Bitcoin – Revolution

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Bitcoin – Digitizing the Revolution of World Currency

Money is just a symbol for wealth. It is like a single piece of paper that can represent a certain monetary value. Before our time, there was no money. There was only a certain trade of goods from one tribe to another. Some of these are even being transferred using boats that take months to complete their journey.

During this development, people thought of adding a constant value to certain things in their life like jewelries, tools, land and even food. This is the beginning of money. They represent the number of their gold using a certain currency. Back in ancient Greece, the face of the emperor or king was the one being imprinted in the coins to show the currency and the location of use.

We have to understand that currency is a social standard that has to be accepted by people. This is what we see today in our bills and the monetary value of other counties. This is also the reason why we have different exchange rates for different types of currencies. The best thing about it is the fact that there are certain groups of companies that manage the rates basing on the results of current sales and other aspects in the world market.


The modern world offers the digitizing of so many things in life. It started with text, images and videos. All of them seem to be in digital files nowadays. We can even send money through digital means today. This is made possible by setting up bank branches in different areas of the world. The transfer of files can also manage the transfer of money in different bank accounts. This is all made possible by certain software that is being used by these banks.

These processes may all seem a lot more complicated compared to the processes being done back then. This may have some truth in it but the truth is, all of this is all based on the simple idea of banking and that is monetary value. We can also consider trade and other aspects which make it simple.


People thought of world government, world orders and different worldwide organizations. We cannot say that they haven’t thought of the idea of a world currency managed by a single group of companies or governments. This idea brought us to the existence of bitcoin. This is a form of currency that has its roots on the internet. This is the official currency being used by different internet users in buying and exchanging stuff in the internet. This was created by several Japanese programmers in order to have something that they can use in order to buy things in the internet.

bitcoins accepted In the past few years, bitcoin gained more popularity that it is now being used by several companies including internet stores and shops. It also had its own exchange rate with real money. Some companies who have internet businesses are using this currency to pay, buy and receive payments from different transactions. They then convert it to money through the people who would want to buy it with cash.


The online gambling industry is also using this currency in most of their transactions. We all know that there are certain gamblers who love to place bets and roll the dice on their games. These people use the digital currency in order to pay and to bet. This saves them a lot of hustle since they would not have to go to the bank and transfer a certain amount of money. All they have to do is to give it away using bitcoin processing software. This allows the gamers to have a certain kind of earning while they are playing games.

provably fair bitcoin gamesAnother reason why online gambling businesses are using bitcoin is because of the fairness and transparency it can bring: Crypto-Games is a cryptocurrency casino that has recently implemented a provably fair system to their dice and slots games. The provably fair system essentially uses bitcoin cryptography to guarantee that there is no way the casino can cheat players. This is a huge step forward into the gambling world!

Bitcoin Salary

There are also some people who are earning their living through the digital currency. This can be done by answering surveys and watching videos that are being released for the purpose of promoting a certain product or service. The only downside is the fact that the salary is not that good. For answering surveys, you would only receive less than a bitcoin. The justification for this is that you don’t really have to put on so much effort in answering surveys or watching videos. On top of that, bitcoin exchange rate compared to most currencies is actually high.

You can also earn bitcoins through mining. This is not a kind of mining that will force you to stretch your muscles to dig gold. All you have to do is to sit in front of your computer and search for the ways to mine the digital currency. There are several ways and there are several agencies that can offer some kind of help to newcomers. You just have to choose with those ones in order to start. Mining bitcoins is not an easy task especially for those who do not really understand the concepts behind marketing, internet and programming. So in order to enjoy the benefits given by this digital currency, we have to understand at least the basic concepts.

The Revolution

We can safely say that the use of this currency is actually a revolution made by a world inside our planet – the internet world. We can also say that the internet world is an industry that keeps on growing and growing. Maybe one day, it will be able to outgrow the planet one way or another. This means that it will definitely use its own currency which is provided by bitcoin. This will allow the internet users to have some kind of separate purchasing power from the world that we have in the physical planet.

If we are going to look at it objectively, there is nothing wrong in its process, legality and other factors. The manufacturers of this currency did not steal anything from anyone. They did not fake any amount of money in order to produce their own. All they did was to create a currency that can be earned, paid and used by the digital world that they live in. Let the dice start rolling!