Anonibet sportsbook review

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Anonibet sportsbook has been around for over three years, opening for business and accepting Bitcoins since December 2011. All Bitcoin sportsbooks have their own unique features that make them stand out amongst the sea of bookies, which you can find more about in this article.

In the case of this particular betting site, it is their ‘System Bets’ as well as the large selection of betting choices on both regular and live betting.

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Making a deposit is easy. You create an account, needing only an email and password. There is a page where a deposit address is clearly shown. All you need to do is send a desired amount of money to this address and you are good to go. Some users claim instant crediting, however it usually takes at least one confirmation for us for the deposit to be credited. Ensure that you send deposits with a sufficient transaction fee.


The betting options for sports betting is vast, with lots of options that other sports books cannot claim to have. A unique feature that we particularly like is their ‘System Bets’. For instance, if you want to bet on 10 picks, you can choose to do a system bet on it. 10/2 would create 10 parlays with 2 picks in each. This helps spread out the risk and gives a very good reward.

Even though you could easily do this on your own, this feature will save you quite a lot of time. 10/3 would create 10 parlays with 3 picks in each, and so on. Betting all of the picks on one big parlay may give a handsome reward, but the risk is greater. One thing we dislike is the ‘History’, where you have to manually pick the type of bet, as well as the day period that it was made, rather than displaying all of your recent bets. It also does not have NCAA Basketball at the moment, although that could change in the future.


Anonibet has some unique features, such as live betting, quick withdrawals, good odds, and being a long-standing member of the Bitcoin community since 2011. However, in some cases, the odds aren’t that great. One instance is for -300 or higher odds, where other sites like NitrogenSports constantly beat the odds. However, big favorites such as below -400 have better odds on Anonibet. It also allows an unlimited amount of matches in a parlay, allowing you to bet big and hope for a lucky day. More than one bet can be placed on the same match at a time, compared to other sites where you have to place one bet at a time. There is also a nice confirmation page before placing your bets, showing your betting amount, the matches, your bet picks, and the maximum winning amount if all of your bets win.

Live betting is also a nice feature. Although the odds are worse than betting beforehand for most matches, it allows you to hedge your previous bet if it goes awry.


Anonibet is proudly offering an exclusive deposit bonus promotion, where the player will get 10% bonus each time he makes a deposit. This bonus has no limits as to the number of times the player can claim it. When the player receives the deposit bonus, it will always remain in his account until he loses it.


Anonibet is a sports betting operator committed to offer an anonymous betting experience punters world. The company even boasts a casino and a mobile casino on their site. System bets is a good feature, but there are some negatives with Anonibet sportsbook.
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