Best Bitcoin Lottery Sites 2021 Ranked & Reviewed

best bitcoin lottery

Lottery is considered to be the most popular at the same time greatest bringer of enormous fortunes in the field of gambling. Introducing the Bitcoin Lottery, a much better version of the typical one that will surely rock your gaming world to make you hear the melodious sounds of fortune in your wallet.

Bitcoin lottery is the first and only 100% online lottery system which exclusively uses the new crypto-currency Bitcoin (BTC) and relies on an innovative gaming interface that utilizes independent cryptographic algorithms to pick up the winning numbers. The particularity of these algorithms is the use of the new Bitcoin Blockchain and the use of a third party (Twitter) to mathematically generate the winning numbers. This makes the system 100% cheat proof featuring the provably fair technology and ensures that it can be verified by anyone at any time.

Why bitcoins? Simply as the boons that bitcoin has, can definitely uplift and make a great experience for you in playing Lottery. Some of major benefits to play lottery with bitcoin:

  • Provably fair
  • Winnings instantly paid
  • Lower fees
  • No location restrictions (play this game in any part of the globe where online gambling is allowed by the law)

Most of the best lottery sites listed and reviewed below are the first online lottery games based 100% on the new cryptocurrency technology; they are fully automated and cheat proof.

Top 10 Bitcoin Lotteries

1. Live lottery games – CLOUDBET
Real live lottery games streamed Live! Their “pick 6” game, where you pick 6 balls out of 49, combines the famous Lottery with a betting twist to make it even more exciting. Bet on colors, sums and numbers – endless options for every player. No pre-recordings, no random number generators. Also play Keno on demand with Instant Keno 40 Ball, 80 Ball, Klub Keno, Traditional Keno and Live Keno.

2. Weekly raffles and monthly vegaslotto – BETCOIN CASINO
By participating in regular Betcoin casino’s own custom lotteries, you can win diverse prizes funded with bitcoins.
There are different types of bitcoin lotteries offered:
lotto-type bitcoin lotteries in which you are required to accurately predict a selection of numbers that will be at a later time randomly and automatically generated by their system during the draw
raffle-type bitcoin lotteries in which you are required to have a ticket to participate, with no other actions needed from you. Moreover, they’re offering a bunch of special private-access lotteries for experienced or VIP players.

3. LIVE LOTTO – Bitcasino
Live lotto take place every day every five minutes, when lucky numbers are dropped during a live-streamed event. Every edition has its own serial number, which is used to settle the bets. Betting on outcomes of the presented betting offers is possible until the start of each edition.-“lucky 7” game: 7 lucky numbers out of 42  are drawn-“lucky 5” game:  5 lucky numbers out of 36 are drawn.

4. Lottery games – Mbit casino
At Mbitcasino, players can enjoy 8 lottery games under different providers. 7 Gold Scratch, Ace, Bonus Keno, Lucky Double, Triple Wins, Triple Wins Star Tickets under Netent provider. Monkey Keno, Keno under Quickfire provider. The lottery games are fair and use a cryptographically strong pseudo-random number generator (PRNG). There are several styles to play with different card pricing and jackpot sizes.

5. Live Lottery Game – BITSTARZ
The live lottery games provide an ability to bet with bitcoin on the possible combinations of 6 balls out of 49 mixed randomly by the Lottery Machine (Tombola). Betting interface in a “line” style. Lines are divided into 3 groups: bets on number, bets on colors, bets on sums. Live dealer, game history, support, chat and balls dropped every 4 minutes.

6. Live Lottery Games – FORTUNEJACK
FortuneJack is the first crypto-currency gambling website offering provably fair Keno. 20-ball game is offered for Keno . 20 numbered Keno balls will be drawn at random, from a barrel containing 80 numbered balls. If enough of your selected numbers are drawn, you’ve won!

7. Satoshi Lottery
Satoshi lottery is a simple lottery game with daily prize draws. Registering with just an email. Tickets cost only 0.00025BTC and have 5 numbers from 1 to 24. Players choose a ticket with 5 unique numbers. The maximum jackpot – 5 hits – is more than 1.7 BTC. If players match 2 or 3 hits, they win free tickets. Satoshi lottery is provably fair: the player is able to verify the authenticity for every roll and trace them.

8. Lotto – Crypto-Games
Buy cheap 0.0001 BTC  lottery tickets and hope that one of your ticket numbers will be picked. The Lotto draw takes place once per week, on Wednesday. 3 winning tickets will be selected and winners will get BTC prizes. 98.5% of the money raised with ticket sales will be paid out to the 3 winners, rest 1.5% will go to the game operator for maintenance and development.

9. Fair Millions 
Only need a bitcoin address to register-3 draws per week-6 numbers in a total of 67 will be drawn. Tickets to buy have between 6 to 16 number. Low price ticket starts from only 0.001 BTC. Winning ticket : 2 to 6 matching numbers-6 hits jackpot (on June/24/2014 is 100,16 BTC). Referral program available-Investment program available.

10. Satoshisplit Bitcoin Raffle
Simple, straightforward and fun 80/20 bitcoin raffle, winner receives 80% of the bitcoin prize pool. No sign-ups and completely anonymous. Every entry plays until a winner is selected. 100% fair and verifiable with video of drawing. drawing competed by outside professional lottery. Winning prize delivered straight to your wallet fast. Enter today, don’t miss your chance!

Other sites where you can play lottery online using bitcoin

Scratcherz (Limoplay): If you uncover six identical bitcoin coins before revealing too many sad smileys on one scratch ticket, you win!

scratch cards game with bitcoin

Bitcoin-scratchticket (BitcoinPenguin): bitcoin-scratchticket is often a fun brand-new game you can play in order to win Bitcoins. Much like a scratchticket, the goal is to discover six “B” icons before revealing too many “X”. You can find 5 different games you can play, each allowing a different number involving “X” icons and providing different possibilities and winnings. They will not accept bets from participants within America. If you’re within USA, you will not be allowed to bet on their site. BTC scratch tickets.

Odds for each bitcoin scratch tickets



House Edge


1.6 X60.000 %1.9%1.63500000
2.9 X34.286 %1.9%2.86124992
5.3 X18.462 %1.9%5.31374989
10.6 X9.231 %1.9%10.62749978
23.4 X4.196 %1.9%23.38050026

Fairproof lottery: !!! Scam accusations !!! Fairproof is really an absolutely anonymous and totally fair lottery to earn bitcoins. Every lottery drawing is performed with encrypted files so each and every draw is usually checked intended for fairness. The web page does not necessarily collect almost any data of a personal characteristics about men and women entering the particular lottery draws. You can check the evidence of fairness provided by this internet site by pursuing the instructions around the home web page. It is straightforward to get a bet on this web site and just about all instructions tend to be clear and clear to see.

Satoshi36: !!! Scam accusations !!! Satoshi 36 is usually a new-generation lottery. Perfectly fair and giving an opportunity to use precise algorithms whilst your own skill as an alternative to face some sort of risk of fraud, such as classical lottery.

Free Bitcoin Lotteries where you don’t need to buy tickets

– Free bitcoin lottery:  decide on 6 randoms (either ones favourites or random) in addition to play. There is a limit of 5 tickets per hour for just about every player. The amount you can earn? With the current condition, up to be able to 2.4 BTC daily when you were the luckiest man in the world. The site is still on beta , so the earnings are not so high.

Fair Millions free lottery: Just visit Fairmillions and click the Free lottery  tab. You are able to play 3 no cost tickets on a daily basis; For every free admission played, 20 satoshis will probably be added in order to each jackpot; You can win striking 2 in order to 6 figures; Your winnings will probably be sent on your address whenever your accumulated profits are greater than 0. 0001 BTC.