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Peergame is a Bitcoin SV gambling site launched in August 2019 that seems to have been endorsed by Calvin Ayre on Twitter, a well known online gambling pioneer. Although with a limited variety of games and payment options, the real novelty here is the implementation of provably fair gambling because it changes the gaming experience on a fundamental level making it 100% transparent and a lot more stimulating. website homepage
PeerGame website – screenshot on desktop

PeerGame Game Play

Peergame allows access to 8 game formats: Bitto (lottery), Turtle Race, Baccarat, Ladder, Roulette, Wheel, Dice, Coin Flip. The Lottery Bitto is my favourite by far and also the most popular game on site. You can buy a ticket for $1 for a chance to win a jackpot worth thousands. Each lottery round takes approximately ~17h (or 100 BSV blocks) when results are announced. 85% of the jackpot goes to the top winner and the rest is split among those in 2nd, 3rd and 4th position based on how much their transaction ID matches the relevant block ID.

The interface for each game is clear and simple. Peergame publishes live all tickets that have been sold so you will always know the number of players betting. Moreover, for every game there is a Rules section and a page where it is layed out how each result is generated. The latter is not so clearly explained which is a minus for new users who are not familiar with Bitcoin’s terminology. In BSV a new ‘block’ is mined approximately every 10 minutes and each block is identified with a unique random number. At the same time each transaction in Bitcoin is associated with another unique number, known as transacton ID. To pick winners Peergame checks the last 4 digits in the ID of the transaction with which a user bought a ticket against the last 4 digits of the 100th block since the round started. This is easily verifiable and makes the game provably fair.

Although the lottery is by far the most popular of the 8 games on site, the Turtle Race and Ladder game are also fun to play as they offer a chance to double or triple your money. Peergame explains the provably fair process employed in each of these games as well in the respective sections.

turtle race game screenshot
Turtle Race Game

Because all games leverage the BSV blockchain to generate randomness, users can only play with BSV on Peergame. If you don’t have BSV then this is not ideal since you would have to convert your coins to BSV first. Moreover, even though no sign up is required by Peergame itself, in practice you will need a Moneybutton or HandCash account for which an email is required. This is also not ideal since using any BSV wallet won’t be enough. On the plus side, your MoneyButton account is also used for instant payouts in case you win. Regardless of the size of the win, all payouts are instant.

PeerGame Promotions

Although Peergame does not offer deposit bonuses, many promotions in the form of races are regularly listed and updated. Prizes paid in BSV are distributed to the top players in the ranking.

Is Peergame a Correct Bitcoin Casino?

Overall the user interface is great and the transaction fees are very low (near to zero) because Peergame uses Bitcoin SV (BSV) as currency instead of higher fee currencies like Bitcoin Core (BTC) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH). There are also frequent tournaments featuring some big BSV prize pools up to $2000. However, Peergame doesn’t offer any bonus.


  • Provably fair
  • No registration
  • Instant payouts
  • Licensed
  • Races and prize pools


  • No deposit bonus

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