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This colorful gambling site is basic in form and an excellent platform for new players who are fresh to the crypto currency and online gambling scene. It’s up to the competition in features, with some unique advantages. The casino is offering dice game, minesweeper, slots (both 3 and 5-reels) and wheel of fortune with vibrant backgrounds and minimalistic gameplay makes enjoying the site an uncomplicated process. Experienced gamblers could enjoy auto-betting feature in the dice game with an ability to manipulate interface through keyboard shortcuts.

Fun Crypto Games adds distinctive and unique proposition on the market. Their 5-reel slots – Tropical Dream and Stellar; are by no means true masterpieces regarding design and a math model. Still provides a smooth experience with a tutorial that suits new members to the Bitcoin community nicely. The games are provably fair and the house edge differs from game to game, but mainly it’s in between of 1% and 3% only.


  • The Interface and Registration

Each page on the site is exceptionally colorful and cartoonish. Younger audiences may appreciate this theme more so than the older crowd. Site navigation is straight forward as the site is small with only a few sections to check out. There is a leaderboard for players to check out who has made the most profit from the site for those who are interested. A portion of the site is dedicated to individuals who would like to become an affiliate, helping the site grow while giving affiliates a cut of the profits they bring in.

Registration is fast and easy as with any other Bitcoin site. There is a full guide for new members who need help getting signed up and making their first deposit. The Help page is particularly useful for new players and gives the rundown on how the site works, shows each games house edge and allows seamless transition into the website for the uninitiated. Our biggest gripe about the site is that the English is broken and obviously not written by a native speaker of the language. However, everything is comprehension so this is not much of a hindrance.

  • Dice

bitcoin dice game reviewTruthfully there isn’t much to say about the dice game. The simple interface gives players the option to select their bet amount, adjust their win chance and then select if either the roll is high or low. Auto-betting option is present which gives an ability to use Martingale and anti-Martingale strategy. The house edge for the dice game is a flat 1% and there is no option to invest in the house bankroll. The auto-betting could be stopped if it reached defined floor value.

  • Minesweeper

Bitcoin minesweeper reviewThis interesting title is unique in that it is not the traditional minesweeper that comes pre-installed on Windows computers. Players select an amount to bet and then click on one of the three tiles at the very left of the minefield. For each successful step you take, you win Bitcoins and can stop at any time you want. A multiplier is added for each extra step you take to increase winnings but be careful, if you step on a mine you lose it all and have to start from scratch! The house edge for Minesweeper is 2%.

  • Slots

bitcoin slots reviewPlaying 777 slots is as easy as you would expect and an auto spin feature is integrated into the software. Players can select their bet amount and take the slot machine for a few rips if they so choose. There is no mention of how much each symbol pays out so it is presumed they pay out equally as long as you have three matching on the line. Players can expect a 97.97% payout for each spin giving the house edge a whopping 2.03% – an exceptionally low edge for a slot game in comparison to other sites out there, but an edge nonetheless.

tropical bitcoin slotsTropical Dream Slots playful theme combines sea breeze on a beach with cute girls and treasures. What we personally love in this slots that along with nice design, colors are contrast enough to play for a long time with no fatigue for your eyes. The max payout for the roll is massive – 5000x for the top combination. 5-reels, 20 paylines, wild and scattered symbols.

stellar bitcoin slotsOuter space was always a matter of interest for people here on Earth. Stellar Slot gives a great experience of being in this mysterious place with asteroids, planets, aliens, etc. The payout table constructed the way that aliens account for the highest payouts, so seeng them on sceen is good for you. Scattered symbols can benefit players by a direct payout and activation of the lucrative bonus round! The bonus round accounts for 27% of a total payout distribution, providing 10 free spins and 3x multiplicator for any winning combination.

  • Wheel of Fortune

bitcoin wheel of fortune reviewThe Wheel of Fortune game comes in three different flavors each with their own unique and colorful interfaces and house edge. Each games gives players the option to select their bet amount and perform auto spins.
The first is the Festival wheel which has a 1.77% house edge and a very colorful wheel to take a chance on. The second is the steampunk wheel which has a cool cog and wheels theme and house edge of 4.71%. The last iteration of Wheel of Fortune is the cyber theme which is our favorite theme with a 2.95% house edge. We really enjoyed the themes for all three Wheel of Fortune games as they were colorful, vivid and unique but the house edge is quite high.

  • The Faucet

Like all Bitcoin dice sites, a faucet is included which hands out 0.000001 BTC for absolutely free. These are the equivalent of a few pennies in American Dollars but give curious players the chance to play on the site for free with monetary inventive, even if they’ve already gone bust. There is no method currently available to increase the faucet value.

  • Our Verdict is a unique platform where you’re welcome to have fun and get paid for it. Along with that is great as a conduit for drawing in new players to the Bitcoin casino and dice industry. The fun themes and color scheme of the site and simple navigation make it a pleasurable overall experience.
Deposit bonuses, Faucet and Fun money (free currency) are great options to check the site and grab the tangible benefit for newcomers. With several options to gamble with, there’s no reason to not check out the site, especially if you’re still learning the ropes. CryptoGames has a certain family-friendly appeal to it and is a neat place to check out if you’re looking to gamble it up for the first time or are a casual player. The site is not exceptionally large but still definitely worth a visit.

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