Poker abreviations

poker faq

Poker Acronyms

  • np – nice play or no problem
  • bb – big blind or bad beat
  • ty – thank you
  • utg – under the gun – means first to act
  • iirc – if I remember correctly
  • lmao – laugh my ass off
  • wtf – what the fuck
  • fu – fuck you
  • qft – quoted for truth
  • nh – nice hand
  • hu – heads up
  • sh – short handed
  • he – holdem
  • gg – good game
  • lol – lots of laughs
  • poc – piece of crap
  • ftw – for the win OR f#($ the world OR for the record
  • a hi – ace high
  • nl – no limit
  • ss – short stacked
  • btw – by the way
  • br – bank roll – means how much money you have to play with
  • imo – in my opinion
  • brb – be right back

Common Poker Terminology

  • Rake – The amount the poker site takes every hand. Most sites don’t take more than $3 per pot.
  • Big Blind – In each round players must put in a blind. The big blind is usually equal to 1/100 of the max buy-in.
  • Buy-in – How much you can bring to the table. Also means how much it costs to enter a tournament.
  • Sit and Go – A tournament that consists of 10, 20, or 30 players. Each person must buy-in and the top 3 for a ten player event will split the prize pool. First place gets 5 times the buy-in. Second place gets 3 times the buy-in and third place gets 2 times the buy-in.
  • Multi-Table – A tournament with up to 2000 players in the field.
  • Multi-Tabling – Playing more than one table at a time. Some players use more than two monitors to multi-table.
  • Lobby – Where you can access the tournaments and table listings. This is also the best place to sort tables and look for tables that suit your playing style.
  • Scanning – Using cheat software to see other players cards. No confirmed reports of this have ever been uncovered.
  • Going South – Players scoring big and instantly leaving. This is very common online.
  • Reload Bonus – Bonus money you receive for depositing. Reload bonuses are different from initial deposit bonus.
  • Deposit Bonus – Money given to you for the first time depositing at a poker room. This bonus is usually the largest you will get.
  • Raked Hands – Each time you play a hand money is taken out of the pot. Each hand where money is taken out is considered a raked hand. Used to calculate the release of your bonus money.