50%. The more Krill points a player accumulates, the higher the rake percentage.

The number of Krill Points an SWC Poker player earns is calculated as follows:

Pot Rake*5/players dealt*any other bonus factor (if applicable).

The SWC Poker rakeback levels are as follows:

  • 1 Point (New Seal) – 5% Rakeback, access to chat
  • 50 Points (Baby Seal) – 5% Rakeback
  • 500 Points (Floundering Seal) – 8% Rakeback + you can change your Avatar & Chat Color
  • 1250 Points (Young Seal) – 10% Rakeback
  • 2500 Points (Daring Seal) – 12% Rakeback
  • 5000 Points (Adult Seal) – 14% Rakeback
  • 10 000 Points (Tricky Seal) – 17% Rakeback
  • 20 000 Points (Journeymen Seal) – 20% Rakeback
  • 50 000 Points (Sly Seal) – 24% Rakeback
  • 100 000 Points (Cunning Seal) – 28% Rakeback
  • 200 000 Points (Boss Seal) – 33% Rakeback
  • 500 000 Points (Shrewd Seal) – 38% Rakeback
  • 1 000 000 Points (Baller Seal) – 42% Rakeback
  • 2 000 000 points (Sage Seal) – 45% rakeback
  • 5 million points (Iconic Seal) – 47% rakeback
  • 10 million points (Grandmaster Seal) – 50% rakeback

You don’t have to collect the most rake, as all players that were dealt a hand will earn Krill points, considering the full pot rake.

Another feature our SWC Poker review team loves about this rakeback system is that Krill points don’t reset; they are cumulative. 

Players will receive their rakeback weekly based on the highest rank achieved since the last payment.

Besides gathering Krill points, the rakeback bonus offers players access to daily, weekly, and monthly freeroll tournaments.

Players that begin at full-ring or 6-max cash game tables can receive an additional 50% rakeback. Therefore, it is possible to receive 50% through the loyalty program; hence, you will get 100% rakeback.

Regarding rake percentages, our SWC Poker review concludes that this platform offers one of the lowest rakes in the industry. Cash game fees range from 1% to 2.5%, with different caps according to the stake. No rake is charged at micro-stakes up to 0.10 or 0.20.

SWC Poker tournaments have a 2% rake or less for SnG, 5% for regular MTTs, and 6% for events with guaranteed prize pools.

Krill Leaderboard

Swcpoker.club/krill-leaderboard | Last week's winners | Last month's winners

This promotion allows players to earn extra coins for being active on the SWC Bitcoin poker platform. To earn Krill, you must play SWC Poker cash games and check the leaderboard regularly to see if you qualify for the reward.

The top 10 Krill earners will win additional prizes of up to 5,000 chips weekly. Each month, the top 15 Krill earners will win larger prizes of up to 15,000 chips!

As per the history of the leaderboard, the weekly leaderboard winner must gather over 6,000 Krill and more than 30,000 points for the monthly prize.

24/7 Poker Freerolls

Seals With Clubs - bitcoin poker freerolls

As the name suggests, freerolls are poker tournaments that are free to join; hence, all accounts can enter after signing up. However, they have a small prize pool divided among the most successful players.

SWC Poker freerolls run every hour and have 30 minutes of late signup, so there is always a freeroll tournament you can register for in the lobby. Players can join as many freerolls as they wish.

Because the freeroll prize pool is small, players who win one will have enough chips to play at the site’s no-rake micro-stakes cash tables, extending their free poker experience.

SWC Poker freerolls offer a wide variety of poker game variants, so there is always something different to play on the website.

Twitch Bounties

Poker players who attain specific goals while watching a game live on Twitch will be eligible for extra rewards from SWC Bitcoin Poker.

Check the list of goals and rewards on the website. This is an excellent opportunity to earn free money for those who love watching live-action.

Bad Beat Jackpot

SWC Bitcoin poker site awards players who have experienced a bad beat.

The bad beat jackpot promotion has several terms and conditions, so check with the site to learn about them.

Only the tables that are colored yellow and have a jackpot next to their name qualify for this bonus. They take the same rake, but 20% goes to the jackpot.

When a player loses with an AAAKK poker hand or better, the bonus is triggered as follows:

  • The loser of the hand: 35%;
  • Winner of the hand: 20%;
  • All other players dealt at the table: 15%;
  • House fee: 10%

Players must use both hole cards to hit the Bad Beat Jackpot. SWC Poker added 100,000 chips to the BBJ prize pool, so the current prize pool is 300,000+.

SWC Poker Deposits and Withdrawals Methods

SWC Poker is a crypto-only site; hence, players can only fund their accounts with supported cryptocurrencies, which include Litecoin, Bitcoin, Tron, Bitcoin Cash, and USD Coin. SWC’s Bitcoin poker currency is CHP: 1 Bitcoin = 1,000,000 SWC poker chips.

To deposit Bitcoin into your account, you need an exchange wallet, which you will use to acquire and store Bitcoin safely.

Tap the cashier link at the top right of the SWC Poker page to deposit or withdraw from your account. Remember that depositing coins other than Bitcoins is processed by a third-party provider known as sideshift.ai.

Crypto technology has enabled the site to process players’ payments quickly (it usually takes up to 24 hours to convert CHP for Bitcoin and send it to the user’s Bitcoin wallet).

Players will enjoy 100% anonymity as the SWC Poker platform does not require identification.

Besides deposits and withdrawals, SWC Poker allows players to transfer or sell funds to other players via peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange.

No minimum or maximum deposit or withdrawal limits are associated with the site.

SWC Poker Deposits

While depositing funds to your SWC online poker account, the site will provide you with a QR code or an exchange wallet address. You will use any of them to send crypto from your wallet to your poker account.

Every deposit will be transferred to a different Bitcoin wallet from SWC Poker for security purposes. Deposits are processed within 10 minutes.

SWC Poker Withdrawals

To withdraw, you will use any supported cryptocurrencies.

Choose the number of Bitcoins you wish to withdraw, which the site will credit to your account within 24 hours. That is faster than other poker sites, which take three days to send your Bitcoin withdrawals.

SWC Poker does not charge players for deposits or withdrawals, which is another reason you should choose a Bitcoin poker room.

SWC Poker Customer Support

If you have any issues while playing poker games at SWC Poker, you can contact customer service via any available options: the chat box, the FAQ page, or email. Unfortunately, we found no live chat function on the website during our SWC Poker review.

  • Chat box: The SWC Poker chat box is part of the Bitcoin Poker 3.0 client and the most used customer service option. Chat box responses are fast, as customer service has eyes on it 24/7.
  • FAQ section: Besides the friendly and responsive customer support team, SWC online Poker has a few helpful pages. We recommend browsing the FAQ section before contacting them via email or chat box. Review the SWC Poker and house rules for great insights into how the site runs.
  • Email: If you send an email, expect to receive feedback within 24 hours.
  • Social channels: You can contact them via Twitter or the Bitcoin Talk forum.

Ownership, License, and Security

SWC Poker was formerly known as Seals with Clubs. However, Seals with Clubs was closed in 2015 due to legal complications, like a publicized legal battle, with one of the founders, Bryan Micon. Following the closure of Seal with Club in 2015, SWC Poker took over and distanced itself from the tainted past of Seal with Club.

Regarding SWC Poker ownership, there is little information on who runs it. However, the team behind it is doing a remarkable job.

Seals with Clubs was a Bitcoin-only poker site. It was the first online poker site to use Bitcoin exclusively; hence, it is responsible for creating the Bitcoin poker concept.

Our SWC Poker review revealed that the site still needs an official license. We hope the site adopts one soon, as this is one of the features that helps prove a gambling site’s legitimacy.

Regarding security features, SWC Poker has implemented two-factor authentication and SSL encryption. Visit your account settings to activate the 2FA feature. You must have a Google Authenticator to enable it.

You can change your email or password if you suspect suspicious activity in your poker account.

SWC Poker Review: Responsible Gambling

SWC Poker’s responsible gambling feature is known as problem gambling.

The problem gambling page allows players to self-exclude from the site, which doesn’t make much sense considering that players can create as many accounts as they wish. To self-exclude, you first need to contact the support team via email.

Under the problem gambling page, SWC Poker has listed several sites that can help poker players fight addiction. They include:

  • Problem Gambling Self-Help Tools (problemgambling.ca)
  • NHS: Gambling Addiction (nhs.uk)
  • Help My Gambling Problem (helpmygamblingproblem.org)
  • Lifeline: Problem Gambling (lifeline.org.au)
  • National Council on Problem Gambling (ncpgambling.org)
  • Be Gamble Aware Help (begambleaware.org)

Account Registration on SWC Poker

First, you must log in or create an account to play games in this online poker room.

Here are the steps for creating an SWC Poker account:

  1. Click the “play now” button at the top right of your screen to load the registration form.
  2. Next, fill out the registration form; it will require details like your username, email, a strong password, and a referral code (optional). SWC Poker is an excellent site for players who love changing their usernames frequently.
  3. After filing the form, click “OK” to create your casino account.
  4. The basic registration process is over, and you can start playing SWC Poker games.

Because you don’t give out your personal information, players can create as many accounts as they wish.

Players Accepted at SWC Poker

Unlike other poker sites, SWC Poker has no country restrictions. Therefore, players from all over the world can play poker directly at SWC Poker.

Playing directly is a massive benefit for US players, who are primarily ignored by online poker sites.

While the site has no restrictions, certain ISPs may ban access to SWC Poker. If that’s the case, try using a VPN at your own risk.

SWC Poker Mobile Version

Our SWC Poker review didn’t reveal any mobile apps linked to the site. However, mobile poker players can access the SWC Poker Room via their Mac, HTML5, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Therefore, users can download an apk file from the website and install it on their mobile device.

Alternatively, access the site via the mobile browser and start playing SWC Poker cash games and tournaments.

The mobile version of SWC Poker differs slightly from the desktop site.

For instance, the Android app feels cluttered with all the information available at once on the smaller screen. However, it will only take a few seconds to master and learn how to play on it.

SWC Poker Customer Reviews

If SWC Poker’s tainted past still gives you second thoughts about the site, here is what our SWC Poker review team found out about the site on Trustpilot:

SWC Poker scored a 2.8/5 rating on Trustpilot, which is average. Customers laud the site for having the best customer support and being the best Bitcoin poker site.

We appreciate how the new management is working hard to put the poker room among the best in the online poker industry.

SWC Poker Pros and Cons

Below is a summary of the site’s main selling points and drawbacks.


  • Numerous cash games and freeroll tournaments
  • The site accepts players from the USA.
  • An excellent VIP program
  • It has a mobile version.
  • Supports Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
  • Fast and zero-fee withdrawals
  • Lobby chat feature
  • Low rake and up to 50% rakeback
  • Anonymity and security


  • No deposit bonus
  • Low traffic
  • There is no official license

SWC Poker Review: Conclusion

After compiling this SWC Poker review, we conclude the site is the best fit for crypto players looking for a poker room with several promotions and a quality game selection.

We love how this poker room has several options in each category. For example, it offers a variety of cash games and tournaments, supports three limits (pot, fixed, and no limit), accepts several payment methods, etc.

Even without a first deposit bonus, SWC Poker has fantastic promotions, which include freerolls and a rakeback bonus.

While its most significant drawback is low traffic, this will improve quickly as the demand for online Bitcoin poker rooms rises. If you prefer a licensed poker room, try Ignition.

Sign up for SWC Poker and play online poker with Bitcoin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is SWC Poker Legit?

Despite lacking an official license, SWC Poker is legit and safe to play. The site is under new management. Our SWC Poker review didn’t see any complaints about its new leadership.

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