Bitcoin Poker Room tournaments – the inside track – Part 2

Scheduled Tournaments

For all major tournaments at Poker Rooms you’ll find a weekly schedule. Please use this information to gain information on current events and find the tournament that fits your style.

Scheduled tournaments have a fixed starting time and you can usually register prior to these starting times. When the tournament time approaches, all players registered (up to the given limit) will participate in the tournament. The length of tournaments is dependent on the number of players.

Sit & Go

As well as scheduled events, you’ll find “Sit & Go” tournaments! These are single table tournaments, normally with 10 players. A Sit & Go tournament will start as soon as all the seats are filled and the prize pool is fixed. Some Sit & Go tournaments are available 24-7 and some (like the special satellite tournaments) are only available at certain times of day. See the Sit & Go Satellite Schedule for a complete overview of these details.

Re-buy and Add-on

During a tournament, if you run out of chips, you’re usually knocked out of the game. In some tournaments, however, you’re allowed to post another buy-in to get more chips when you run out.

Re-buys are limited though – both in number (e.g. once in a tournament) and in time (only within the first hour). The re-buy will affect the prize money and it is therefore not possible to make a re-buy after the first winning person has been knocked out.

It’s possible, if permitted, to make a re-buy during the tournament, as long as the players chip stack is less or equal to, the starting chip stack.

An ‘add-on’ is a special re-buy available at the very end of a re-buy period. The add-on is available for all players, regardless of the size of their chip stack.

There is no fee for the re-buy or add-on.

Hand by Hand

At the end of a multi table tournament, ‘hand by hand’ play is adopted. This means that a new hand at a table will not be played until the current hand at all tables is finished – to ensure all tables are played at the same pace.

Blind Increase

To compensate for increasing chip stacks as players are eliminated, and to ensure the tournaments will in fact end, the blinds will continuously increase. This occurs either after a number of played hands, or with specified time intervals.


Register directly at a single table Sit & Go Tournament by going to the table.

Multi-Table Tournament

For multi-table tournaments the payouts structure vary.