999dice review, scam or not?

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999dice.com calls themselves a “provably fair dice betting casino”, but that has been called into question by numerous parties since the sites launch. What is the real deal with 999dice? In this piece, we will try to give an honest review of this bitcoin dice casino, as well as trying to understand where the complaints and accusations come from, and see if there is any truth to them.

999dice stands for 99.9% dice (it is a rather silly name, if you ask us), and it is one of several dice only bitcoin casino sites out there. According to the site, there is only one game you can play, and they take players from across the globe. You can play the 999dice game in English, and in a variety of other languages, too.

  • 999dice’s game

The dice game over at 999 dice is somewhat renowned. The site’s owners claim that it uses a house edge of just 0.1%, which would make it the best bitcoin dice game on the net, in terms of returns. Every other dice game we’ve seen feature house edges of at least 1%, and many are higher than that.

The game itself consists of just two bets. You can bet low, or bet high. The game will generate a number between 0 and 999,999. Should the player bet low they are banking on the number being between 0 and 49,999. If they bet high, they are banking on the number being between 950,000 and 999,999. If the number chosen falls in-between you neither lose nor win, since those numbers are not in the betting range.

999dice bot

999dice’s betting game looks like an old DOS program. It is a black screen with white text. There are three columns on the screen, one of which is for the bet size, the second is your chance of winning, and the third is your win profit information. You need to follow the instructions provided on the screen to play the game. This is challenging if you are new to bitcoin games, especially dice games.

  • Promotions and bonuses

There are no promotions and bonuses housed at 999dice.com. The only money you can bet with is what you take with you, or what you win. There is an affiliate program, though this is hardly going to benefit your average run of the mill player. This affiliate program can see you pocket 50% of the house edge of the bets made by any player you refer. We are talking about very small amounts of funds here.

  • Banking options

999dice.com accepts deposits made using bitcoins, dogecoins, litecoins, and Ethereum. There are no built-in fees when you deposit or withdraw from the bitcoin dice casino, save for those which normally occur with such transactions using cryptocurrencies.

  • Customer support

999 dice offers customer support via a forum, and it is one of the few bitcoin dice games to actually offer any kind of support. Most usually slap an FAQ guide on their website and expect you to get the help you need from that. This isn’t the case with 999dice, which really helps.

  • 999dice scam accusations

So far, everything seems pretty fair and agreeable. So, where has it all gone wrong for 999dice? Where do these accusations stem from? There have been complaints about the “provably fair system” being rigged. Over at Bitcoin Talk, they claim that the rigged system is actually hidden very well. Self-proclaimed experts in the cryptocurrency industry claim that they have run simulations and tests based on the programming of the game, that they claim categorically show that 999dice is rigged.

According to the forum, which you can find here (if you missed it above), few players verify their bets and every time a bet is not verified, the system has a chance to cheat the player. Players would be required to copy and paste “the hash” then bet, and then make “sure the seed for that bet actually hashes out to match the copied hash” before doing it all over again with the next bet. Few players will do this, thereby allowing the system to cheat on non-verified bets.

There is also another section of the forum talks of false bankrolls. When one user asked the owner of the site to provide proof that bankroll data was legitimate, he or she failed to do so, leading many to suspect foul-play.

From what we can tell, it sounds as though a lot of these problems can be alleviated by avoiding automatic betting. However, the route around it so time consuming than most players won’t bother, hence the “beauty” of the scam.

  • Some nice features

Provided you verify your bets and follow the instructions provided in the links above, it seems that 999dice can be a fair game to play, and one which gives you a more than reasonable chance of success. However, we wouldn’t recommend giving it a go with automatic betting enabled.

We love the idea of a dice game which can be played with bitcoins, and one which features a house edge that is nowhere near as excessive as those you will find at similar sites. We also like the idea of a universal dice game, which is open to players in almost any part of the globe.

  • 999dice faucet

If you’re a new user to bitcoin, a cool way to get a small amount to start with is claiming free satoshis from 999 dice site. Click on the ‘FREE BITCOINS’ button on the menu bar and enter a captcha to have the satoshis credited to your account. A claim can be executed every 5 minutes, once per IP and once per account.

999dice free bitcoin faucet

Withdrawals and claims can be made rather simply at this site. At the bottom of the “lobby”, you can find the main control bar. From there, simply click on “account”, and you can scroll down to withdrawals. From here you will be able to take out any winnings you do have.

  • Final thoughts

999dice may, in fact, be rigged, but we wouldn’t be so quick to jump on that bandwagon. Whilst there can be no doubt that the owner and creator of the game has been less than honest in the way that bets are set up, there does appear to be every way for you to play the game without it being fixed. Sometimes genuine mistakes may look like scams, but eventually prove to be otherwise, and the jury is still not quite out on 999dice. The experts have certainly made a compelling case, though, and it doesn’t look good for 999dice. Cover your bases, and do read the information and arguments provided, so that if you do play it, play it with caution.

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  • Multi-language casino
  • Live chat/forum
  • Bitcoin faucet


  • Scam accusations
  • Bitcoin SV (BSV) not accepted