Satoshibet review

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Pioneer in the online bitcoin gambling world, SatoshiBet is a no download casino website where bettors can play popular casino games without creating an account or giving any personal information. Why the name Satoshibet? Simply because Satoshi is the creator of bitcoin. Satoshi Bet casino does offer a good user interface and an easy way to gamble online with bitcoin. Actually, they revolutionize online gambling by making it accessible to anyone, instantly and provably fair.


American players are not accepted.


Creating an account: When playing for BTC, SatoshiBet allows bettors to play casino games without giving any personal information or having to download any software. When visiting Satoshibet, they will auto attribute a username that is unique to you as well as a unique url that serves as your private account. This assure you full anonymity. You can even set a password to your username, it’s up to you!

Depositing / cashing out: All transactions happen instantly. They accept zero confirmation deposits, meaning that your cryptocurrency deposit will appear in your balance after only a few seconds. Cashouts are processed instantly as well. The moment you request a cashout is the moment you receive it.

No minimum withdraw amount.

Satoshibet use the denomination m฿ (stands for miliBitcoins).

1000 m฿  equals 1 BTC.


European Roulette : min bet 0.001 m฿, max bet 3000 m฿, max inside bet 500 m฿, Expected Return to Player: 97.3%

Blackjack: min bet 0.001 m฿, max bet 250 m฿, Expected Return to Player: 97.3%

Lucky7 slots: min bet 0.001 m฿, max bet 500 m฿, min bet 1m฿ to qualify for the jackpot, Expected Return to Player: 99.6%

Casino war table game: min bet 0.001 m฿, max bet 1000 m฿, Expected Return to Player: 97.12%

Video poker: min bet 0.001 m฿, max bet 50 m฿, Expected Return to Player: 99.54%

Baccarat: min bet 0.001 m฿, max bet 500 m฿. Expected Return to Player: 98.94% for banker bets, 98.77% for player bets and 95.16% for ties

Dice: min bet 0.001 m฿, max bet 5000 m฿, max profit 1000m฿, Expected Return to Player: 99%

Minesweeper: Bitcoin Minefield game with a 98% Return to Player. Min bet 0.001 m฿, max bet 500 m฿,

Scratch Cards: min bet 0.001 m฿, max bet 20 m฿.


SatoshiBet promises all players will be in command of how they want to gamble by letting them choose to bet for fun or for bitcoins. The player can test satoshibet games for free with 1000 playmoney credits and then he can decide to play for real with bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, blackcoin or darkcoin.

Exclusive bonus for new players – 100% on initial deposit!
You can get 2x your deposit amount as a new player. Anyone can get it and have double the fun! Bonus code: obtained through your email.

Bonuses on every deposit for 25%!
Apply for this bonus after every deposit. One of their agents will activate it for you and you can play right away!

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