Santa drops a 120 BTC Jackpot on unsuspecting BetChain player

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Santa is early this year, and he’s delivering like never before! A player playing on Safari, got one of the best jackpots Santa can deliver: a 120 BTC win! This win comes as more and more players are angling to hit those loaded slots. After all this is the holiday season and everyone should be taking advantage of it. Nevertheless, it is clear that this player in particular had everything going for him this year, but he is not the only one, or is he? Santa definitely thinks this player has been super nice this year, and you know you have been nice as well so it is your opportunity to hit those huge Christmas jackpots!

120 BTC Jackpot is Unreal!

Those 120 BTC will certainly help this unsuspecting player make his family’s gift wishes come true this year. With bitcoin rising above 2016 peaks, Santa delivered a double whammy of a present. Those 120 BTC are fetching an eye popping $93,000 USD and counting! That’s definitely a lot of Christmas presents for a lot of people.
To spread around the love he got from Santa, this player could buy a ton of those hot gadgets available for Christmas this year, or he could even get a sleek new sports car and still keep some change. Isn’t that amazing?

You can also hit one of those Santa Jackpots

You could be the next one to fall unsuspectingly onto Santa’s lap. Just take your chances, make a wish list and be ready, because Santa delivers for all of BetChain’s players. So what are you waiting for to press that spin button on the spin of the year? You could even top that 120 BTC win and enter BetChain’s Christmas hall of fame, and with bitcoin going up, this is the perfect time to line your pockets! Take a chance on BetChain knowing that Santa is on your side, especially if you know you haven’t been naughty, but rather nice!betchain casino big winner

A press release submitted by: Betchain casino