9 Best Bitcoin Dice Game Sites 2024

Are you looking to roll some dice and win some Bitcoin? You are at the right place. Bitcoin dice games like hazard, craps, and sic bo can be amazingly fun and mind-boggling. At many crypto online casinos, it’s now possible to wager on dice games with top cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

This guide will review the 9 best Bitcoin dice sites in 2024 and explain what players need to know about crypto dice games.

Top Bitcoin Dice Sites

Best Bitcoin Dice Sites in 2024

During our intensive tests, we came up with a list of these nine sites as the best.

  1. TrustDice – best dice site for cashback | faucet ✓
  2. BC Game – best dice site for community | faucet ✗
  3. Stake – best dice site for provable fairness | faucet ✗
  4. DuckDice – best original dice site | faucet ✓
  5. CryptoGames – best dice site for house edge | faucet ✓
  6. FortuneJack – best dice site for deposit bonus | faucet ✓
  7. Windice – best dice site for anonymity | faucet ✓
  8. Primedice – best dice site for autobet | faucet ✗
  9. Bitcasino – best dice for loyalty rewards | faucet ✗
  1. TrustDice

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  1. BC Game

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  1. Stake

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  1. DuckDice

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  1. CryptoGames

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  1. FortuneJack

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  1. Windice

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  1. Primedice

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  1. BitCasino

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Selection Process

How We Selected the Best Crypto Dice Sites (Factors to Consider)

  1. Review License and Certification

Although it might seem obvious, many gamers forget the importance of checking if an online casino site is licensed or legitimate. Avoid playing crypto dice games in Bitcoin casinos that are not licensed. Some of them have flawed software and are scams. You will find the licensing information at the bottom of the page.

  1. Player Protection

Reliable Bitcoin gambling sites should put in place security measures to protect players. That should include virus scans, solid Advanced SSL certificates, technical support, and secure banking methods.

  1. Review Existing Bitcoin Dice Games

Although there are many dice games online that you can play, each has a unique experience. Like regular dice, Bitcoin games come in versions provided by different developers. A good Bitcoin dice casino should have a few options to explore, breaking the monotony of playing only one game. Also, ensure the games offer sleek gameplay and high-quality graphics.

  1. Customer Support

Customer support is critical when it comes to gambling online. If you encounter any problem or something goes wrong, you will depend on the team to assist you. As such, going for sites with several communication channels, such as email support and live chat, is strongly recommended. If there is phone support, that would be great, as many crypto dice casinos don’t have the option.

  1. Reputation Among Players

A good Bitcoin casino with dice games should have a positive reputation among gamers. Reviews can give you a quick idea about a casino’s trustworthiness. If people continually complain about unsolved problems, it is probably best you pass.

  1. Compare Bonuses and Promotions

Promotions, bonuses, tournaments, and other incentives form a big part of crypto dice gambling. Compare different offers from different operators as it will affect your gambling experience late on. Look for regular promotions and welcome bonuses such as free games, cashback, happy hours, faucets, and reload bonuses. Don’t forget to read all the terms and conditions of the different offers, particularly the expiry dates and wagering requirements.

  1. Crypto Support

Finally, ensure that the site supports several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

Dice Game Types

Types of Crypto Dice Games

As mentioned earlier in this Crypto Dice guide, the objective behind most dice games is the same. The only difference is the way gamers gamble to win. To understand that, let’s look at the main types of Bitcoin Dice Games

  1. Standard Hi/Lo Bitcoin Dice

As the name suggests, you must identify whether the results of a dice roll will be higher or lower than a particular number. It is your best bet if you want to play roll Bitcoin dice quickly with no complicated bets. It allows users to place several bets in a short period. We recommend the dice game to first-time gamers testing the waters.

Game TitleProviderWhere to Play
100 Bit Dice4ThePlayerFortuneJack
  1. Craps

Players do not bet on numbers that the dice will show. Instead, the game includes many stages, each with particular numbers for winning or losing before a player can move to the next phase. It is an excellent option for both professionals and beginners.

Game TitleProviderWhere to Play
CrapsEvolution GamingBitcasino
  1. Live Bitcoin Dice

These types of crypto dice games are usually streamed live from the site. The dealer rolls the dice once you wager. The main goal is to predict the results of a roll. It can be played by several people from different countries or locations.

Game TitleProviderWhere to Play
Dice DuelBetGamesMirax casino
  1. Sic Bo

In this Asian dice game, the numbers falling on the dice are essential. You can bet on specific numbers on the dice, the sum of the numbers, the probability, etc. Because of the many options, the Bitcoin dice game is unsuitable for beginners.

Game TitleProviderWhere to Play
SicBoEzugimBit casino
  1. Scratch Dice

It features dice and a scratch-off ticket. The ticket hides 3 dice faces that a player needs to scratch to reveal the combinations. Each dice has six faces with 1 to 6 dots. A player’s task is to bet and form a winning combination to win.

Game TitleProviderWhere to Play
Scratch DiceBGaming7Bit casino
  1. Chuck-A-Luck

Its main features are a marked table, a rotating wire cage, and three dice. When playing online, you will see a virtual cage.

When playing, you can place wagers on any number from 1 – 6. The dealer will roll the dice and reward the winners based on the number of correct guesses. If your predicted number occurs once, you will be awarded at odds of 1 to 1, twice at chances of 2 to 1, and three times at odds of 3 to 1.

Dice Game Rules

Dice Game Rules

Bitcoin dice is one of the most popular games in Bitcoin casinos because of its simplicity and gives players higher chances of winning.

It is one of the most played games crypto casinos offer. It also enables gamers to place a large number of bets in a short period and win big.

All you have to do is set the number you believe the dice will roll under/over to determine the chance of a victory and the appropriate payment – the greater your chances of winning, the lower the prize (multiplier).

Although it is impossible to always win in a Bitcoin dice game, you can enhance your chances by going for a platform with the lowest house edge. The minimum dice house edge is 1%, and we do not suggest gambling in casinos with house edges greater than 3%.

Conclusion – Should I Play Bitcoin Dice?

If you want to play Bitcoin dice games, there is no need to worry as long as you select reputable and trustworthy Crypto casinos and have the right Bitcoin dice strategy. Bitcoin is safe, convenient, and simple to use. Also, because of its fluctuating value, you may have more funds when you bank your earnings.

Nonetheless, going for a reputable crypto casino that can provide high-quality dice games and smooth banking methods is critical. Verify if the website is secure, licensed, and highly regarded by gamers. It must also offer provably fair games.