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The online gambling platform has been growing rapidly in the recent times. This has seen a lot of betting websites that offer a range of games to their players, with the chance to cash out big upon winning their bets. This has seen betting sites like Bitvest coming up that have revolutionized the gambling experience. platform screenshot
Bitvest site screenshot on desktop

Bitvest is a platform that accepts bitcoins and cryptocurrencies . Bitcoins are a cryptocurrency which refers to a digital form of money that can be sent and received through the internet. It allows for the exchange of cash between people who may not necessarily know each other. Bitvest allows its members to wager with bitcoins, with an option to invest on the platform instead of wagering.

Games on Bitvest

The betting platform offers a number of games for its players to enjoy. Players get to use either Bitcoins or cryptos (Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash) to place their bets. The number of games is five in total. These are Roulette, Dice games, Slot games, Plinko, and Betspin.

Roulette is suitable for those who prefer card games while Betspin is more suitable as you only have to spin and the machines will determine whether you have won or not. The Dice game gives you the chance to cash out big as your bet can be multiplied almost a million times. You have the option to choose your desired multiplier or choose a roll target where you bet against a high or low number.

The arrangement of the games available on are well laid out to ensure you have an easy time placing your bets. It also features a slider that allows you to set your targets easily.


As opposed to other bitcoin gambling sites, Bitvest gives you the chance to invest your cash instead of placing a bet. The returns on investments made by any person are considerably high, with each investor earning between 1.15 to 1.8333 percent of the total value of bets placed.

Any investor is earns based on the site’s bankroll. This means that each investor is entitled to about 70 percent of the total profits made by the betting site. An investor can also choose to adjust margins which will mean higher exposure to risk and earning potential by up to five times.

Bonuses Offered

The bonuses offered at the betting site come in form of Tokens (TOK). The only requirement to be awarded Token bonuses is to place a bet of at least 0.01 Bitcoins. These token bonuses will enable you to join and participate in the chat room, where some games are available.

While at the chat room, you may also be awarded with extra tokens. In some situations, where a player wins a lot of Tokens, they can be awarded to other players in the chat room. This simply means that being in the chat room will position you to be awarded with a lot of Token bonuses.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

deposit eth address on
ETH deposit address on Bitvest account

Unlike other gambling platforms, Bitvest only allows Bitcoins or cryptos to make any deposit or withdrawal. When making a deposit, you are required to confirm before going ahead to wager with your balance. However, you can play with a token even as you wait for confirmation. This allows you to exchange your Bitcoins with Tokens on condition that you have less than 50 Tokens.

On the other hand, making a withdrawal is equally easy and fast. No verification is required to do this and you can get your cash in less time.


Benefits of Bitcoin and Crypto Gambling

Wagering with bitcoins, which is made possible by Bitvest, comes with a number of benefits to customers. The following are some of these benefits.

Fast: the process of making a deposit or withdrawal is much takes a short time. This is unlike the traditional method of using credit or debit cards, or the use of online money processors like Skrill and PayPal.

Privacy: You do not have to provide your name and other important details when using bitcoins. This gives you privacy when operating a Bitvest account. Despite some countries being banned from gambling, it is possible to take advantage of Bitcoins for people from such countries due to this. However, we do not recommend to do that as it is against the law.

Little transaction charges: The transaction charges that apply when using bitcoin or Bitvest are significantly low. In some cases, there will be no charges at all as the operator will cover them.

Bonuses: Bitvest players are entitled to many kinds of bonuses that come right from when you sign up to the gambling platform. This gives you some extra cash to enjoy your favorite games offered on the platform.

Secured: The amount of security you get by using bitcoins is incomparable. As long as you do not share any of your information with anyone, you stand no chance of losing your bitcoins by hackers.

Downsides of Bitcoin Gambling

Wagering with bitcoins also comes with its own disadvantages. The following are some of them.

Technical: the use of bitcoins is a bit technical. This may lead to difficulties in operating the account for those who are not good with technical stuff.

Extremely volatile: The price of bitcoins is easily affected by many factors. This makes their price fluctuate regularly. Though you may benefit from this, you’ll be hit hard by this at some point.

Security: Despite the fact that it is difficult to steal money from your wallet, it is possible to steal when you’re exchanging them. It doesn’t happen regularly, though.

Future is unknown: A lot of governments have been trying to regulate bitcoins. This creates uncertainty in the future on bitcoins and its use.


Bitvest was definitely a great platform that offered a unique gambling experience. The use of Bitcoins, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Tokens to place bets is not a common thing. Besides, there are a lot of benefits associated with using cryptos, some of which have been mentioned in this review. Apart from offering a number of games for gamblers to enjoy, you can also invest your cryptos and stand to get a share of the profits made by the site.

Unfortunately, the site looks abandoned but the betting platform is still working.


  • Registration an option
  • Provably fair games
  • Faucet, bonus and investment
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted


  • Ghost site
  • No Customer support
  • Not licensed
  • Limited game options
  • Lack of Terms and Conditions

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