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When I review a crypto casino, I want to see the reputation of the brand and what it has to offer. So to start off with, I should mention that BC.game was awarded the best crypto casino of the year 2022 by Sigma. BC Game is described as a community-based crypto casino with an outstanding user experience. So before we start the BC.Game review, this alone proves its authenticity, which is quite reassuring.

As everyone knows, it’s not enough to win a prize; It’s the players that give the final verdict. A casino must constantly innovate as cryptocurrency casino players become more and more demanding. And for a good reason, the choice is abundant among crypto casinos. You need to outperform your competitors.

So BC.Game is doing just that, innovating. On October 01, 2022 (just six months after launching a sportsbook section), BC Game unveiled its new website with a unique design and new features.

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So at first sight, everything seems flawless. Still, I am a fussy player. So, I will test the platform with Bitcoin, and find out everything about: registration, deposit, games usability, promotions and extra features.

This way, I can really know; Is BC.Game different from other crypto casinos? And does it serve well its community? Walk with me and read my honest BC.Game review to ensure you don’t miss anything about this BC.Game. Oh, and also and you’ll get exclusive bonus codes along the way. Note: It’s my personal opinion at the end of this review. You can likewise leave a comment as a player to share your experience.

Registering on BC Game

Founded in 2017, this Crypto casino is driven by the decentralized structure of blockchain technology, and they utilize this using an Ethereum Smart Contract. For this reason, it is possible to register directly with your Metamask wallet or by using Walletconnect! Walletconnect allows you to connect to any web3 compatible wallets (which will help in depositing or withdrawing NFTs from the BC Game wallet). If you don’t have a crypto wallet, then the standard registration with an email and a password is recommended. You have to be careful to give a correct email because it will not be possible to change it later, and it is necessary for the KYC verifications.

For the promo code to enter, see my paragraph further below on exclusive promotions. In the second step, BC.Game asks me to give my name and date of birth because BC Game wants to ensure that I am not a minor. A free spin is offered to me in exchange for this information, which is more than fair.

Entering Birth date to get the free spins

Mission accomplished; I am registered. It was so fast! Right off the bat 99,999 JB tokens are offered and credited to my account. JB is BC.game platform’s proprietary game currency (in-house game currency). Aside from registration, users can grab more JB by VIP leveling-up, through lucky spin, and other event rewards. In addition to being used for games, JB can furthermore be used to boost daily Rakeback and be a substitute for withdrawal fees! So it has real utility!

BC Game has also created BCD, its in-house game currency with a 1:1 USDT exchange rate. To get free BCDs, I can to perform various tasks like checking my email, activating a 2FA, and inviting two friends. The task list to get free BCD is displayed in the Task Hub.

Funding Your BC Game Account

There are 3 ways to fund your BC Game account

  • You don’t have cryptos: the integration of Banxa and Moonpay on BC Game allows you to buy cryptos by credit card.
  • You already have cryptos: Players can deposit crypto by simply scrolling to ‘My Wallet’ and clicking on the ‘Deposit’ option. They can then scan the QR code or copy the wallet’s address. As a crypto-based casino, BC Game accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies as deposits. The acceptable digital currencies for deposits include; AXE, BCG, BCH, BSV, BTC, DAI, DOGE, EOS, ETH, LTC, NBX, SATS, SEO, SOG, TRTL, TRX, USDT, VSYS, XLM, XMR, XRP and 100+ more.

NFTs deposits are made through a QR code or an address. Eight categories of NFTs are accepted, including BAYC, Degenpass, and Cryptopunks.


Select your local currency, and the payment methods appear. For example, suppose I choose to deposit in Indonesian rupiah. In that case, BC Game offers me eight partners: BCA mobile, PermataBank, BNI, Mandiri, BCA, BNI, Bank BRI, CIMB.

For my part, I choose to fund my account with Bitcoin. And best of all, the deposit was instant, thanks to the Lightning Network integration.

Concerning the other cryptocurrencies, the networks supported by the BC Game wallet are numerous. For example, you can deposit USDT via eight networks, including BEP20, TRC20, ERC20, Polygon, and Solana, no complaints from me.

Bswap, BC Game’s Internal Exchange

BCswap is a cryptocurrency exchange integrated into the wallet that allows swapping BTC, Fiat, and altcoins quickly and easily. So there is no need to leave BC.game to exchange cryptos. As a precaution: don’t use BC Game as a swap tool only; otherwise, KYC will trigger (it is to prevent money laundering).

New Platform Launch, What’s New?

BC Game new website and design

On October 1, 2022, BC.game unveiled a new version of its website. The UI was simplified, and is faster and more appealing than the old version. New languages have been added, like Portuguese, Indonesian, and Korean. There is a new page dedicated to sponsorships to keep the players informed about the latest BC Game brand partnerships. Oh btw, AFA and Cloud 9 are the current sponsors.

The navigation menu is personalized with two casino game sections: “picks for you” and “favorites.” And you have control of this. Players can rate, like, comment, and give feedback on games, making the gaming experience more interactive.

Security is improved with four steps of identity verification and updated KYC feedback.

Available Games

BC Brand Games

Several in-house games are exclusively designed and developed by BC Game. The speed of these games is fast and straightforward. The games are also customized to suit the playing style of each player.

To find these games, simply look for “in-house casino games” with the “BC Brand” section. BC.Game offers 25 original games to play, including dice, roulette, Plinko, crash, keno, slots, and video poker.

What’s more, the house edge on BC Game is one of the lowest around; it is just 1%. The RTP and last big win are indicated for each game. Each game is provably fair, and you can confirm the integrity of bets at https://provably-fair.github.io/bc.game/.

Third-Party Games

In addition to the BC Game’s in-house games, they offer a wide variety of casino games from reputable providers such as Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Relax Gaming, and Quickspin There are 760 slot machines, 447 live casino games, and 383 table games.

Some of the well-known table games at BC Game include Bitcoin Crash, Roulette, Casino Classics Dice, Bitcoin Baccarat, Limbo, Cave of Plunder, Savior Sword, Keno, Keno Single, Oriental Beauties, Hash Dice, Blackjack, Plinko, Saviour Sword, Crazy Time, Poker, Live Dealer games, Golden Wealth Baccarat, and Hilo. 

You can refine the catalog of all games through the Hot Games, New Releases, High Volatility, and Feature Buy-in sections.

BC Game Casino New Releases

These third-party casino games promote cross-platform assistance; you can readily play them from any web browser without needing to download each game separately. With multiple deposit rewards and free spins, BC.Game encourages new gamers and incentivizes them to play the game enthusiastically.

Community Features

With a large online player community, gamers can readily develop connections and make friends with comparable interests. The most enjoyable part about joining the BC.Game player community is a chance to interact with other gamers regarding the latest gambling trends and more.

Some attractive community features at BC Game are as follows: 

Live Chat Options

Contrary to other gaming platforms, there is no wager restriction to access the chat room at BC.game (You need to wager at least $500 before you are allowed to chat on Stake), but there are strict rules to prevent spam, begging for tips, and referral link advertising.

The live chat at BC.Game allows players to talk to each other for advice comfortably in real-time and even decide what type of roles everyone will take. There are different chat rooms for each language, and some excellent functions like:

  • Instant messaging
  • GIF
  • Coindrop or Rain: make it rain on the chat by sending any amount of cryptocurrency to a maximum of 100 persons. /Coindrop or /Rain
  • Tip a user: /tip @username
  • View a user: /user @username
  • Redeem your Bonus code: /BonusCode


BC.Game is one of the few gaming websites that has started an interactive forum for its community. The forum page is accessible from the left menu. Players can sign in with their BC Game account, start threads, and interact with many other individuals by responding to the chat thread. Similar to how Reddit works.

You can find official announcements, BC.game-related topics, new events/promos, and regional threads if your language is not English.

I might not be wrong to say that it is an extensive group for everyone inside and outside the gaming community. 

Telegram Channel

BC Game Telegram notifications - official BC Game channel

While gamers like playing games on different platforms, they also love watching others play them. To help gamers understand how a game is played, BC.game has a Telegram channel that works wonders in bringing together gaming communities.

Moreover, It’s a valuable place to receive notifications about the latest updates on events and promos organized by BC Game.

BC Game Exclusive Promotions

1. BC Game Bonus Code

Do you want your free crypto and are desperately looking for a working bonus code? Look no further. You are in the right place!

Did you know? BC Game bonus code was previously called “shitcode”

Traditionally, bonus codes are supposed to be found on the BC Game forum, on the player’s live chat, on social media like Reddit, or other forums and websites. There are lots of places, but the hunt for these special bonus codes can be exhausting. And when you finally get your hands on one, the code is already expired.

To remedy this misfortune and make your life easier as a casino player, we managed to get a valid exclusive bonus code from BC Game! Check it out.

click on the code to copy


Our exclusive BC.Game bonus code is claimable 100 times and rewards range between $1 & $3 (rewards are paid in BCD token, the in-house cryptocurrency of BC Game casino. 1 BCD=1 USD). In order to prevent abuse, the code is available from level 2, so you need to play around a little until you can redeem the code. The bonus code is currently ACTIVE.

2. BC.Game Exclusive Deposit Bonus

The promotional code or referral code to enter at the time of registration is our exclusive promotional code. It entitles you to a 300% welcome bonus on your first deposit of 10 USD or more. This offer is displayed with a countdown timer of about 20 minutes as it is time sensitive.

click on the Promo code to copy


The deposit bonus is received in locked BCD. Each time you wager on any game available on BC.game platform, BCD unlocks following this calculation [amount wagered x 1% x 20% = Unlock BCD amount]. Let’s say you wagered $400 on red Tiger slot, it will unlock 400 x 1% x 20% = 0.8 BCD for you. The promo code is currently ACTIVE. The validity is 24 hours after registering on the platform.

BC Game Standard Promotions

Deposit Bonuses

BC.Game knows how to welcome new players. While many crypto casinos do not offer any deposit bonus, BC.game offers a deposit bonus on your first four deposits. This allows users to test out the site and, if they’re lucky enough, to make more crypto by simply making a deposit.

All bonuses are paid in the BC.Game native token “BC Dollar ($BCD)” and have a a 500% wagering requirement to unlock the full benefit. That being said, the possible bonus rewards from deposits are worth a look at. Each bonus has a minimum deposit requirement of just $10. Altogether a crypto whale can walk away with $220,000 worth of crypto in deposit bonuses. 

  • 1st Deposit: 180% deposit bonus up to 20,000 BCD
  • 2nd Deposit: 200% deposit bonus of up to 40,000 BCD 
  • 3rd Deposit: 220% deposit bonus of up to 60,000 BCD
  • 4th Deposit An incredible 240% deposit bonus up to 100,000 BCD

BCD Unlock

As you play, you are rewarded with BCD tokens. This an additional incentive to keep playing at BC.Game. For every $500 (or the equivalent amount in crypto) played on the website, a user is rewarded with 1 BCD (which is always equivalent to $1)

There are no additional wagering requirements on these tokens they can directly be exchanged into any currency BC.Game supports. 

Master Medals

Medals are given to players as they reach certain miles stones. Users receive medals when they play certain games, complete certain tasks, or even just using the website for a certain amount of time. When achieves a certain amount of medals, they’re given a reward as follows: 

  •  5 medals: 20 BCD
  • 10 medals: 800 BCD
  • 15 medals: 2400 BCD
  • 20 medals: 10000 BCD

Task Hub

The task hub is similar to the Master Medals, but the tasks to complete are way easier are to complete and change regularly. Each user is given their own daily tasks, as well as weekly tasks. 

These tasks could be as simple as adding 2-factor-authentication to your account, wagering a certain amount within the week, or inviting friends to join BC.Game.

Once a player completes their task, they’re rewarded with points that will automatically convert to BCD. The amount of BCD the player receives is set according to how much the player has wagered within the last week. If a player wagers more, their BCD rewards from the Task Hub are much greater. 

Lucky Wheel

Free Lucky Wheel spins are available to all players and are made available right after the user signs up. The Lucky Wheel has three tiers according to the player’s level, and a user can win up to 5 BTC. The Lucky Spin works just like every mega-wheel game. 

A player can spin the lucky wheel every 12 hours. 

Rakeback Rewards

Rakeback rewards are common in crypto casinos as an incentive for Casino whales as well as their loyal users. Essentially the casino gives the player a small percentage of their losses back to them.

On BC.Game, Rakeback rewards only start once a player reaches level 14, where they’ll receive between 1 and 5% rakeback. The higher your player level, the greater the Rakeback rewards. The highest Rakeback reward a player will receive is 15% of the house rake. 

Recharge Bonus

Recharge Bonuses are only available to players who have wagered at least $1,000 in the last 7 days and have reached the VIP Level 22. The bonuses are based on a few factors, such as how much a player has wagered, their losses, and their VIP level. 

Players can collect a recharge bonus every 10 minutes, every hour, or every day. This is determined by the player. Once the player collects their rewards, the timer resets itself. 


Rain rewards are automatically distributed to six random players who are active in the BC.Game live chat. Meaning a player needs to reach level 4 to participate in the rain rewards. The more a user engages in the chat, the greater chance they have of receiving a reward. 

Players can “tip” the rain, or the site automatically distributes a set amount. When players tip the rain, the rain reward will be greater. 

Where’s Coco?

Where’s Coco is a fun little competition on BC.Game. the BC.Game mascot will appear for 10 minutes on screen. If you’re on the site and click on the Mascot, your recieve a reward in BCD. The Where’s Coco game takes place once in a six hour period. 

The reward can be as low as 0.005 BCD, though it could be much more than this depending on your VIP level. 

Daily Roll Competition

The daily roll competition is a game of dice played by all BC.Game players who have a VIP Level 4 or above. Each player is given a single spin to roll three dice. The game gives an output of between 1 and 999. 

The top ten rolls receive a split of a daily prize pool. This prize pool can vary, but is usually set at around $50.

Refer a Friend Program

The BC.Game referral system incentivizes players to encourage other gamblers to join the platform. When you invite another player to the website using your unique BC.Game affiliate link, you receive a reward for doing so. 

BC.Game offers some of the best crypto casino affiliate programs out there and you don’t need to have a mass following to become an affiliate; the program is for everyone. The rewards are given out in two ways.

USD Rewards

USD Rewards are automatically distributed to your account when one of your affiliates reaches a wagering milestone. For example if your wagers more than $1,000 (or reaches VIP Level 4)  on BC.Game, a reward of $0.50 is automatically distributed to your account. There are multiple milestones and they work as follows. 

VIP Level MilestoneTotal Wagered to reach milestoneUSD Reward

The USD rewards may have what could feel like some unreachable milestone, but if you find the right affiliate, this creates some incredible rewards. This affiliate system is over and above what most competitor websites offer to affiliates. 

If your referral reaches all 10 milestones, you can receive $1,000 from the USD rewards alone, but there is also a commission based reward. 

Commission Rewards

Similar to a Rakeback reward, when you refer a player, you receive commission from the house rake. If you manage to find a multitude of regular players for the website, the commission based rewards can easily become an additional passive income. 

Commission rewards generate from the moment the affiliate places their first bet and the process is quite simple. The more a player wagers, the higher your commission will be and the formula for your reward is calculated as follows:

Your commission ≈ (wagered amount) x 1% x 15%

The 15% part of that equation could vary between 10% and 25% depending on where the affiliate places their bets. 

The BC.Game affiliate program is more than fair and a real incentive for finding new players to join the crypto casino. So if you’re looking to join the affiliate program you need to do the following

  1. Create and account
  2. Tap “Affiliate” at the right side of the website
  3. Copy your referral link/code and send it to your friend.

And within a mater of days you could see some solid affiliate rewards coming in! 

BC.Game Licensing and Certification

In terms of licensing, the BC Game casino is under the oversight of the licensing authority in Curacao. This is a reputable license that is used by most crypto casinos.

BC.GAME is operated by BlockDance B.V. [Commercial register of Curaçao no.158182, Emancipatie Boulevard Dominico F. “Don” Martina 31, Curaçao] under a sublicense CIL pursuant to Master gaming License #5536/JAZ.

BC.Game Withdrawals

You can withdraw either in crypto or in fiat. Please note that it is currently not possible to withdraw NFTs.

The withdrawal process is similar to depositing funds, all you need to do is to state the amount to be withdrawn and make use of your gaming account address. The withdrawal limit is completely dependent on the cryptocurrency that you intend to use when withdrawing your BC.Game balance.

BC.Game utilises a 2-step verification security protocol. They use hash algorithms to ensures all transactions can easily be traced while also being absolutely impossible for anyone to alter or manipulate them in any way. This provides a security of your funds.

BC.Game Security and Customer Support

For BC.Game customer support, they offers a FAQ section on the site as well as a 24/7 live chat option. This is available for anyone that wants an immediate response to enquiries and you don’t even need an account to do so.

Additionally, BC.Game is available on different communities and social media platforms, namely;

Telegram ChannelForumGithubTwitterDiscord, and Bitcointalk.

BC.Game, a Blockchain Casino to Avoid or to Recommend? Legitimacy Verdict


  • Blockchain agnostic (ex: BSV is supported)
  • Multi-network compatibility wallet (ex: TRC20, BEP20, Polygon)
  • Lots of personalization tools
  • Unique & provably fair games
  • +100 cryptocurrencies accepted
  • End-to-end cryptocurrency casino
  • NFTs deposits
  • Buy/exchange crypto directly from your wallet
  • USA players accepted


  • Blockchain upgrades causing temporary deposit/withdrawal suspensions (due to maintenance)
  • There isn’t a merchandise shop
  • France, China, Dutch Caribbean Islands and Netherlands players not allowed

BC.Game is legit, and my feedback on this casino is that it’s also incredible. First, it’s an end-to-end cryptocurrency casino: the crypto coins you deposit are not converted into fiat. Same for withdrawals. During my experience, I could enjoy more features, get more Rakeback, and recharge by unlocking my BCD.

I want to point out how BC Game differs in some aspects from the competitors.

  • There is no staking option like Betfury, but BC Game compensates by offering 5% interest on funds deposited in the Vault.
  • Bonuses have relatively high wagering requirements, but this is balanced by no restrictions on withdrawals and no expiration date on validity, which is rare nowadays.
  • BC.game offers innovative gameplay that keeps the average gambler busy for a while.
  • The flexibility of the deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies is also a big plus to this blockchain casino.

In addition, players can interact with other like-minded players at any time in this community-centric gaming platform. Inquiries about the site or games can also be sought from players in the community.

The ease of deposits, exchanges, and withdrawals in cryptocurrency, the transparency of the promotional offers, and the provably fair games make this casino a must for crypto gamblers.

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    Since December 2022, I've been a regular player on BC Game and I must say it's been a fantastic journey so far. I've never encountered any difficulties with deposits or withdrawals - everything has been processed smoothly. On one occasion, I made a mistake in my fund transfer, but the customer support team was quick to assist and recover my funds.

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