Cloudbet Launches Arcade Games to Seal Milestone Year for Gaming Operator

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● Cloudbet launches eight provably fair crypto games
● Operator added 6 new coins, launched new site in 2020

Cloudbet has unveiled a suite of exciting, provably fair games in a newly created Arcade tab, adding to the host of innovations launched in what has been a milestone year for the crypto-gaming pioneer.

The selection of popular arcade games include Aviator (an updated take on the classic crypto game Crash), Dice, Mines and Plinko. All are upgraded iterations of timeless favorites appreciated by the crypto community since they appeared in the wake of bitcoin’s launch more than a decade ago.

“Our customers have been asking for classic crypto games, as they have traditionally played elsewhere, and we are more than happy to oblige,” a Cloudbet spokesperson said. “Our ongoing priority is always going to be adding features that matter to our customers. In this instance, it’s to provide a one-stop shop for them to play all their favourite crypto games.”

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The new additions are provably fair, meaning the bets placed are secured by hashed algorithms that can be analyzed and verified for transparency and fair play to players. The main selling point of such games is that the cryptographic technology creates trust for the customer, as they can see the outcome of every bet placed.

The concept complements the underlying encryptions behind the blockchain technology that has made Cloudbet one of the world’s leading crypto betting operators. Founded in 2013, the site has built a reputation for itself as a trusted sportsbook and casino based on the unparalleled security, high betting limits and speedy withdrawals enabled by blockchain.

The Arcade is the latest release in a banner year of new features and upgrades aimed at attracting a more diverse audience to what was once a bitcoin-only product. Cloudbet launched a revamped website in April followed by a swathe of new features including esports, politics betting, virtual sports, social bet sharing, and easy credit-card coin purchases.

In 2020, Cloudbet introduced a record six new coins, including USDT and USDC, and now supports nine currencies that collectively account for about 80% of the total market capitalisation of all cryptocurrencies. What’s more, the site is now available in 20 languages including Spanish, German, Italian, French and Korean.

The new features add to those that have made Cloudbet a trusted leader in the world of crypto gaming: the best sports odds, the highest betting limits, a state-of-the-art bitcoin casino and world-class 24/7 live chat customer support.

The Cloudbet Story
Cloudbet is a proud pioneer of crypto betting. Born in 2013 with a trailblazing spirit, Cloudbet embraced blockchain technology to give players privacy and financial freedom like never before. Since then, we have taken over 10 million bets, earning a reputation as the most trusted and secure name in the crypto-gaming space.
We wrote our own rules and audaciously created an industry we are highly respected in. But that’s just the beginning. As always, it’s what comes next that really excites us. We keep innovating, delivering world firsts time and time again.
Opportunities are boundless, and with the same passion and ambition that has taken us to the top, Cloudbet will keep enhancing the entertainment experience for players around the world. We’re here to raise the game.
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