Top Eos Gambling Dapps & Sites 2024

Eos Blockchain Could Transform the Gambling Industry

Gambling is a giant industry and the prospect of provably fair online casinos that aren’t rigged is a draw for EOS. 

EOS is a decentralized operating system which can, through the power of its blockchain system, support industrial-scale decentralized gambling applications. Transactions on the EOS blockchain are feeless and the technology is able to scale up to millions of transactions per second (TPS). To ensure the security of its blockchain, EOS is using a consensus algorithm called Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS).

Gamble With Eos

Most of the time, you will need a browser add-on such as Scatter installed on your computer in order to play EOS dapp games (press the login button to sign in using Scatter)

Top Eos Casino Playable Without Browser Add-On 

  • Luckygames: multi-coin, low house edge and no registration casino accepting EOS money

Top 5 Eos Casino Dapps 

  • BetDice: the largest gaming platform on EOS blockchain. Users can earn DICE tokens from playing Dice, Baccarat, Sicbo, lottery, Lucky Draw and then get dividends from staking.
  • EOS Poker: play poker, dice, blackjack on a decentralized gaming platform on the EOS blockchain.
  • EOS Play: Lottery, Dice and slots on a fair, transparent gaming platform. One of the most popular lottery game on EOS mainnet!
  • FarmEOS: blockchain efficient and fast game platform in which players are shareholders. Play with EOS to roulette, lottery, minefield, treasure box, texas poker and more
  • EOSJacks: an innovative decentralized gaming platform, autonomous ecosystem and community. Dice, blackjack, ladder race games.

Other Eos Gambling Dapps 

  • EOS Max: a betting platform developed based on the smart contract of Eos main net. All gambling games are developed with the independent RNG technology.
  • Bingo Bet: play American roulette and dice game with EOS. Every 10% of the house edge will be sent to the Jackpot Prize pool
  • Endless Game: the first true profit-sharing online arcade. Play dice, lottery, crash, chest, pvp poker games and earn EOS everyday.
  • Eos Bet: decentralized and fair betting on the largest eos gaming platform
  • Funcity: a fair EOS casino owned by funcity autonomy community. 
  • Trust Dice: provably fair dice game using trustless blockchain technology. Automated betting, faucet and instant deposits/withdrawals.