Playing Online Bitcoin Blackjack to Make Huge Profits

There are numerous ways you can make a lot of money playing blackjack online and there are some ways that are not as effective. Learning to tell the difference between the effective methods and those that are not so effective are a large part of determining what you should do to ensure that you come out on top and walk away from the bitcoin casino, regardless of whether a physical or online version on top.

Your first step is always before you start playing read over carefully all of the rules. You do not want to start playing and suddenly come across some strange rules that you were not expecting. Instead, carefully read the rules so you know exactly what to expect rather than being surprised at the last minute. Small differences in rules can have a huge impact on your potential btc winnings.

Keep in mind that someone has to win at blackjack and you are playing the dealer so you want to come out ahead as much as possible. This means you need to really maximize your potential against the dealer and work to ensure that you are in the best position possible. This means never stay unless you have at least a 17, or unless the dealer is bust. However, there are always exceptions to the rule and they come in when the dealer starts with either a 6, 5, or 4. Most dealers are so determined to win that they will bust when they start with these cards so you should never hit over an 11 unless you absolutely have to.

If you have a set of aces or a pair of eights then you should always split them. This is no matter what the dealer is showing because you want to increase your chances of walking away a winner, and of course winning two different hands lets you really maximize your winnings quickly. Additionally, you should never split any face cards, tens, or fives that are in pairs as they are much more valuable to you when they are left together. If you have a set of eights or even sevens you should split them if the dealer is showing a card that is the same, or lower than your cards. This again helps to increase your chances of winning a nice sized bitcoin pot.

Look for tables that require a minimum bid of no more than 5% of your bitcoin bankroll. This will allow you to play as much as possible and increase your chances of winning numerous games. Of course, the less you can bet, the more you can play, but playing at a table with a high minimum bet is not a wise idea and can result in you leaving empty handed quite quickly. Protect your bankroll and always stick to the low side of bets until you have more experience and can afford the more expensive bets.

By taking advantage of some rules and strategies, it is possible to outsmart the dealer and make a lot of money. However, be careful that you do not make careless mistakes or become reckless in how you play or you will be ultimately harming your bankroll and your potential profits. Always keep your eye on the potential profit and do your best to protect that profit whenever possible.