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Our rating is a legit online cryptocurrency-based casino. Bitsler provides its users with everything one may look for in a casino. Whether you are looking for slot games, a live casino, provably fair table games, a sportsbook, esports betting, or even playing unique game modes you’ve never heard of, Bitsler offers it all. 

In the online gambling world, Bitsler is the top casino, and in our Bitsler review, we can see why. So let’s break down everything you need to know about


Start Date:November 2015
Supported Cryptocurrencies:21 different cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, XMR, LTC, mBTC, DOGE, and more.
License: Curaçao
KYCRequired on request
– Address
– ID Documentation
– Selfie
Parent CompanyOYINE N.V
Sign-up Bonus5 Satoshis + Rakeback bonuses. 

Bitsler Look and Feel

A complete review provides an easy-to-use website. The website is split into four sections to make life easier for each player: Casino, Live Casino, Sportsbook, and eSports Betting. The navy-themed website is highly responsive and aesthetically pleasing.

Bitsler Live chat creates an immersive and enjoyable experience

We were impressed to find out they have a mobile app as well as a desktop app. We tested them out and found no issues. There are no clear bugs; if you find one, the team offers a bug bounty! The desktop app was just a copy of the website in the form of a small plug-and-play application. But we do recommend mobile users install the app, as it works better than the mobile website. 

We were interested to see that they allow users to log in using Google or Facebook, but we’d prefer they allow crypto apps like MetaMask logins. 

Users can change the website to a light theme, but who would do that? They’ve implemented a live chat, which we love. The chat is relatively active as the website is quite popular. There are some fantastic rules on the chat to prevent spam and beggars. The game graphics are smooth, and even the live streaming games do not draw too much bandwidth. 

The one issue we found with Bitsler was that their page could become a little spammy, as every refresh of a page reminds users of “amazing offers”.

Bitsler Provably Fair Games

Bitsler Provably Fair Games Review

Bitsler has a heavy focus on provably fair games. For the first five years, Bitsler only had these games as an option; it was until 2020 that they included live casinos, slots, and sports betting. 

A Provably Fair Breakdown with

If you are unaware of what it means to be Provably Fair, I suggest you read our article explaining it. But it’s essentially a system that allows the website to prove that the result of each game is fair, mathematically using blockchain technology. If the players feel that the website coding or admin altered a result of a game, they can test it themselves. 

When adding your funds to any casino, you want to know you have a fair chance of winning. But this is even more important when it comes to online casinos, as the website will need to break that barrier of trust. This is why provably fair games are essential. 

Is Bitsler really Provably Fair?

Bitsler has created 19 of their own unique, provably fair games. There are popular table games such as roulette, blackjack, and Hi-Lo. They even have their own provably fair slot game; Bitsler Fruitsler.

Provably Settings for Bitsler

If a user wants to test out the result of a game, they can do so at the bottom right corner of the game. First, you will see a human figure holding two equal-sized bags on each side of it. Click on it. The player must follow the on-screen instructions to test the game. If you get stuck, you can also contact support for more information. 

Bitsler Slot Games

Bitsler Slot games work, but they feel like an afterthought implemented slot games and has partnered with nearly 50 providers. They first implemented slot games in early 2021. Every slot game includes a demo version for players to test before using their own funds. 

The slot game loading times were longer than we’d like; out of about ten games we tested, the majority of them took over a minute before we could get to play. Sometimes you just want to get going, and the waiting time was frustrating. Perhaps it’s due to the high usage of the site’s servers, but it could be faster. 

There are 3315 slot games to choose from, and they’ve partnered with the majority of the popular slot game providers, such as B Gaming, 1X2 Gaming, and Belatra. 

You will notice that some games are available to play before completing KYC, while others aren’t. This is in accordance with each game’s KYC requirements. 

The slot games side of Bitsler felt more like an afterthought or something to add to the website because its competitors offered it. However, the slot games work.

Bitsler Game Shows (Live Casino)

Bitsler Live Casino Works relatively well

Bitsler calls their live casino option “Game Shows.” There are 23 live game options, and they’ve partnered with three different online casinos; Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and Playtech. 

There were no issues with streaming at HD quality, and there were no delays in their bets. While there’s a limited number of live game modes (compared to its competitors), they cover all the leading game modes, such as Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Mega Wheel games. 

Live Casino Chats on Bitsler

Evolution Gaming has its own live chat for all its games, and often the hosts will interact with the players. This makes for an even more immersive experience. 

Bitsler live casino games are more strict and are only limited to a number of countries. 

The games were enjoyable, and we were glad to see they’ve included this as one of the many options available at

Bitsler Sportsbook and Esports Review

Bitsler implemented a live sports section in 2020, and it’s since become one of the leading sports and eSports betting websites. But are their bettings odds worth a look?

Unlike many alternative online casinos, Bitsler has simplified the sportsbook interface to ensure that even a new player knows how to handle it. Players can view the betting odds as fractions, decimals, and other systems. In addition, they’ve separated the popular sports/esports to make it easier for players to find what they’re looking for. 

The Bitsler Sportsbook

View live statistics while using sports betting has an extensive sports betting platform that covers almost all major sports. So whether you’re looking to bet for your favorite soccer team or who will win the next swimming marathon, Bitsler has an offer for you. 

Live Statistics on Sportsbook

We were impressed by their many options, and it’s perfect for the X Games and Olympics. However, for most of the year, the sports you can bet on drop drastically. 

Their betting odds were more than fair, and they also implemented a live sports betting system. Live sports betting allows for greater chances and for players to make educated decisions on the game rather than taking a chance. 

They have even included an extremely detailed live statistics section for the games being played. Naturally, the Bitlser live statistics work best with popular games such as tennis, and soccer, as these are the most watched games. But it won’t be as effective when it comes to less popular games such as handball or MMA. 

We’d love to see them implement a live stream for games you bet on as N1Bet does, but their sports section was still impressive. 

Bitsler Esports Betting

The amazing eSports betting platform

Bitsler‘s casino has focused on the eSports gaming community in the last two years and even ran their own DOTA 2 tournaments. In addition, they offer premium promotions for different eSports, such as their CSGO Cashback promotion. 

They mainly focus on games like CSGO, DOTA 2, and LOL. This is instantly visible as you will find about 100 CSGO games to bet on, but only 10 Valorant games. All eSports games have multiple betting options, and the odds were better than we expected. 

There is an “in-play” section for users to place bets on live games, and a live Twitch stream is embedded into the website to make it easy for players to bet and watch the game simultaneously. 

Bitlsers’ sports and esports sections are more than fair and offer an immersive experience. We were once again impressed. 

Bitsler Promotions and Bonuses

Bitsler promotions

Bitsler offers some amazing promotions in some areas, but in others, they are underwhelming. 

Every user gets five Satoshis when creating an account. But there is no massive sign-up bonus. However, as you play, the rewards become greater.

BTSLR challenges on Bitsler
Free tokens to compete in the daily BTSLR challenges

There are many promotions, and they’ve split them into three sections, Casino, Sports, and eSports.

For players that have run out of funds, you can still play Bitsler casino games for free with our Bitsler Coins. This keeps players engaged with the website and allows them to test out new games. While you can’t withdraw the BTSLR coin, there are also prizes paid in crypto available with their BTSLR Coin Challenge. 

Bitsler’s live chat has multiple opportunities for players to win small amounts of Satoshi tokens. Every 10-15 minutes, there is a “rain” where users can collect a few tokens to gamble with. Bitsler Rain is only available to players who set their own profile picture. 

bounty roll Bitsler
Bounty Roll is a game that is often played in the chat for free tokens.

They have a “Drizzle Bot” that rewards players that are active in the chat and follow the chat rules. These users are given tips to play with. They also have consistent games in the chat run by moderators or bots. Winners are rewarded with a random amount of Satoshi tokens.

They have a VIP program that often rewards whales and those who play on In addition, different loot boxes are available as you place bets and level up. Unlike many other crypto casinos, they incentivize long-term players rather than new ones. 

Customer Service

Bitsler offers amazing Customer Service

Bitsler has an extremely impressive and effective customer service system. Players can speak to the mods for some general questions through live chat. However, if the players want to talk directly to a support agent, Bitsler offers 24/7 live chat support. 

Bitsler uses the well-integrated customer service system known as Intercom. The chat is accessible through the “support” button at the bottom right corner of the screen. 

We found that the agent was always quick to answer, and it generally took under a minute to get a response. In addition, the agents were able to answer all questions and even help with deposit issues.

If you would like to contact their support team via email, you can send an email to, and you will receive a reply in under 24 hours. 

Bitsler Deposits, Withdrawals, and Kyc

Bitsler is fully licensed by the country of Curacao and operated by OYINE N.V. Bitsler may request all users to complete certain KYC documentation for regulatory reasons. However, KYC requirements are not too invasive, depending on how much you spend on the website. 

KYC Requirments for Bitsler
Players must first complete some KYC to access slot games and the live casino

The more you play on the site, the more you will need to fill in. However, Bitsler provides incentives to complete the documentation. If you complete your KYC verification, you will have access to all our sports promotions, as well as some other promotions and features that may require you to complete KYC.

Besides, KYC is a great way to keep your account secure.

Deposits are typical. Users are given a unique address for the coin of their choosing, as well as a QR code to make things easier. Bitsler supports deposits to 21 different cryptocurrencies!

Bitsler supports an amazing 21 cryptocurrencies

They implement an “instant deposit” system. This means BTC only takes one confirmation before the fun begins. Users can also purchase Bitcoin using the implemented Oobit system. For more information on Oobit, read here.

Bitsler Withdrawal System Worked perfectly.

Withdrawals were not an issue. So long as you complete the wagering requirement of only 15% of your balance, you are free to withdraw all funds. The withdrawal times were fair, and the withdrawal fees were, on average, about $4.

The entire deposit-to-withdrawal experience was streamlined for brilliance! 

Conclusion: Is Bitsler Worth It?


  • Fair KYC Requirements
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Provably Fair
  • Free Tokens Daily in live chat


  • No Noteworthy Sign-up Bonuses
  • Site can be slightly spammy is a legit website that offers players everything they’re looking for in a casino. It’s one of the largest online crypto casinos. It has provably fair games, slot machines, sports, and a live casino. 

We are giving Bitsler an easy 4.7/5 stars! But don’t take our word for it; try it out yourself! 

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