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Introducing 5Dimes Grand Poker

Are you looking for an exclusive poker room that meets your need for;

  • a variety of exciting video poker cash games,
  • freerolls,
  • tournaments taking place round the clock,
  • dynamic payment options, and
  • rapid payouts? Well, if you are, then you really need to seriously consider trying out 5Dimes Grand Poker.

This review highlights why new and experienced bitcoin poker punters should sign-up with this poker room today.

  • Grand Poker is available on Mobile and Desktop Devices

The first thing you should know about Grand Poker is that you can play on virtually any device. The beauty of 5Dimes Grand Poker is that the software is absolutely FREE and can be downloaded on Mac and Windows PC. If you are finicky about playing your favorite video poker cash game while on-the-go, then you are in good hands with 5Dimes.

Grand Poker also offers a mobile app that can be downloaded also for free on your Android or iOS mobile device. You can also play poker directly from your mobile or desktop browsers as this platform offers instant play games.

5dimes.eu poker table on mobile
poker table – mobile screenshot
  • Multiple Languages on 5Dimes Grand Poker

That’s right! whether you are using the Grand Poker software on your desktop or you are in transit with your mobile phone app, you can access the site in a number of languages.

The platform can be accessed in German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and English, to mention a few, with many more languages being added even as you read this review. However, in many poker room chats only English or Spanish languages are permitted.

  • Grand Poker Tournaments

Apart from poker cash games, there are a fantastic number and variety of tournaments available on the site. These tournaments run everyday and round the clock to meet the timeline of punters wherever they may be located. Also, low and high rollers are welcome to participate in the tournaments, as Grand Poker operates a flexible buy-in policy with pretty low limits available.

The types of tournaments you can partake in include;

  • Regular,
  • Satellite,
  • Freeroll such as the USD$4 Advance ToGo Rewards and USD$10 Advance ToGo Rewards, and
  • Special tournaments.

The games type for these competitions include;

  • Hold’em,
  • Omaha and
  • Omaha Hi/Lo poker.

You can expect a flexible buy-in offering for the tourneys and these consist of;

  1. Free – You are in luck, as you get a free-pass to participate in tournaments. You don’t have to worry about any buy-in.
  2. Low Limit – Grand Poker offers you some of the lowest buy-in tourneys in the business. This is truly a low rollers delight.
  3. Middle Limit – If you are not that conservative with your money, then there are tournaments that allow you to take part with moderate buy-ins.
  4. High Limit – High rollers are not left out, as they can join in poker competitions with more than moderate money.
  5. Deep Stack – Experienced poker players looking to earn serious payouts are more than welcome with this buy-in.
  6. Late Registration – Grand Poker allows players to join in ongoing tournaments even when the competition is well in progress.
  7. PokersPoints – Earn a spot at a tournament by accumulating Grand Poker points.
  8. Guaranteed – There are monthly tourneys that you can actively take part in, so make sure that you keep tabs on your calendar and don’t miss out on any of the tournaments.
  9. No Fee – Join on a tourney without bothering about participation fees.
  • Relax! 5Dimes Grand Poker is Licensed

If you are wondering if this is one of those scammer sites, well you don’t have to worry as 5Dimes Grand Poker is absolutely legit. So, you can make pretty fast, easy and highly secure deposits on the site and also cashout your winnings just as quickly. This real-money poker gaming online platform is supervised, regulated and licensed by the Government of Curacao and therefore operates under their gambling laws. Punters can therefore focus on playing their favorite video poker without entertaining any fears at all.

  • 5Dimes Grand Poker Room Rules

Before you buy-in to a poker room on 5Dimes, you might want to avail yourself with some of their rules. First of all you should know that the following cheating schemes and systems are not allowed;

  1. Soft play,
  2. Chip dumping,
  3. Whipsawing,
  4. Trading information and all forms of collusion.

As a matter of fact, any player that engages in any of the highlighted cheating schemes would risk forfeiting their bitcoin winnings and having their account with Grand Poker being cancelled. Also, in a situation where the internet was deliberately disconnected, once detected the poker room or rooms involved would be permanently blocked by 5Dimes. The use of inappropriate, offensive and abusive language in the poker rooms is not tolerated. In addition, only Spanish or English language is allowed on the chat. Your conduct in the poker rooms is absolutely important as your account could be suspended if you have been deemed to have acted in a bad and disrespectful way.

Finally, only active 5Dimes account holders are allowed to withdraw winnings from the poker rooms. What this means is that you have to make sure that you deposit bitcoin into your 5Dimes gaming account before you join any poker room. If you do not find your account prior to joining a poker room, your winnings from the poker room can be confiscated by the management of the poker site. This rule also applies to any poker player looking to take advantage and abuse the freeroll offers. In this case, the site will remove the poker option of such offenders until they are able to find their gaming account.

  • Poker Gaming Options

As you register with Grand Poker, you will be able to play some popular and really exciting poker cash games.

Texas Hold’em

Chief amongst these poker games is Texas Hold’em. To know how popular this poker variant is, just check out some of the hugely successful TV programmes like the ‘World Series of Poker’ and the ‘World Poker Tour’. Texas Hold’em poker featured prominently on these shows.

Omaha High

Omaha High is one poker version that punters play with 5 community cards and 4-hole cards. Players have to make use of three common cards available on the board in addition to 2 out of the 4-hole cards in order to create a poker hand. As a rule, players cannot create a hand consisting of less or more than a couple of their hole cards.

Omaha Hi/Lo

Omaha Hi/Lo is also commonly referred to as Omaha 8 or better. This poker game is split into two halves. In one half, the player that has the ‘High’ or highest hand wins while in the other half, the player with the ‘Low’ or the lowest hand will emerge the winner.

Seven Card Stud

The major difference between the Seven Card Stud poker version and the Texas Hold’em or Omaha variants is the lack of community cards. In Seven Card Stud poker, every player gets 7 cards with three of the cards dealt face down while the other four cards are dealt face up. Players have to create their best possible poker hand from the seven cards provided.


With Badugi you have a poker variant that has its very own set of rules. For starters, unlike other poker games, in Badugi the player with the lowest hand is the winner. Both flushes and pairs are actually counterproductive to your hand in Badugi which is not the case with most low hand poker variants. A typical Badugi hand is one where you cannot find two cards from the same suit or with a similar value.

  • Are you a Bitcoin Poker Player?

One thing that spotlights the ‘Grand’ in Grand Poker is the fact that it offers crypto-based punters an opportunity to play cash games and buy-in to tournaments with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTE), and Ethereum (ETH) to mention a few.

What’s more, Bitcoin punters can be sure of very quick payouts as well as pretty high withdrawal limits. While there are other methods for depositing or withdrawing funds from your gaming account, their withdrawal limit pales in comparison to that of digital currencies.

  • Our Verdict – is 5Dimes Poker the right place to play with bitcoins?

So, what makes 5Dimes Grand Poker so special? It is the dynamism of its poker cash games, tournaments, and banking options. It is the numerous buy-in opportunities that are available to players wishing to be a part of the tourneys. It is the fact that the platform is fully functional, easy to use, interactive and visually appealing. It is the fact that players have many poker rooms to choose from. It is the speed of cashouts in a number of different withdrawal methods including cryptocurrencies. 

Indeed, 5Dimes Grand Poker takes the concept of poker rooms to the next level and the truth is, they have only just begun. So, this would be the best time for new and experienced bitcoin poker players to join this winning team and make good money in the process.


  • US players accepted
  • Mobile friendly
  • Efficient software
  • Fabulous $100 Freerolls


  • Website design outdated
  • No special bonus for bitcoin depositors

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