Top 8 Bitcoin Plinko Game Sites

Plinko is one of the more favored gambling game within the crypto community. It can be played with bitcoins or alternative crypto coins like Ethereum, Tron, Dogecoin, to name a few. The ball game provides some of the best multipliers and gives the player a lot of control. Plinko is popular primarily for its provably fair gameplay, low house edge, and the fact that there is always some form of payout involved (though it could be as low as 0.2x.)

But not every Plinko provides its users with the best odds. This is why we’ve put together a list of the best bitcoin Plinko game sites. The list includes Plinko games that have the best winning odds, along with the best offers for you. We’ve also added some Plinko strategies to consider if you’d like to improve your luck.

Top Bitcoin Plinko Game Sites

1) CryptoGames Plinko

How to deposit, play Plinko, withdraw with bitcoin on CryptoGames

1 Plinko GameIn-House Classic Plinko (CryptoGames)
Provably FairYes
House Edge1.72%
Deposit BonusFaucet, Rain
Accepted CurrenciesBTC/ ETH/ LTC/ XMR/ DOGE/ SOL/ DASH/ NEO
and their own token PlayMoney
EstablishedAugust 2014
CryptoGames Plinko gambling site features

Crypto.Games has been around for quite some time. The simple website is 100% crypto-based and only offers provably fair games. We were more than excited to walk away with a 1100x payout during our testing.

Crypto.Games do not provide the most pleasing interface, but it makes up for this in their user-friendliness and reputation for some of the best payouts. In addition, they offer consistent promotions, tournaments, and Jackpots when rolling a hash ending in 777.

Although there are no significant deposit bonuses, the gambling website includes a live chat for all players to engage with. In addition, players who are active in the chat are also rewarded with some free tokens every 30-90 minutes. They also have a Faucet feature where players can request free coins to play Plinko when their balance is empty (once every 3 minutes from a single IP address).

Massive Crypto.Games plinko 1100x win!

Often the auto bet feature on Plinko can be frustratingly slow. Their auto bet feature allows for unlimited bets, and the chips are rolled at a reasonable speed (it can be slowed down if the player prefers slow and steady)

We played the old “Low bet – High reward” strategy, and after just 300 games, we walked away with a 1100x win (about a $180 win)! This is not the first time we’re amazed by

The website has gained a mass following since its opening back in 2014, and we certainly believe it is the best Plinko casino for players of all kinds.

See our review here.

2) Bitsler Plinko

How to deposit, play Plinko, withdraw with bitcoin on Bitsler

1 Plinko GameIn-House Classic Plinko (Bitsler)
Provably FairYes
House Edge2%
Deposit BonusUp to $700
Accepted Currencies21 different cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, XMR, LTC, mBTC, DOGE, and more.
EstablishedNovember 2015
Bitsler Plinko gambling site features is easily one of the best crypto gambling websites out there right now. It simply offers its users everything they could possibly ask for. Many competitors have copied the aesthetically-pleasing user-friendly design.

Provably fair crypto games are Bitsler’s specialty. They have 19 unique games of their own; Plinko is one of their most played according to the leaderbord statistics. We played a few hundred rounds of Plinko and hit the 125x multiplier three times! We found their medium-risk games to be more rewarding in the long run.

Bitsler has its own desktop and Android mobile app for those who plan to be long-time Plinko players. They offer amazing promotions and level-up bonuses. If you’ve never played Plinko before, you can play with the free-to-play tokens made available to players every 10 minutes.
From sign-up to placing that first Plinko bet, it took about 5 minutes. They implement an “instant deposit” system, meaning all BTC deposits only need one confirmation. Their auto-bet function was simple and easy to set up.

Aside from the Plinko gameplay, Bitsler is one of the largest and most reputable crypto casinos out there.

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3) BetFury Plinko

How to deposit, play Plinko, withdraw with bitcoin on Betfury

2 Plinko gamesPlinko (Betfury), Plinko XY (BGaming)
Provably FairYes
House Edge0,52% to 2,07% and depends on the multiplier you bet on.
Deposit Bonus150% Deposit Bonus (30x Wagering requirement) + 500 Free Spins
Accepted CurrenciesOver 60 cryptocurrencies
EstablishedNovember 2019
Betfury Plinko gambling site features provides its users with a streamlined experience and they take provably fair gameplay seriously. As a result, Betfury has created 16 in-house gambling games of its own. Plinko is one of them.

Betfury also offers its players up to 25% Rakeback, consistent rewards, and a whopping 150% deposit bonus. In addition, the Plinko game has a unique jackpot system where players need to unlock five letters as they play. The current jackpot stands at just over $1200!

130x Betfury Plinko Payout

Similar to Bitsler and Crypto.Games, the Betfury in-house Plinko game has multiple risk levels at which players can place their bets. However, instead of playing the long game, Betfury’s low-risk (blue) level only takes a 0,52% house edge! This is one of the lowest house edge takeaways on any crypto gambling website across all games.

Their interface can feel messy to start with, but once you get the hang of it, you could be placing bets across all three multipliers. One unique way of playing Plinko on Betfury is by placing auto bets across all three tiers, each at their own bet amounts.

They’ve also included some fantastic features that we showcase in the above video.

In addition to the top-tier gameplay, they create an immersive experience where players can share their results in a live chat. The chat has a few of its own features. Overall, we can safely say that Betfury Plinko is one of the most sophisticated Plinko game.

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4) Windice Plinko

Top Crypto Plinko Game Site: Windice
3 Plinko GamesClassic Plinko (Windice), Plinko and Plinko XY (BGaming)
Provably FairYes
House Edge0.8%
Deposit BonusFaucet, Daily Bonus, Chat Rain, and Jackpots.
Accepted CurrenciesBTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, and DOGE
EstablishedMarch 2018
Windice Plinko gambling site features is an 8-bit-themed crypto casino that focuses primarily on Provably fair games. Since its creation back in 2018, the WinDice team has created four Windice original games including a Plinko.

Although Windice does not offer its players the most modern-looking crypto casino, the theme creates a nostalgic look while keeping a user-friendly experience. They do not provide users with an initial deposit bonus but they keep players engaged with alternative promotions such as Faucets, Chat Rains, and similar.

When playing Classic Plinko (in-house) game on Windice, we found the gameplay straightforward and the game UI more responsive than most of the others in this list. Their autoplay function was as easy as flipping a switch, and players could turn on “Turbo” to speed up the bets.

The best results tend to come from High-risk games, but with 8-10 rows in the pyramid. Give it a try and let us know if this worked for you as well.

Two unique features we loved on Windice Plinko was their customized multipliers and their statistics screen.

Windice Plinko Bet Statistics
  • Statistic Screen: Players can view how many games they’ve played, how much they’ve wagered, a chart of their last 50 games, and a total profit margin. This helps the player keep track of their winnings and see how their strategy is going.
  • Customized Multipliers: Once a player has changed the number of rows in their pyramid and their risk level, Windice allows players to also edit the multipliers.
    So long as the winnings still come out to a 1% house edge, the player can change the multiplier of each slot at the bottom. This places the game entirely into the hands of the player.
Is Windice the best Plinko Casino?

We loved their dark theme and immersive gameplay. This matched with their live chat, easy-to-use deposit (and withdrawal) system, and 0.8% house edge, makes Plinko one of the top game for betting with crypto!

See our full crypto casino review.

5) Duelbits Plinko

Top Crypto Plinko Game Site: Duelbits
1 Plinko GameIn-House Plinko (DuelBits)
Provably FairYes
House Edge0.88%
Deposit BonusUp to 20% Rakeback
Accepted CurrenciesBTC/ mBTC/ ETH/ DOGE/ LTC/ SOL/ XRP/ USDT/ BNB
Established29 May 2020
DuelBits Plinko gambling site features has a reputation for huge wins and for providing an all-in-one experience for players to place bets of all kinds (provably fair games, slots, live casinos, and sports bets).

Duelbits provides one of the most exciting Plinko crypto games on the market, as they have added their own unique spin to it. Along with the regular opportunities to set rows and risk levels, Duelbits have added three additional tiers:

  • Bronze: 8 rows, with up to 100x multipliers.
  • Silver: 12 rows, with up to 1000x multipliers.
  • Gold: 16 rows with up to 10,000x multipliers!

With a chance to walk away with a 10,000x payout, Duelbits Plinko offers a greater multiplier than any other Plinko crypto game. Surprisingly, we found their medium risk with 10-12 rows to be the most effective.

Although they do have a decent Rakeback system, Duelbits does not have any form of a deposit bonus. With a max payout of 1,000,000 USD, a low house edge, and a well-established casino, we had to add Duelbits to our top 8 Crypto Plinko games list!

See our full Duelbits review here.

6) BC Game Plinko

Top Crypto Plinko Game Site: BC.Game
4 Plinko GamesPlinko (BC Originals), Plinko X (SmartSoft Gaming), Plinko and Plinko XY (BGaming)
Provably FairYes
House Edge1%
Deposit Bonus180% deposit bonus (up to $400)
Accepted CurrenciesOver 100 options
BC.Game Plinko gambling site features

When we tested out BC.Game for Plinko, we were impressed by their pleasing interface, user-friendly UI, and immersive gameplay experience. BC.Game has a large crypto community and has been around for 5 years already. They’re the main sponsor for sports teams like Argentina’s Football Association and eSports events. This further proves their legitimacy.

The website includes a few key features such as an active live chat, a decent deposit bonus, and a top-tier VIP program for players who stick around. One thing that makes BC.Game stand out is that users can deposit in more than 100 cryptocurrencies.

Users can log in using their Metamask, WalletConnect, Telegram, Facebook, and Google. They’ve even implemented a feature for users to carry on playing through a Telegram bot. We were impressed needless to say.

1000X Win at BC.Game
1000X Win at BC.Game walking away with a 282.82 uBTC win

The Plinko game we tried is one of 23 BC.Games originals. All of which are provably fair. Players are given some freeplay credits when they first log into the website. This gives users the opportunity to try out all games before adding their own funds.

The games functions were simple to use, and we had no issues. They include a live statistics bar, an in-game Jackpot (which stands at 20,000 USD right now) and testing provably fair results were easier than ever.

The Autobet function is set through a separate tab to the right. We suggest going for the 1000x multipliers on BC.Game, this proved most effective in our case taking a 125x and a 1000x multiplier within 300 games. Can’t complain about that one.

Overall, BC.Game’s own plinko is clearly one of the better crypto Plinko game providers and we knew that they would need to be included in our top list.

Check out our full BC.Game review here.

7) Bitstarz Plinko

Top Crypto Plinko Game Site: Bitstarz
2 Plinko GamesPlinko (Bitstarz Originals), Plinko (Bgaming)
Provably FairYes
House Edge2%
Deposit Bonus125% BTC deposit bonus (up to 1 BTC) and 180 FREE SPINS
Accepted CurrenciesBTC, mBTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, ADA, DOGE, and TRON
Bitstarz Plinko gambling site features

Bitstarz is one of the older crypto casinos, first showing up in 2014. The casino has changed its user interface over the years to create an immersive and top-tier gaming experience. They have always focused on provably fair crypto games.

Plinko is one of the seven Bitstarz Originals that they’ve created. The game provides up to 1000x multipliers and takes a relatively fair 2% house edge. This, topped with their 125% BTC deposit bonus (up to 1 BTC) and 180 FREE SPINS, makes Bitstarz one of the top Plinko gambling game.

The only thing we’d like to see more on Bitstarz Plinko is the option to make chips fall faster and to be able to watch multiple chips fall at once. They do include an “instant bet” function, but this is nowhere near as satisfying. But if you’re looking for a slow game and take your time to play, this is the site for you!

Their autobet function makes playing Plinko even better as they’ve included additional functions such as a stop loss, profit triggers, and win/loss increase functions. We found going for their 1000x multiplier was the best bet to make.

Walking away after hitting three 125x multipliers within 200 games, we were not disappointed! Adding Bitstarz’s own Plinko to our list of the top Plinko gambling games was an easy option.

Check out our full review here.

8) Stake Plinko

Top Crypto Plinko Game site: Stake
1 Plinko GamePlinko (Stake Originals)
Provably FairYes
House Edge1%
Deposit BonusNone, but offers consistent promotions and a decent VIP program
Accepted Currencies19 Available Options, including BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, and more.
Stake Plinko gambling site features provide crypto players with their own built Plinko game. The top-tier, provably fair casino has been around for more than five years and has one of the largest crypto casino communities out there. Therefore, it was impossible not to add Stake to our list of top crypto Plinko.

Although Stake do not offer any deposit bonuses, they do offer rakeback and VIP programs. They are the sponsors of some major names, such as Drake the rapper, Everton Football Club, and the UFC Championship.

Playing Plinko on Stake was an enjoyable and immersive experience. Players can log in using Facebook or Google, and they include an “instant deposit” system where your funds are credited to the account after only a single Blockchain confirmation.

Stake makes Plinko easy to play and only takes a 1% house edge! Stake is known for its 1000x Plinko multipliers. Stake was one of the most streamed crypto casinos; streamers such as XQC, ClassyBeef, and Roshtein have walked away with millions after hitting a 1000x on a $2000 bet.

Check out our full review here.

Our Selection Process


When making a list of the top crypto Plinko games out there, we took a few factors into play before naming the Plinko one of the top 8. We tested every well-known crypto casino that follows our criteria below. We played about 1K Plinko rounds (across all risk levels) on each casino that we tested out.

Let us break down what makes a crypto plinko game stand out against its competitors.

Provably Fair

One of the most essential factors in an online crypto casino is understanding that it’s a fair game. Every Plinko game we’ve included in our top Plinko games list is provable fair. But we took it further than just the casino claiming the game is provably fair.

Although the game may be built using Blockchain technology, this doesn’t automatically make the game provably fair. Some crypto casinos claim that their game is provably fair, yet they do not give the player their Server Seed nor their client seed and other essential information to actually make a game provably fair. If you can’t prove the round’s legitimacy, the game it’s not provably fair.

House Edge (RTP)

The house edge (or return to player) percentage should be as low as possible. The house edge directly correlates to your chances of winning. When it comes to a crypto game like Plinko, there are many crypto casinos that offer this at below 2%. We wanted to make sure we only add Plinkos that offer some of the best house edge percentages.

User Experience

If a crypto casino creates an effective, provably fair game with a decent house edge, but it’s on a website that looks like it was made in the 80s, this will drastically alter the user experience. A pleasing interface is great, but user-friendliness plays a major role here.

We looked at how streamlined the Plinko casino experience is through the following factors.

  • Game Functions (buttons and bet inputs)
  • Autobets
  • Additional Features (statistics, game speed, multiple bets, site-specific feature)
  • Deposits/withdrawals
  • User-interface

Available Bonuses

Although this does not make a massive difference when choosing the best Plinko game, the available deposit bonuses, Rakeback, and similar promotions all play a part in your casino experience.

We looked at what sort of promotions the casino focuses on and what the rules are regarding these promotions.

Established (Reputation)

Age and community size are two important factors in understanding the legitimacy of the casino. If the casino has been around for 3-5 years and has an active community, we can determine the reputation of the casino. This didn’t play a major factor in our criteria, but it does play a part.

Plinko Game Rules

Plinko is a simple game. Drop a ball, and hope it falls as far to the right or left as possible. If you’re lucky enough, you should get a decent multiplier; If you’re unlucky, you will only receive a portion of the bet back. But that’s what makes Plinko unique; you always win something.

The game works as follows:

Your screen will show a pyramid with multiple pegs. When a player places a bet, a ball will drop onto the top peg and bounce either to the left or right of each peg. As the ball falls, it generally will fall towards the center of the pyramid. However, if the player is lucky enough, the ball will bounce towards the edge of the pyramid.

Underneath the pyramid, the player is presented with multiple slots. The center of the pyramid will have the lowest payout, which could be just a fraction of the initial bet. The further the ball falls away from the center, the greater the multiplier.

Each crypto casino will have its own alteration of the game, but the gameplay remains the same. Most casinos will allow the player to choose between low, medium, and higher-risk game modes. A few casinos will allow the player to select how many rows of pegs the ball will fall on.

Once the player deposits to the selected website and has the Plinko game open, they can place bets as they please following this simple process:

  1. Set your bet amount: The player can set their own bet amount but should note that each game will have its own minimum and maximum bets.
  2. Change the game mode: The player can select between low-risk, medium-risk, and high-risk gameplay. The player can sometimes change the number of rows in the Plinko game.
  3. Place your bet. You can either manually place each bet, or set up an “auto-bet” to play as many rounds as you’d like without manually placing each bet.
  4. Watch the ball drop: The ball will drop from the top of the pyramid and eventually land in one of the slots at the bottom of the pyramid.
  5. Receive your multiplier: The casino should automatically add the payout to your site balance. This could be as low as 0.1x and as high as 1400x, depending on the website the player is using.
Plinko Origin

The 30-year-old game first appeared on the popular game show “The Price is Right.” Since then, the game has drastically grown in popularity, and its multipliers have been altered to best suit both the casino and the player. The general house edge on a game of Plinko is less than 2%!

Whether you found the game because you watched Stranger Things or a friend told you about it, there are some amazing opportunities when playing Plinko.

Plinko Game strategies

As with any gambling game, there is no surefire way to beat the house or win consistently. However, a few strategies will help you maximize your winnings. Here are a few of the best Plinko game strategies.

Choose the Correct Casino.

There are many crypto casinos out there that offer the Plinko game. However, not all these casinos provide the best odds to the player, and some do not deliver the games as provably fair.

If you aren’t aware of what it means to be provably fair, we suggest you read our article explaining it. But it basically means the player can prove that each round they’ve played gave a fair result.

Look for a reputable crypto casino that offers Plinko with only a 1-2% house edge. This will already increase your chances of taking home some winnings. You can also find a crypto casino that gives its players a greater deposit bonus.

Play For Free

Most crypto casinos do not let users play Plinko for free, but some may provide users with free tokens to play with. It’s best to play the game and test its features with free tokens before using your own funds.

Bitsler is one of the crypto casinos that include free tokens. Check out our Bitsler review here.

Low Bet – High Reward

Plinko as a game of chance. One of the most common strategies when playing Plinko is to play the High-Risk game while placing relatively low bets.

The bet will change according to personal preference, but it could be by placing $0.10 chips while hoping for the 100x or 1000x multipliers. If you’re going for this strategy, it’s best to use the auto bet feature.

Gradually Increase your Bets

This method can become risky, however, as a method to beat the house edge, the player can gradually increase the bet amount during a losing streak and hope the the tides will turn their way.