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The LuckyCrypto is an online cryptocurrency-focused casino with excellent bonuses and opportunities. LuckyCrypto has partnered with some of the best online slot machine providers and even has a live casino section. However, there are some extreme red flags, and we can say for sure that LuckyCrypto is not legit. They are there to collect data and scam users. 


Start Date:Late 2021
Supported Cryptocurrencies:BTC, mBTC, ETH, DOGE, ETH, LTC, USDT
License: Curaçao and Netherlands Antilles?
Parent CompanySG International N.V., (However, the parent company makes no mention of them anywhere
KYCFor full verification, users need to include their:
Front and back of their ID
Front and Back of a valid Credit Card
Internet Banking Screenshot
Sign-up Bonus405% Sign-up bonus (No limit)

Website Look and Feel

Luckycrypto website review reveals it's a scam provides an immersive experience as the website works flawlessly, and each game loads at a typical speed. They’ve partnered with over 60 providers and offer about 3,000 slot games to choose from. In addition, the website has a mascot named “Peter” dressed as a cowboy. This adds a little fun to the website.

The site is user-friendly and uses a template similar to competitive websites like Coinslotty. The website is easy to navigate and is aesthetically pleasing. However, they have a pop-up chat on the right that will offer you a deposit bonus on almost every page you load. This is just frustrating and forceful. 

Pretend Customer Support on

The site is also optimized for all major languages, including Russian, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and more. LuckyCrypto makes contacting support relatively easy if you encounter any problems, as there is always a “chat button” on the bottom right side of the screen. However, customer support is unavailable 24/7, as it is with many competitors. They claim that “Our agents are available on the Live Chat from Monday to Sunday: 8:00 AM to 1:00 AM (GMT+1)” Yet, we contacted them during these times, and no agents were available. 

All in all, the website looks like it’s legit for the most part. However, we soon found out that it’s a website we should stay away from.

Luckycrypto Red Flags 🏴‍☠️

We wanted to make sure LukcyCrypto was not a scam. Unfortunately, we ran into a few red flags when performing a detailed search into the website’s background. This has made us question the logistics of the website. 

Parent Company Issues

The Parent company makes no mention of According to the website, they are owned and run by a popular cryptocurrency casino company known as S.G. International N.V. This seemed like a big thumbs up to the website, as the same company runs top casinos like SpotGaming Casino and Froggy Star Casino. Yet when doing our research, we found that the parent company does not promote or even mention 

However, the website is somehow fully licensed by the Antillephone License Validation in Curaçao, and the certificate is stamped by S.G. International N.V.

Plagiarism and Grammatical Errors

The LuckCrypto terms and conditions page is filled with plagiarism and grammatical errors. We performed a plagiarism check on their terms and conditions page, and a large portion was a direct copy of terms and conditions. The same is not true for alternative websites owned by S.G. International N.V. We further read into their terms and found multiple grammatical errors, where the site owners may have attempted to write their own sections. 

Unreal Bonuses

If you see a deal that's too good to be true, it is. is one prime example of that.

They offer greater bonuses and entirely focus on crypto payments. A great sign-up bonus is typical and is an opportunity for online casinos to gather new users. However, provides bonuses up to 405% of the deposited amount. Which is more than double any other S.G. International N.V. casino offers. 

If it’s too good to be true, it is. 

Verification Expectations

Luckycrypto attempts to steal credit card information. This is one of many ways we can determine is a scam

While certain KYC (Know Your Customer) expectations have grown over the last year, Luckycrypto has taken a step further than any realistic expectation. It wasn’t until this that we were 100% certain that is a scam. 

The website expects users to upload a fully visible picture of the users’ credit card(both front and back). This is something no company could ever legally require. 

Conclusion: Is a Scam?


  • Aesthetically Pleasing and User-Friendly


  • Fake Licensing
  • Requests Credit Card Details As Verification
  • Plagiarism and Grammatical Errors
  • Email Support Only
  • The website is a scam

Yes. is not a legit website, and user’s who add their funds to the website will not be able to withdraw. In addition, the website requires users to upload private data and credit card numbers as a form of “verification.” 

This serves as a reminder that users should always research a website before adding any funds. There are many scammers out there, and is a scam. Therefore, we are giving the website an easy 0/5 and make no recommendation that users access the website. 

However, we suggest you look into our many cryptocurrency gambling website reviews. There are some great options out there, and there’s a fit for everyone. 

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