Provably Fair Gambling in Online Gaming

If you’re new to crypto gambling, you’ve probably heard of provable fairness or provably fair gambling. The robust technology is becoming popular in the crypto and non-crypto online casinos. If you’re not acquainted with the idea, here’s a primer.

Provably fair gambling refers to an algorithm used to prove the fairness of games in crypto casinos. Games are considered provably fair if they allow such algorithms to authenticate their fairness. A player can access the game’s hashes after and verify that the game was fair.

The algorithm-based online casino gaming technology enhances the openness and fairness of randomly generated numbers. Provably fair technology uses blockchain’s power to shuffle and intrinsically record the moves in an unchangeable and verifiable manner.

Provably fair games make use of provably fair technology. As you might expect, they give players the ability to verify the fairness of game outcomes. Provably fair algorithms help resolve the issue of honesty on gambling websites. Furthermore, it ensures game authenticity and transparency of online casinos.

Provable Fairness in Gambling Explained

Previously, gaming fairness would be presumed based on the level of certification held by an online casino or game provider. But in reality, certification and sincerity are not always synonymous. It was also tricky for new software developers to gain acceptance on their own, regardless of the quality or openness of their games, unless they went via big names such as Evolution Gaming and Micro Gaming.

That is all history now, thanks to provably fair games. They have a trustworthy, verifiable, and provable game outcome, making them wholly transparent and, for the first time, minimizing trust issues in online casinos.

Players no longer have to be concerned about cheating because it is impossible when playing provably fair games. Casinos are prohibited from manipulating games on the Bitcoin blockchain decentralized open-source network, on which most provably fair games are built.

Players can also not hack the system to gain a competitive advantage. It dispels most players’ fear that online gambling sites or a Bitcoin casino will defraud them.

Provably fair gambling utilizes three variables:

  • Server seed – the site provides this variable.
  • Client seed – this variable is provided by the player’s browser and can be changed.
  • Cryptographic nonce – a number that grows in lockstep with the player’s bets.

The process is a little complicated, particularly for those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin. To begin, the online casino generates a seed number. Before placing a bet or playing, the number will be hashed and sent to the gambler.

Hash functions, also known as hashing, shorten long data strings.

Due to hashing and randomness, the casino cannot easily change the server seed. The same is true for the player in which the seed is encrypted. In turn, the bettor’s browser will generate a seed at random.

Once both seeds are present, they work together to generate the outcome of the bet. The nonce number will begin at 0 or 1, depending on the online platform. It will grow with each bet you place. The algorithm chooses a random action in the game based on the seeds and the nonce.

When the player is done playing, they will receive the unencrypted version of the client seed and will be able to verify the game’s fairness. Bettors can confirm the results on-site with the help of a verifier.

Enter the unhashed seeds to see if the value produced matches the value in the game. That way, it allows you to verify the legitimacy of Bitcoin casino websites and eliminates concerns about possible fraud.

Why Is the Provably Fair Feature Trending?

Provably fair games are popular because they allow players to verify the fairness of their wagers. Crypto casinos cannot defraud a player because the game’s outcome is provable, transparent, and verifiable.

Provable Fairness in Random Number Generation

Random Number Generator (RNG)

A random number generator is a system that utilizes a mathematical formula to generate a random sequence of numbers. Many online gambling games use this function, including slots, roulettes, and blackjack. The RNG’s purpose is to create a fair and unbiased game in which each gamer has an equal opportunity of winning.

To be considered provably fair, an RNG must allow users to confirm that the numbers generated are purely random. This verification is typically accomplished through hashing, a cryptographic approach that converts data into a unique code. The casino can randomly generate a number and provide the code to the player using a hashing algorithm. The player can then use the same algorithm to confirm that the number is random.

Using a provably fair RNG is critical for two reasons. First, it ensures that the game is honest and unbiased, and second, it provides transparency to the player. Players can be confident that they are playing a fair game if they understand how the RNG works.

Furthermore, if there are any doubts or concerns about the fairness of a specific game, the RNG can be used to examine and resolve those issues.

How Does a Provably Fair System Work?

Theoretically, provably fair betting is similar to asymmetric public-private key cryptography, where two parties create a shared secret as the basis for future communication. The common secret, in this case, is a random number seed that has been altered by the player and the operator and is then used to calculate the gambling outcome.

  • Step 1: The casino creates a hidden random seed. The operator sends the gamer a hash of the random seed. It binds the casino to its secret random seed for the forthcoming bet.
  • Step 2: The player creates a random seed and shares it with the casino.
  • Step 3: Concatenation or another function mixes both seeds into a randomly generated seed. The bet outcome is then obtained from the seed and resolved using an agreed-upon mathematical formula.
  • Step 4 (Optional): Verification

The player can now request the secret seed from the casino and calculate its hash function on their end. They check that the casino did not modify the shared random seed in its favor by comparing it to the hash previously supplied in Step 1.

Furthermore, they can examine the bet outcome’s derivation, guaranteeing the procedure’s impartiality without relying on the casino.

What Is a Provably Fair Casino?

Online Casino Games

In a casino that uses the provably fair system, the service operator publishes a technique for verifying every transaction in the game after a player places bets on games. This usually uses open-source algorithms for random seed generation, hashing, and random number generation.

Additionally, you can refer to a casino as being provably fair if they allow such algorithms to verify their fairness. A player can access the game’s hashes after a round and verify the entirety that took place throughout the game.

Provably Fair Game Methodologies

After a seed is shared between servers and users, the system merges the two to produce a single outcome in actual gameplay. The results could be symbols on the reels, cards drawn during the round, or the number of roulette balls that land.

The player should keep this information private. If the seed is encrypted, the sequences are usually encrypted. You might wonder why fair games have a high success rate when you don’t know the outcome of the second seed. It has a fair value checker that runs both user seed and hashed seed and helps to determine whether it produces a comparable amount to that produced in one game.

What Games Can the Provably Fair Algorithm Verify?

The games that support the provably fair feature remain dominant in online gambling. Only specific blockchain-based games are provably fair. Popular traditional developers like Evolution Gaming and NetEnt, and most leading companies do not offer provably fair titles.

As such, players need to find games from developers specializing in this category. BGaming was one of the first developers to specialize in creating provably fair games. Some games include Bitcoin Dice, one of the most well-known and oldest provably fair games. Crypto Lottery, Baccarat, Bitcoin Bingo, Roulette, Bitcoin Hi-Lo, Video Poker, Bitcoin Plinko, Bitcoin Wheel, Bitcoin Keno, Bitcoin Slots, and Blackjack are also available.

How Provably Fair Gambling Looks Like in Real Life

Consider playing a card game in a Bitcoin casino. The goal of provably fair gaming is to ensure that neither the gamer nor the platform knows which card will be dealt first. In the case of a game such as blackjack, the deck will be shuffled.

  • The Bitcoin casino then displays a short data sequence from the shuffle to the player (the hash).
  • The player, on the other hand, enters a randomly generated number into the website.
  • The player’s seed and shuffle are encrypted, so neither the gamer nor the website can see them.

How do I Verify That My Game Was Fair?

You can check the fairness of a game’s outcome after the cards have been dealt. This is what distinguishes provably fair games from traditional casino games. But how can you go about it?

  • Step 1: After the hand is dealt, the initial deck will be laid out. To verify, confirm that it matches the hash provided by the casino.
  • Step 2: Some websites include a built-in verifier. Simply click ‘Verify’. Alternatively, you can use 3rd party websites that provide hash calculators to determine whether or not the game was fair. If the seed that the casino gave you and your seed match at the end of the game, then the game was provably fair.

Remember that the hashed server seed is the short sequence of data you receive at the start of the game. The goal of hashing is to encrypt data while preventing you from reading it because it contains information about the outcome. The seed is only unhashed at the end of the game to allow you to determine whether the game was fair or not. Third-party hash calculators such as Xorbin can assist you in verifying the server seed.

Differences Between Provably Fair and Traditional Online Casinos

All online casinos, whether they use crypto or traditional currencies, have mechanisms to ensure that their games are unbiased. Most conventional online casinos employ Random Number Generators, also known as RNGs.

As the name implies, that system employs a variety of randomly generated numbers to simulate random chances. RNGs have existed in various forms for many years, but the digitization of the mechanism allowed them to be used in online crypto casinos and the like.

The term provably fair refers to an algorithm used in the online gambling industry to guarantee that games and different gambling activities are conducted fairly. This method employs encrypted hashes sent to players to allow them to verify the result of each game. The outcomes are recorded on the blockchain in an immutable record. This means that you can be confident that it was not meddled with in any way.

Can Players or Operators Hack the Algorithm?

Hacked Crypto Wallet

Is changing or knowing the user seed a form of a provably fair loophole, given that it is a part of the arithmetic used to determine the outcome? Not really. Understanding that the gamer seed is only part of the equation is essential.

Every server seed is hashed to restrict access to the general seed value that determines the results. The server seed is encrypted from the player even during the verification process. It is also nearly impossible to decipher a hashed server seed. Due to the numerous security measures, hacking into provably fair systems to sway seed generation from both sources is also extremely difficult.

Most Bitcoin gambling casinos use strong encryption measures around each section of the platform to prevent players’ private information and deposited funds from being stolen.

Can operators hack the system? Whenever possible, operators risk being discovered because provably fair games use the same Blockchain technology as cryptos. Every result generated by the user and server seeds is accessible to the public via a public ledger. Any suspicious activity in any nodes can trigger an alert to the entire network.

Critical Concepts in Provably Fair Games

Critical Concepts in Provably Fair Games

To understand the process better, let us explain the different components of the provably fair algorithm.

User & Servers

In a provably fair casino, players are considered the users, where part of the seed will come from their computer. Casinos that host the game are the servers for the provably fair algorithm.


Seeds are a collection of letters and numerals used to generate a single game’s outcome. Users and servers produce two distinct seeds. While the server is hidden or encrypted, user seeds are disclosed to the players. It’s worth noting that you can key in your seed into a game.


Server seeds are hashed using the SHA-256 algorithm (Secure Hash Algorithm) to produce a hashed seed provided to the player. Hashing a seed encrypts the data, making it impossible to read or decipher.


A nonce is an active integer that gets bigger with each bet made by the player. The game’s nonce value usually begins at 0 and increases by +1 for every bet placed before a gamer spins the reels or clicks the deal button.

Some nonces are computer-generated universally unique identifiers rather than integers. A nonce’s purpose is to be unpredictable and to prevent a request from being transmitted twice.

The Best Provably Fair Games

Best Provably Fair Games

To help you choose a trustworthy and reliable provider, here are the top 7 online casino games that use the Provably Fair system.

Bitcoin Dice Games

Dice is one of the oldest and most basic casino games available. The provably fair dice game allows players to wager with Bitcoin. It’s enjoyable and straightforward to learn, even for beginners, making it one of the most popular games for novices.

A player chooses a random number between 1 and 100 and bets on whether a dice roll will result in a number higher or lower than the number they chose. It’s as simple as that.

There is no strategy required, only luck. You can enjoy the Bitcoin Dice game at, BC.Game and 500 Casino.

Bitcoin Crash

Bitcoin Crash is one of the newest crypto casino games on most Bitcoin gambling sites. It has quickly gained popularity among players who prefer high security, quick payouts, and an anonymous gaming environment. The rules are straightforward: a spaceship is flying up, and players must wager on the levels it will reach before it crashes. You can control the speed of the spacecraft as well as your risk level. The higher the risk, the higher the return, but the lower your chances of winning. Likewise, low-risk wagers win more frequently but only come with a small profit. Play Bitcoin Crash today at Windice, TrustDice, or Crashino.

Bitcoin Hi-Lo

Hi-Lo is another simple, provably fair title that gamblers should try in provably fair casinos. The goal is to guess the value of the next card using your intuition and luck. You’ll be given one open card and must guess whether the value of the next hidden card is lower or higher than the open one. The name Hi-Lo is an abbreviation for “Higher-Lower.” The lowest card in the deck is the Ace, and the highest card in the deck is the King. You can enjoy the game at FortuneJack, Wolf.Bet or


Plinko is a simple and entertaining casino game.

Plinko Crypto Casino Game

Unlike Bitcoin Crash and Hi-Lo, gaming techniques are essential here. So, if you’re a sense of humor person, Crypto Plinko is your best bet. The player begins the game by dropping the ball from the top of a pyramid and rolling it down to the base.

You have complete control over risk, profitability, and difficulty levels. Some operators let gamblers slightly personalize the game by adding additional features like new rows. The final reward is determined by multiplying the figure of the cell into which the ball falls as well as the bet.

You can enjoy the game at CryptoLeo, Crypto Wild, and Mystake casinos.


Keno is a lottery-style, provably fair game that is thought to have evolved from ancient Chinese gambling games. It’s one of the titles that has survived centuries and has now found its way into modern crypto casinos.

The guidelines are identical to those of a traditional lottery. A player selects ten numbers expected to match those chosen by the provably fair algorithm. Like any other casino game, it integrates multiple difficulty levels, strategy, and a little luck.

Play Keno at 7Bit Casino, Crypto Thrills, or Red Dog Casino.

Bitcoin Roulette

Bitcoin roulette, or Bitcoin wheel, is the best game for beginners who don’t want to spend money learning to gamble or for punters on a tight budget. It’s a great way to earn some free Bitcoins.

There are three difficulty levels to choose from high – 53x, medium – 5x, and low – 3x.

Bitcoin Wheel

When you start the wheel, it will not stop until the bets are exhausted. Your money will be depleted unless you turn it off.

Though it doesn’t come with a cute girl spinning as you see on TV, the rewards are appealing. You can spin the Bitcoin wheel at Crypto Thrills, Fairspin, and Casinoin.

Crypto Video Poker

Poker reigns supreme over all online gambling games. It’s regarded as one of the most exciting games since it involves strategy without overthinking. The main distinction between traditional and online crypto poker is that everything in the latter is done in cryptocurrency. It is also provably fair so that participants can check the fairness of all game outcomes.

Picking a Provably Fair Gambling Site

Just because a site claims to be provably fair doesn’t mean it is ideal for your needs. You’ll still need to dig around before signing up. Here is what to check:

  1. Confirm That It Accepts Your Preferred Cryptocurrencies

Nowadays, everybody has their ‘preferred’ cryptocurrency, so it’s worth trying to find out which cryptos the site you’re considering offers.

  1. Check That It’s Secure and 100% Safe

Some websites provide high-level security options to provide you with peace of mind. Some, for example, offer multi-signature cold storage. Your cryptocurrency is stored offline on a hardware wallet, and access to funds requires approval from multiple keyholders.

That’s the kind of security we look for in provably fair gambling sites.

  1. Check That It Offers the Services You Want

The best site for you as a player depends entirely on your preferences. We can’t tell you what you desire but can tell you what each site offers. In our reviews, we do so.

  1. Check That It’s Truly Transparent

Go for provably fair sites that list every bet placed in real time, time-stamped, with bet odds, usernames, amounts, and profits updating on the blockchain as sporting events and games unfold.

  1. Check the Other Features It Offers

Provably fair gambling websites have features that standard casinos do not have. Some websites, for example, provide enhanced privacy features such as coin selection algorithms. It adds another layer of privacy to your online gambling.

Other examples include automated betting, the ability to design and develop ‘hotkeys’ to perform casino functions automatically, and social functions such as chatting with other users and betting leaderboards. All of these factors can have a significant impact on your overall wagering experience.

  1. Check if Bonuses and Promotions Are Offered
Cryptocurrency Casino Bonuses

Bonuses and promotions are not available at every provably fair gaming site. Some of them, though, do. At the finest provably fair betting sites, you’ll find cashback incentives, daily awards, loyalty bonuses, and a variety of other benefits.

Always double-check the terms and conditions of the offers.

Pros of Provably Fair Gambling

100% Transparent

Losing any bet is painful for a player. However, if you can verify the results, you can be sure that it was unfortunate. Fortunately, bettors can now inspect and verify the outcomes of any provably fair game thanks to blockchain technology.

The cryptographic approach for proving fairness in gaming hides outcomes from gamers and the casino, preventing both from manipulating the results.

Both parties, however, have hashed algorithms, essentially encryption of game result functions. These cannot be modified and must correspond to the final results of any bet. This level of openness provides participants with peace of mind, knowing that the ultimate results of their wagers are 100 percent legitimate. Though provably fair systems vary, the common denominator is that all the results can be verified.

Lower Fees

Though betting is classified as gambling, it is a legitimate business for the parties involved. All the participants are mainly interested in making money. There are costs associated with financing your account, depositing or withdrawing, and even wagering fees charged by some online casinos. Also, players spend as much as 3% to 5% when funding fiat casinos with cards.

Other options, such as e-Wallets, can be much more costly. On the other hand, provably fair games are blockchain-based, meaning that the only cost that participants bear is network fees, which may be pretty low when the network is less crowded.

No Third-Party Auditing

Testing labs, gaming licenses, and other agencies evaluate traditional casinos for transparency and fairness. This comes at a cost that the participants may or may not bear. Third-party authentication is not required for provably fair games. Because these games are so transparent, the player is the ultimate auditor.

Also, license providers such as Antigua, Panama, and Costa Rica, have very few safeguards in place to protect the player. In such instances, the only way to be safe is to play games that can be proven to be fair.

Even if the casino is not inspected, you may continually assess the degree of fairness by examining the outcomes.

Reduced House Edge

House edge term defines a casino’s advantage over the gamer. The greater the edge, the less likely the player is to win.

Traditional slot machines and games have a 5% house edge. However, crypto casino games that employ provably fair technology often have a 1-2 percent house edge. It directly increases your odds of winning.

Randomization Over Verification

Traditional casinos determine their results using random programs. On the other hand, crypto casino games use a provably fair approach to create results using a verifiable algorithm. Confirmable outcomes are considerably preferable to randomly produced results since the possibility of manipulation is eliminated when findings can be verified.

Improved Game Quality and Features

One of the main challenges that players of the provable games faced initially was poor game quality. The developers addressed the issue of fairness while ignoring pleasing aesthetics and gameplay that would make them enjoyable. Nowadays, game quality has improved considerably. Provably fair games are created with exceptional gaming experiences that compete with the traditional ones.

Graphics and themes are constantly being improved to provide players with the best gambling experience in casinos. You will benefit from excellent welcome bonuses, appealing VIP programs, and numerous freebies like free spins. Some provably fair casino games offer crypto bonuses that are matched up to a percentage of the deposit made by the account holder.

Higher Return to Player Percentage (RTP)

The RTP of each game determines how likely it is for a player to win. For example, a game with an RTP of 95% gives the player a better chance of winning than one with an RTP of 90%.

Most provably fair titles have high RTPs of up to 99%. With such an RTP, you have a 99% chance of winning.

You can play blackjack provably fair games if you’re looking for higher RTPs. Provably fair casinos easily pay back gamblers between 98 and 99.5 percent of the time.

Cons of Provably Fair Gambling

  1. Understanding the provably fair algorithm or establishing the credibility of a game’s results might be difficult for inexperienced participants.
  2. Provably fair casinos feature a limited number of games compared to regular casinos.

Is Bitcoin Gambling Legal?

Provably fair games provide the highest level of security. You know, by definition, that the house is not tricking you. You’ll get fair odds, and the blockchain will oversee all transactions. Casinos can’t steal your cryptocurrency, so you’ll have complete peace of mind.

When it comes to legality, that will be determined by your age and locality. If you live in a nation that hasn’t blocked online gambling and accepts cryptocurrencies, you’ll be OK as long as you’re of legal gambling age.

Provably Fair Gaming in Online Fiat Casinos

Provably Fair Casinos ᐈ Best Crypto Gambling Sites [Updated August 2022
Provably Fair Gaming in Fiat Casinos

The provably fair technology was initially only available to online crypto casinos. The issue was that most fiat casinos did not build their software and instead relied on games supplied by game suppliers. And because suppliers did not include the algorithm in their games, the casinos lacked them as well.

However, the situation is steadily improving. The algorithm is becoming more available to regular casino players as the popularity of provably fair games like Aviator keeps growing.

Other options include roulette, poker, blackjack, and relatively uncommon video slots. If games that use the algorithm become prevalent, it may inspire other developers to incorporate it into their projects.


Provably fair gambling is not only the future of crypto gambling but of all online gambling systems. Though it is challenging to implement provably fair algorithms in complex games and developing games with the system takes time, developers are working on it.

This model could be utilized in almost every game in the future. It gives the player complete control and eradicates the trust factor from online gambling. As a player, you must periodically verify your bets to ensure that the casino is not playing tricks. The entire point of this system is to make the gambling process as transparent and straightforward as possible.