Super Bowl LVII: Get in on the Action with Favorable Odds and Over 5 BTC in Prizes

Super Bowl LVII: Cloudbet Offers Favorable Odds Against Leading Betting Sites, Nitrobetting Offers Over 5 BTC in Prizes

The countdown to Super Bowl LVII has begun, and online betting platforms Cloudbet and Nitrobetting are offering lucrative opportunities for fans to get in on the action.

Cloudbet, a leading sports betting platform, is offering favorable odds on the big game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles compared to Bet365, DraftKings, and Stake. With odds of 2.02 for the Chiefs and 1.89 for the Eagles, Cloudbet offers a combined total of 1.02415003405, making it a great option for fans looking to place their bets.

Chiefs @ 2.02
Eagles @ 1.89
1/1.89 + 1/2.02 = 1.02415003405

vs Bet365 or DraftKings:
Chiefs @ 2.05
Eagles @ 1.80
1/1.80 + 1/2.05 = 1.02834541859

vs Stake
Chiefs @ 2.07
Eagles @ 1.83
1/1.83 + 1/2.07 = 1.029539875

In addition to competitive odds, Nitrobetting is offering over 5 BTC in total prizes during Super Bowl LVII. With six Nitro Picks contests and 12 Nitro Squares all focused on the big game, fans have the chance to win big on February 12. The 5 BTC Super Prop Picks contest offers a guaranteed prize of 300 mBTC, with the player who can make 16-of-16 perfect picks winning the jackpot prize of 5 BTC, worth over $115,000.

Nitrobetting Super Bowl 57 Promos and Contests

Nitrobetting is also offering a variety of Squares contests, including contests for each quarter and player-specific contests, with the opportunity to win as much as 50 mBTC.

For more information on these exciting opportunities, check out Cloudbet and Nitrobetting, or read Nitrobetting’s blog post on the Super Bowl LVII contests. Get ready to win big on February 12!