CoinRoll review

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If you have never bet with bitcoin and if you want to start with a sure and fun experience, then Coinroll is the ideal game. Rolling the Dice is made easy through a selection of predefined games, and trustworthy with a strong transparent betting system. One of the first off-the-chain bitcoin site (created in April 2013), CoinRoll casino had time to perfect the slightest detail to make the player experience unique and simple at the same time. The advanced bettors will appreciate the Coinroll API, the customizable game and the low contrast graphic designed to not strain your eyes when playing extensive sessions.


Depositing Bitcoins at Coinroll doesn’t require any sort of personal details nor account creation. Go to Coinroll website homepage, click PLAY tab and DEPOSIT button: it opens up a popup with your personal deposit address inside. Just send a payment from your bitcoin wallet, and your balance will automatically update when funds are received.

Deposits are instant since Coinroll accept unconfirmed deposits.

Withdrawals are almost instants as it required only 1 confirmation up to 5 BTC. Minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0000543 BTC.


When your player account is credited with Bitcoins you are ready to play. Simply choose a game, enter your bet and click on Roll. A lucky number between 0 and 65535 will be generated and if it is less than the target number, you win. The sum of bitcoins you win is the game multiplier x the bet amount.

The minimum amount you can wagered is 0.00001 BTC

  • ODDS

The player can set odds between 0.1% to 97.7% casino is one of the best payout dice sites with a house edge of only 1%


Coinroll uses secret keys that help ascertain the authenticity of the rolls and to avoid any possibility for rigging the game.

Each bet can be verified using the VERIFICATION tab. Coinroll dice is provably fair to gamblers.


There is no account creation needed for playing and it is awesome. However we recommend that once your bitcoins are deposited, you save your account details available by clicking DETAILS button.

  • VERDICT is a safe and fun place to bet bitcoins. With no gambling expertise whatsoever, you can jump right into the action and roll the dice without any delay, giving you the chance to win big with bitcoin!

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