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Duckdice is a legit and unique online crypto casino that automatically catches the user’s attention when joining. The online casino offers a few unique features that many alternative websites do not offer and creates an enjoyable atmosphere. We were overly impressed during our review, and we’re even more excited to know that they’re bringing in a Sports section soon!


Start Date:Early 2017
Supported Cryptocurrencies:30 Support Cryptocurrencies, including all major currencies. Supports Fiat payments too. 
License: Curaçao
KYCHandled by third-party Sum Sub:
– ID Documentation
– Selfie
– Proof of Address
– Mobile Number
Sign-up BonusNot Available, But users get free tokens to play on Faucet Mode, which is withdrawable.

Look and Feel

We were very excited to see a live chat with our Duckdice review

When reviewing, we were overly impressed with their intuitive and unique design. The screen is filled with multiple sections, yet it doesn’t feel like you’re bombarded with unnecessary buttons. 

Duckdice Sportsbook
Duckdice is due to release a sportsbook section next month

The website holds a dark theme, which I am a sucker for, and is user-friendly in almost every way. A feature that we truly loved is their “live chat” section, where players can interact, bet, and work with each other. The chat is fairly active and also has multiple mods who can answer and help with most questions a player may have. The chat is only open to users who have placed bets previously. This is to prevent spam. 

The mods regularly hold quizzes and provide free credits for the winners. It’s a unique yet enjoyable addition to the online casino. With the ability to engage with other users, as well as the quick yet heart-racing game, it’s easy to immerse yourself and get lost in an enjoyable gambling session. 

Signing up was fairly simple yet slightly invasive as you need to provide your mobile number and physical address. However, these are mandated by the website’s licensing company. Overall, we found the website ran smoothly and couldn’t fault its design. 

If you’re interested in playing at, you can sign up using our Duckdice affiliate link.

How Does the Duckdice Game Work?

How Does Duckdice Work?

The Duckdice website is based solely on one unique yet enjoyable game. DuckDice is an online cryptocurrency dice game of chance. There are four eggs, each egg can randomly generate a number between 0 and 9. Each round, the eggs will refresh, and there is a possibility of 9999 outcomes. 

Provably Fair Duckdice Eggs

The player can wager a bet of, let’s say, 1 BTC. They can then determine the chance of winning the bet by up to 0.01%. Let’s say the player uses a 49.5% chance of winning. 

If the player wins, they will double their funds (The house edge is a small 1%). 

When the player hits the “Roll” button, all eggs will roll a random number. If it is under (or over, depending on player preference), then they win. However, if it is over their preselected numbers, the player loses their funds. 

How to play Duckdice

The game is fairly simple and is unique in that the player gets to determine their win percentage. If the player wants to make extremely small bets but has an opportunity for big wins, they can drop the win percentage to 0.01% and have a jackpot of 9900x their original bet.

Or, if the player wants to play a low-risk game, they can set it to a 50% win chance. The gamer can also choose either under a specific number or over the number. The game lets the player set multiple variables that the gamer wants to set. It’s appreciated. 

Duckdice Automatic Mode

There is also an automatic mode, where the game will auto-run games within a few seconds. This mode is best for running low probability games, where you need to likely make many bets before you can win. 

Each game has a provably fair outcome that can be checked manually, should the gamer not trust the system. This makes the game extremely trustable. 

Overall, Duckdice allows the gamer to play the way he’d like to, and the game has many perks. 

Alternate Game Modes

As a means to add an extra layer of something to enjoy, duckdice has added in various game modes and bonuses over the years. Let’s look into each game mode and how they work. 

Duckdice Lucky Lottery

The DuckDice Lucky Lottery is exactly what it sounds like. There is $100,000 USD up for grabs, and each ticket costs $0.01. The game works on five numbers as well as the Jackpot ball. If the player guesses all these numbers, they take a full $100,000 USD (or split the prize if there are other winners) The Lottery begins at 15:00 UTC each Monday.

Duckdice Faucet

Duckdice Faucet mode allows players to play for free.

Faucet is a game mode given to the players who are out of funds yet still want to enjoy the game. They have to play a 1v1 tik-tac-toe game against another online player. If they win, the player receives a free 0.0000007 BTC (about 0.01 USD). The player can gamble with these funds, and even withdraw them after the 55X wager requirements. 

A new player will be given 30 free Faucet rounds every day. There can be more depending on how long you’ve been on the site and how much you placed in bets. The player needs to deplete their original free tokens before gathering more. 

Duckdice Summer

Duckdice Summer special game mode

Summer is the same game mode as Duckdice, except there is a 3% house edge instead of 1%. However, this allows for greater bonuses to the players. The game mode is only open three times a week, and top wagering players will receive fixed rewards. 

Duckdice Sniper Races

The game mode called “Sniper Race” lets you compete with other players for prizes while gambling. Because games are only available for a short period of time, we refer to them as races. The Sniper Race is free to join.

Each race has a single, multiple, or a combination of target rolls. A sniper must roll a bet and hit any pre-determined target. If there are more winners than those listed, the highest wagering winner is chosen. Only wagers that you have used to hit target rolls count toward the race win.

Duckdice Jackpot

There is also a Jackpot, where if a user rolls a bet and the number drawn is 7777 with a bet ID ending 77, e.g: xxxxxxxx77.

The Jackpot has a base value of 0.25 BTC. If only part of the Jackpot is won, the remaining amount will stay in place. The Jackpot will gain in size with every bet made on the website. 

Provably Fair and Licensing 

Every game on Duckdice is Provably Fair

Duckdice is a fully licensed website, and each bet made is Provably Fair. This means that they have been regulated and are approved by the country of Curacao. If you are unsure what it means to be “Provably Fair,” we suggest you take a look at our page that explains Provably Fair in detail. 

Essentially, to be Provably Fair means that the website implements blockchain technology to randomly generate a 28-character hex string using the SHA-512 hash. This hash will determine the outcome of each game. Each round creates a new Hash, and should the player determine that their game gave an unfair result, they can test it using the Hash output. This means the website is unable to alter any results. 

Deposits and Withdrawals

Users are required to complete some KYC during sign-up, which can be truly frustrating and almost feel unnecessary. However, their reasoning behind it is due to licensing issues, as well as to protect themselves and the users from fraud and similar. 

This means before you can even make your first bet using real money, you need to provide your address, name, and phone number. After this, users will have access to their Faucet and can make deposits. 

The deposit system will look extremely familiar to experienced online casino users, there is a wallet button, and then the user can select the currency they’d like. There is an impressive 30 different currencies that the player can deposit. The average minimum deposit amount is equivalent to $5. 

We were impressed that they use an “instant deposit” system, and the funds will reflect in the player’s account after just 1 confirmation for Bitcoin. This meant we did not have to wait around. The player can then only withdraw after 6 confirmations, though. 

Withdrawals were not too complicated as well, the player will need to submit documents such as a confirmation of their email address, their mobile number, an ID document, and a Selfie. These are handled by a third party called “Sum Sub” and take about an hour to process (Which is way faster than the majority of the online crypto casinos out there.) Because SubSum handles KYC, the website does not store any of your data. 

The withdrawal process was standard, and we never ran into any issues. The funds were processed within 10 minutes. However, we’ve seen some players complain that the withdrawal took up to 24 hours to process. This is likely due to anti-fraud checks, but it should be noted. 

Conclusion: Is duckdice.IO Legit?


  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Live Chat Section
  • Game odds are determined by the player
  • Provably Fair
  • Instant deposit system
  • Daily Free Tokens


  • Few game options
  • Offshore Liscensing

Duckdice is a legit cryptocurrency casino that started back in 2017. The website provides great service and customer support and holds a provably fair game. This makes it trustable and a great place for users to place their bets. They have announced a sportsbook section, and the admins have confirmed that this section will be available within the next few months. 

We love their chat system and the opportunity to alter and play the game the way you want to. However, there are some heavy KYC requirements, and there’s no real bonus for a first-time user. We are giving Duckdice a rating of 4.5/5

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