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Our rating is a display of top-level creativity and uniqueness. It is a cryptocurrency casino providing fun, proprietary, and provably fair games to Bitcoin/cryptocurrency holders. While you may have experienced similar games on other casinos, you will experience the difference with Let’s find out what the platform has to offer. website screenshot
Rocket casino platform on desktop – screenshot

Games is a fairly new platform in the gaming arena, and they do not have as many games as other established casinos. However, their games are uniquely designed to give the player the best experience. Eight games are fully designed, but only six are available to players at the time of writing this piece. We now look at what each game is about.

  1. Rocket Run

Rocket Run is a thrilling game based on the crash concept. Placing a bet is equated to riding the rocket into outer space. Your possible winnings multiply as the rocket gains more height. However, you will need to cash out before the rocket blows up in the air to win.

rocket run crash game
Rocket Run crash game on mobile
  1. Roulette

The roulette is one of the most accessible games in online casinos today. With, the rules of the game remain the same as the traditional roulette, and you can hence place inside and outside bets and even popular combination bets.

  1. Dice

The dice is easy to play. You select your wager amount in bitcoins and adjust your winning chance, rollover, and payout using a slider on the screen. By default, you should roll the dice manually, but you can also try your luck with automating dice roll. The game’s interface is very straightforward, and there is no struggle to understand or playing it.

  1. Boom

Boom is an exciting game. You have four slots where you can stand and dodge bombs. You have to keep alternating the slots to avoid being hit by a bomb or else you will have lost the game. The more bombs you dodge, the higher your scores. Note that you can also escape from the slots and retain your score if you are overwhelmed by the bombs.

  1. Space Slot

As a registered player of the casino you have the chance to play the space slot where you can collect jackpot winnings by playing with the rockmons at the casino.

  1. Space Lottery

Unlike other games where you stake bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, the space lottery is played with the space dollar SPD – a unique currency built into the Rocket Run crypto casino. After winning, you can exchange your SPD for other cryptocurrencies or use it to play more games.

  1. Aqua

This is a deep dive where a player is supposed to find treasures in the ocean. The ocean is infested with monsters that you ought to defeat to gain more bonuses and collect as many treasures as possible. At the time of writing, the game is currently not available for live play.

  1. Baccarat

Baccarat is conceptually designed but has not been fully implemented for live play on the website. However, we can guess that it will have high-quality graphics like other games. Also, we hope that it is an implementation of the traditional with only one with few or no modifications.

One point to note is that the landing page of the casino is sometimes unresponsive for some devices. However, the home page and all games work perfectly well on mobile devices with as low as a 5.5-inch screen.

Payments and Withdrawals

This casino runs on cryptocurrency. There is no other way to pay or deposit money into your account. To many players, this is futuristic and highly acceptable, given that projections are indicating that cryptocurrency will take over the money markets in the next few decades. One advantage of Rocket Run is that there are over ten acceptable payment crypto coins accepted. These are BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, MOC, MEDX, STORM, SNT, XRP, XLM, and ZEC. Even though these coins are different, they are all stored in the same wallet in the casino, making it more accessible and convenient. Further, the casino does not impose any minimum deposit amount limits and players are free to play with as much as they can afford.

When you are ready to withdraw your winnings, you will be surprised at how easy this can be. Your money will get to your crypto wallet in as low as 30 minutes. However, the withdrawal processing time varies between the crypto wallets, and you may have to wait longer for some of the currencies. Also, there are minimum withdrawal requirements for every currency, and you should be aware before attempting a withdrawal.

Bonus and Promotions

Rocket Run casino games do not currently have a wide variety of bonuses. However, the few that are available are sure to thrill you. Here are some of the promotions available on the Rocket Run casino.

  • Referral program: The referral program gives you two ways to earn. Every time a person registers through your referral link and places a wager, 0.1% of the bet is credited to your account. Also, you are guaranteed to get 20% of the house edge generated by all your referrals with no limit of time.
  • Crypto faucet: What happens when your account runs dry? The crypto faucet is your go-to zone. The faucet releases small amounts of space dollars 15 times each day. This gives you the chance to play on free mode, and you could leverage this to earn real money.
  • Daily mission: Daily mission rewards are given to all players depending on the amounts you win each day.

Security and Customer Support

Rocket Run is a secure cryptocurrency casino. All the services offered on the platform are almost straight forward, and you will barely need assistance form support staff or even your friends. Regardless of this, the Rocket run website has plenty of information that you can rely on whenever you are in doubt about anything. If you cannot find information relevant to your specific query, you can easily reach the support representatives who usually deal with questions in a professional manner and with minimal delays.

Our Verdict – Is Rocket Run Casino a Legitimate Crypto Gambling Site?

The Rocket Run crypto casino has a user-friendly interface for all the games. Further, the site performs exceptionally well on mobile devices and thus allows you to play while on the go. Also, we can note that there are no minimum deposit limits and players have more freedom on this as compared to some popular casinos. Supporting 11 different cryptocurrencies is also a significant feat that is worth praise and recognition.

Therefore, based on these and other facts highlighted in this review, we would like to express our satisfaction with what the Rocket Run cryptocurrency casino has brought into the online gaming industry. We will be on the lookout for more information about the casino to keep this space updated. Rocket Run and all games availed through the casino are truly worth a try.


  • Provably Fair games
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted
  • Mobile friendly
  • Licensed


  • Slow loading website
  • Few promotions

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