Roulette Strategies

In every game or contest we want to win, or every problem, be it technical or personal, we want to solve, strategies will always help us to succeed and reach the goal. As is the case in playing Roulette, good strategies and of course, knowing how to play roulette are great armors to win the battle and emerge as the winner in this game.

There are several Roulette Strategies that will surely lead the way for your ultimate success:

1. Martingale Strategy

It is the most famous in all of the Roulette Strategies. In this strategy, when you play you must double your bet every moment you lose. In this case, if luck favors you and win, your winnings will surely cover the amounts of money you lose in the previous rounds.

2. Reverse Martingale Strategy

This strategy ultimately debunked the first one; hence, it is called the Reverse Martingale Strategy. In this strategy, you must double your bets every time you win and decrease your bets in every moment you lose as opposed with the Martingale Strategy.

3. D’Alembert Strategy

This strategy is said to be safer than the first two. In this strategy, instead of doubling your bets in case you win or lose, you just increase your bet by one. But then, remember, this strategy is in line with even chance betting system so you can only bet in even or odd as well as red or black if you want to use this. In D’Alembert Strategy, if you lose increase your bet by one and if you win decrease it also with one.

4. Fibonacci Strategy

This strategy is based on the incredible sequence of numbers discovered by an Italian Mathematician, Leonardo Fibonacci. In this strategy, your next bet will be determined by adding the last two numbers of your previous bets. The advantage of this is that you can still profit even if you have lose more games than win.

5. James Bond Strategy

In this strategy, you need at least $200 of bitcoin as you are going to divide it on several categories. You must place $140 on high numbers as 19-36; $50 on six numbers; and $10 on 0 for insurance. If the high number won, you will gain 80$, for the six numbers you profit $100, and for the 0 pocket you will have $ 160.

Now that you are fully equipped with the Roulette Strategies you must use in your roulette game battle, you can now choose where to try and see the effectiveness of these Roulette Strategies you have just learned.

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