Fun CryptoGames Casino Launches Tropical Dream Slot

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Hey… psssst. Yeah You! Wanna let you in on a little secret that’ll be BIG, pretty soon. You know those folks over at Fun Fun CryptoGames? Yep, the fun-loving retro styled Bitcoin casino which has some of the hippest games on the world wide web. That’s the one. Well they got something special lined up for you and your winter blues. What’s that you ask? Well, it’s warm, sweet and juicy all over. Now you got it, it’s a brand spanking new five reel Tropical Dream Slots release!


Albeit on the surface the Crypto platform design might strike you as dope minimalism, or even a little PG-13, this little sucker packs a lot of punch. And every new release from Fun CryptoGames comes with it’s own set of rules and curious mechanics. With 5 reels, scattered and wild symbols, multiple bonus rounds, 20 paylines and a total payout of 97% there is more then a little to sink your gamer teeth into here whether you are a young-blood or a weathered shark toothed professional. The new Tropical Dream lives up to it’s name at every turn. Definitely a step up from the previous Slots version Fun CryptoGames brought us, the upgrade provides the gamer with a lot more variety and spice. This is reflected in the amount of payouts and options the player has at their fingertips, in the way of scattered symbols, that trigger multiple bonus rounds. Here you can choose whether you want to double or even triple your winnings depending on your desire and gusto. At the same time the game invites you to jump into an experience full of tropical color and fun that seems endless. And while not everyone will take back huge earnings, all are sure to enjoy themselves to the max.

tropical dream slot


A wild symbol can substitute any other symbol in a payline across the entire reel. Yes Crypto-guys now give you, the player, the ability to strike a higher combination per spin then ever before! They also thought about how to make the game more unpredictable with a pleasant surprise; Hit a 3 scattered symbol combo in a payline and get a 10 spin bonus free. Mmmmm, say that again… Freeee. Going bonus also gives you the massive advantage of opting for a 3X multiplier, so any win amount during the bonus round grows three times! This is not just some quick change – monkey wrench – hit em up charlie online shakedown mind you. This is a totally brand new approach to online gaming as you know it, which aims to earn your loyalty with real rewards and real a sweet visual experience to keep players coming back for more fun and real loot!


The Fun CryptoGames brand new Tropical Dream Slots also gives you a bonus on your deposit. That’s right, just when you thought it doesn’t get any better, here’s Crypto-Santa with a 125% initial raise on any deposit for up to two Bitcoins! Not ready to drop your cash right away? No problem, just click on the faucet link and pick up a few virtual coins to toss around, on the house. For your convenience the faucet is renewable every five minutes. As a matter of a fact they like you so much they will even let you play the game absolutely free using virtual money so you can get the feel of it first, without spending a dime!


All Fun CryptoGames are Provably Fair. Each spin is generated using the Mersenne Twister pseudo-random number generator. Meaning you can double check that all the spins were randomly generated using a number key that is granted in the beginning of the game.


I know I know, you can’t hear me blabber any longer, so I’ll stop right here and let you experience the awesome Fun CryptoGames Tropical Dream Slots yourself. Just don’t forget to play responsibly, it is after all just a game! May all your Tropical Dreams come true my friend!

Alex Johnson
Online gambling expert