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There are many bitcoin casinos on the internet these days, but most of them offer more or less the same thing. This often makes casino reviews seem, well – predictable.

But every now and then, an innovative bitcoin casino comes along with a fresh and exciting concept. This exception to the rule is something that is quite intriguing even to a stern-faced casino critic.

One of such virtual casinos is Coinpoker, which seems to have raised a few eyebrows in the industry. This casino review examines what this relatively new internet casino is all about and why they seem to have ruffled a few feathers in the world of online casinos.

About Coinpoker

In reviewing Coinpoker, the first thing that caught our attention was the fact that it is not a traditional online casino.

That’s right, CoinPoker is an online poker room which is powered by blockchain technology. But rather than use fiat to run its online poker games, CoinPoker makes use of cryptocurrencies.

Established in November of 2017 by enthusiastic poker players. was developed as an online poker platform where all sorts of poker players regardless of their skills level and experience can converge under one community of poker players.

coinpoker software screenshot
Coinpoker software – screenshot

The poker games on this platform are run with CHP tokens which is the proprietary cryptocurrency of the CoinPoker economy. Now even though online poker is the mainstay of CoinPoker, this platform also offers sports betting opportunities to members of its gaming community.

Coinpoker Crypto Exchange Affiliations

CoinPoker is a revolutionary blockchain technology driven cryptocurrency casino that is in partnership with a number of cryptocurrency exchanges.

These crypto exchanges help community members in effecting the exchange of fiat currency to cryptocurrencies which they can then deposit to their gaming account on Coinpoker. Cool right?!

The exchanges currently available include; forkdelta, hitbtc, kucoin, and yobit.

Online Poker Games on Coinpoker

What will Coinpoker be without online poker games? There are quite a few poker rooms that players can join while on the platform.

Some of the poker titles are truly well known and hugely successful as well. You have poker games such as;

#1: Omaha Hold’ Em Poker

Omaha hold’em is also referred to as either “Omaha holdem” or just “Omaha”. It is a community-card poker game that plays in a similar way as Texas hold’em. In this community-card poker game, players are each dealt a hand consisting of four cards. Each player then has to play their best hand with the use of only a couple of the cards with them and three out of five community cards on the table.

#2: Short Deck Poker

Short-deck poker is a variant of the popular Texas hold’em poker game. It also goes by the name of “Six-plus hold’em” in some quarters. This is a community-card poker game in which the deck of cards will have all the 2 to 5 playing cards removed and players are dealt a hand consisting of a couple of face down cards. The objective of the game is for players to have the best hand of five cards by combining three community cards to the two they were initially dealt.

#3: Texas Hold’Em Poker

This is a very popular community card poker game that you can play on Coinpoker. Here players are dealt two face down hole cards while five face up community cards are made available in three different stages. The goal of each of the poker players is to have the best five card poker hand consisting of the two cards they were first dealt.

The beauty of the poker rooms in CoinPoker is that virtually any player can join in.

Coinpoker Banking Options

While the poker games on Coinpoker are powered by the CHP token which is the platform’s proprietary crypto, players can deposit and withdraw their balance in other cryptocurrencies. Currently these include; United State Dollar Token (USDT), Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

However, while the withdrawal process for both USDT and ETH is virtually instantaneous, you may have to wait for a few hours before the withdrawal process for BTC comes through.

What Makes Coinpoker So Special?

There are a few things that really make Coinpoker stand out from other online poker rooms. These are the ones worth mentioning;

Decentralized Card Shuffling Rng

As a poker player on Coinpoker, you can actively take part in the shuffling of cards before they are dealt in order to ensure that you are dealt a fair hand. This is quite a revolutionary concept for online poker and encourages transparency in the game.

Easy Participation

Poker players from all over the world can gain easy access to poker rooms from the CoinPoker desktop client by simply registering and opening a CHP account with deposits in USDT, ETH or BTC.

Mobile Action

Coinpoker comes with an active mobile app which enables you access all the poker tournaments and cash games that you can on the desktop client. With the CoinPoker mobile app you will be able to experience unlimited online poker fun while in transit. You can download the CoinPoker mobile app on Android here while the iOS app is also available for download right here.

Community Contributions

Instead of the conventional rake that is synonymous with traditional online poker rooms, Coinpoker relies on what they call “Community Contributions”.

While conventional poker rooms tend to return only a minute portion of the rake in form of the game fees which all poker players have to pay. Coinpoker on the other hand, will hold on to nothing.

As a matter of fact, most of the game fees that poker players pay on the platform are used to the benefit of every participating poker player.

90 percent of these fees are returned to participating poker players by way of MTT overlay, leaderboard race and a number of promotional packages.

A Vibrant Referral System operates a very vibrant referral system where you will get back 50% of your game fees when you refer the platform to your friends. Furthermore, it is not a one-off offer, you are entitled to a number of other rewards as long as your friends remain active on the crypto-based online poker platform.

Coinpoker Welcome Bonus and Other Promotional Packages

1,000 CHP Welcome Bonus

As you download the Coinpoker software for desktop or mobile application, you will be entitled to a Welcome Bonus of 1,000 CHP. But to get this bonus, you would have to make an initial cryptocurrency deposit to your CHO account, take part in a few tournaments or cash games or make a contribution of at least 100 CHP tokens to the community.

Promo Packages

Coinpoker has a few promotional packages for both new and regular players. Here are a few to look out for.

#1: 1,000,000 CHP Give Away

The last Sunday of every month is an opportunity for players to take part in a tournament where they can stand a chance of earning their share of the 1,000,000 CHP tokens that CoinPoker will be willing to give away.

#2: Bad Beat Jackpot

Coinpoker seems to want everyone to be a winner! With their Bad Beat Jackpot they offer players a chance to always come out of a game of poker on top. The Bad Beat Jackpot will be activated whenever a good poker hand is beaten by an even better poker hand. This is a cool way of getting people to keep playing poker in the poker rooms available.

#3: Cosmic Spins

With Cosmic Spins you can get a chance of tapping into a prize pool that is as much as 1,000x your initial buy-in, in a poker room. As you get onboard the Coinpoker lobby, you simply open up the Cosmic Spins tab then select a buy-in, count of the tables. You then wait for at least a couple of other poker players to do likewise. As soon as all the players are duly registered, the Cosmic reel spins the prize pool, then the game commences.

#4: 750,000 CHP Weekly Offer

The Galactic Grinders Leaderboard promotion of CoinPoker will reward a total of 150 poker players with a share of a 750,000 CHP weekly prize pool offer.

The 750,000 CHP weekly prize pool is divided between three separate leaderboards which include; MTT, NLHE and PLO.

Coinpoker Community and Customer Support

CoinPoker operates a community-centric approach. The poker rooms are created by poker players for other poker players to join in. The decentralized operation of CoinPoker has seen its community grow over the past couple of years. Poker players can have all their enquiries attended to by other poker players in an open interactive way.

Coinpoker has a large number of communities where players can converge and interact. These communities include;

Telegram Chat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, BitCoin Talk, Medium, and 2+2.

In addition, players can subscribe to the CoinPoker newsletter by simply providing their email address.

You can also checkout the CoinPoker FAQ section for quick-fire answers to any pressing enquiry or you can browse through the CoinPoker Blog for current news and information on the platform.

Conclusion – Can Coinpoker Site Be Trusted With Your Cryptos?

As an innovative and truly revolutionary online poker platform, CoinPoker is a trend setter. The concept of poker rooms being created and run by poker players themselves is one that seems set to transform people’s perception of how poker should be played on the internet. With mobile compatibility, an attractive referral system and enticing promotional packages in place, Coinpoker looks set to have a rising community of enthusiastic poker players. Powered by blockchain technology and operating an economy run by its CHP token, Coinpoker is fast bringing the idea of community-centric, decentralized poker rooms to a much wider audience. An audience that not only consists of tech-nerds and online poker players, but also mainstream regular people who ordinarily are skeptical about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.


  • Accept Bitcoin and Cryptos
  • US players accepted
  • Team is public
  • Several promotions


  • Not licensed
  • No provably fair system

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