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In September, Kiev will host the second annual Bitcoin Conference

On September 24, 2015, Ukraine will host the second Bitcoin Conference that will bring together professionals of cryptocurrency community from around the world and people wishing to get first-hand knowledge about the currency, which has the potential to become the world’s No 1.

Bitcoin Conference Kiev will become for the second time a unique fundamental platform in Ukraine where the world’s opinion leaders will talk about the principles of the virtual “coins” and their usage in business.

The topicality of the event is that Ukraine is among the five leading countries where IT-specialists are trained at a high level. It is also a reason why Ukraine has a large number of Bitcoin business people. Ukrainians earn 15% of all funds for mining (extraction of Bitcoins).

This year Bitcoin Conference Kiev will differ primarily by the fact that it will have two vectors, as well as two rooms. One of them will be dedicated to people who want to get acquainted with cryptocurrencies in general, to find out what we need them for and how they work (b2c). The second one is aimed at legal entities that want to make maximum use of the resources of the XXI century and not just to keep up with competitors but to be innovators (b2b).

The following topics will be discussed in the first room:

  • What is Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?
  • Why do we need it?
  • How does it work? Principles and the device;
  • How to mine Bitcoins;
  • Security: how and where to store Bitcoin;
  • How to trade and earn.

The audience of this room includes entrepreneurs, developers, geeks, representatives of stock exchanges as well as miners and all who are interested in earnings on cryptocurrency.

The second hall will be devoted to other important topics:

  • Blockchain technology and its influence on the development of financial institutions and banking system;
  • Where to trade and how to trade on the stock exchanges;
  • Payment system;
  • What do the issuers of money stand for?
  • Legal status of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in Ukraine;
  • Business with Bitcoin: how to increase profitability.

Experts in the financial area, investors, representatives of private equity funds, angels and venture capitalists, representatives of banks and financial institutions, small and medium businesses, loan companies, financial advisors, representatives of payment systems, lawyers, and suppliers of security solutions are invited to participate in the conference.

The event will also include a contest for start-ups. Every start-up registered for participation will be able to present its project and the professional jury will vote.

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