ChainRoll review

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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is a genuine bitcoin dice site where you can either roll for a 50/50 chance of doubling up or choose your own odds via the multiplier to increase your potential winnings. With a theme of simplicity and elegance, it provides the BTC community with the opportunity to increase the size of their bitcoin wallets while also offering the most configurable user interface currently available online. - bitcoin dice site

  • Registration

Registration is basic and only requires that you submit your email and a password. If this process wasn’t fast enough, deposits are supplemented by only necessitating a single confirmation of your transaction to begin playing. It can be said without a doubt that registration at Chainroll is the fastest and easiest we have ever seen on any bitcoin gambling site. Upon account creation, Chainroll will generate a seemingly random username for you to use while still giving you the power to change it at any point in time in the blink of an eye.

  • Betting, Configuration and Multipliers

Placing your bets is extremely straightforward. Once you have funds on your account, you can start betting immediately to try to double up your bet. For those who wish to “chain” their “rolls”, you are provided with the ability to bet any number for times, for whatever amount you want to bet. For instance, if you want to bet 1/1000th of a bitcoin with a 50/50 chance of doubling up a total of 100 times, you can effortlessly configure Chainroll to perform this operation.

The multiplier option is where the real action can be found. Adding a multiplier to your bet increases the amount of bitcoins you can win, but with the risk of effectively lowering your odds of success. We tried multiplying our bet by 1,000 and betting 1,000 times in a row. It took about 200 bets, but we won. When we tried again it only took us 400 bets to win once again!

For those who understand the laws of probability, you can configure the multipliers to increase every time we lose and lower every time we win. We can also increase or decrease our bet sizing according to our win/loss ratio providing us with the optimal path to winning. This added functionality is where Chainroll truly shines and gives it an advantage over and above the competition.

  • Affiliate Links and Faucet

Chainroll provides added value with the ability to use an affiliate link for every user. By handing out your affiliate link to your friends, you have the opportunity to win 5% of every lost bet by those who used your link. This is a wonderful feature, providing you with a level of ownership and potential profit for every bet placed. Who can say no to free money?

The faucet is a feature for those who have a balance of zero on their account. If you happen to lose all your bitcoins, you can receive 0.000001 BTC every hour. Even when you’re out, Chainroll gives you a window of hope to run it up once more. It is obvious they value their user base by giving them an incentive to keep playing, even when they’ve gone bust.

Chainroll bitcoin faucet

  • Interface and Design

The color scheme is appealing, using a lush maroon and the design is flawless. The interface is so intuitive that we can tell a lot of thought went into making a streamlined experience for the user base. The configuration parameters for bet customization is unparalleled and cutting edge. The design of the site is by far the most appealing factor, giving Chainroll the best experience for dice gaming currently available.

  • Conclusion

While we are disappointed that we are not given the option to verify provably fair software, our playing experience leads us to believe that everything is in order and that Chainroll is a well-rounded site for bitcoin gambling. The overall simplicity of the interface and ease of use is staggering and it only takes moments to register, deposit and learn how to configure a chain of bets. The interface may not be as flashy as some of the competition, but the functionality and configuration capabilities that come equipped are innovative and currently lead the industry.

We are certain that Chainroll is indeed the best site online based on their superior software alone and highly recommend the site to anybody searching for the most outstanding place to bet their bitcoins.

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