4Grinz casino review

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4Grinz.com is an online bitcoin casino that offers a wide array of slots games and live dealers for the BTC community to enjoy. A simplistic interface, vast selection of games and several industry-leading bonuses for players including the best initial deposit bonus of 110%, weekly mBTC draws and much more are bound to attract players by providing a smooth and expansive online bitcoin casino experience.

4grinz bitcoin casino review

  • Interface

The interface is simple and navigation of the casino is straight forward. You can find your player profile and cashier instantly in the top right of the screen if you need to deposit, withdraw or change your account settings. While it may be easy to find your way around the site one can’t help but think that the color scheme is a tad dry and unoriginal. That being said the functionality is phenomenal and finding your game of choice is easy.

The organization of the site is divided into 2 subsections: Casino Games and Live Casino. There are additionally many language options so if you are not a native English speaker you can modify the language to suit your native tongue.

  • Game Selection

There are hundreds of games currently available on 4Grinz and each game comes in different versions. For example, blackjack has 18 variations including 2 live dealers offering standard American blackjack and European style.

4grinz bitcoin gamesSlots selections are bountiful, housing hundreds of different new and classic titles with constant updates of the games catalog. Being able to play slots games for free to see if you enjoy it is a must-have feature of most online bitcoin casinos and 4Grinz has made sure that all players can try games out to find new favorite before betting any actual BTC on them. One thing we noticed and loved was that the load times were extremely quick, quicker than the vast majority of other bitcoin casinos, in fact. Considering the size of some of the games this is quite the feat and we applaud this rare quality.

The range of games is well rounded with all the top titles and then some. The classic titles are all here as well as the hot new games everyone’s been talking about recently. Staying on top of slots industry is something 4Grinz has done well at and this is evident when browsing the game selection. Our only complaint is that perhaps organization of the games could be done a bit better as players have to sift through the countless games to find (ex.) jackpot slots and the like.

The live dealers also load quickly and the interface is intuitive and easy to use. In other words, you do not need to be tech savvy to figure out how to join a game, sit down and start playing. The dealers themselves are entirely comprised of attractive and exotic women who provide a great level of customer service. The experience the dealers provide is world class and they are very experienced so the games play out without a hitch.

Don’t forget to tip the dealer!

  • Bonuses and Promotions

The amount of promotions occurring on this site are unparalleled.

The first promotion being offered is 10 free mBTC for 50 registrants each week. While this may not be all that much, it’s enough to get you started with a few free bets and gets you warmed up and accustomed to the site.

The second promotion available to players is the industry best 110% initial deposit bonus up to 1 BTC. As they advertise, you get the opportunity to “take [the casino] for a spin” by getting free bitcoins to play with. Let’s be blunt here; if you intend on playing on 4Grinz, even to just try out the site, obtaining this bonus is most definitely a requirement.

Supplementing the 110% first deposit bonus is a “Welcome Back” bonus of 55% on your second deposit.

For long term players looking to find a new home for casino games, 4Grinz keeps you grounded with a Member Bonus of 30% for every deposit after your second which will keep you playing for 30% longer thus giving you a 30% better chance of smashing the jackpot.

If you’re not happy yet there is another bonus of 10% if you happen to refer a friend.

If the countless deposit bonuses weren’t enough for you, random bonuses and prizes are currently up for grabs for anybody who is willing to support the site by Liking 4Grinz on Facebook, following them on Twitter or even by just visiting the site.

Yeah, we’re not done with the promotions yet because this site is teeming with them. There is additionally a VIP program available for long term players to win points to spend in the 4Grinz VIP store which is currently under development.

Also upcoming is the Cheshire Challenge. 4Grinz is promising a huge jackpot for players to have the chance to win when they kick off their grand opening. With the Cheshire challenge, every player wins so make sure you check this out ASAP for your chance to win some great prizes.

  • Privacy

There is a strong stance on privacy on 4Grinz which all users should take note of. While they do take your information on registration they promise:

To not sell your information or provide it to any 3rd parties unless lawfully required to by law – a highly unlikely scenario.
To securely store all information physically, electronically and through management processes to verify your information is secure at all times.
Utilization of SSL to secure data transfer over the internet, making data packets unreadable by packet sniffers

  • Customer Service

We thoroughly investigate every avenue of each site we review so naturally we had to talk to customer service. When we contacted the chat support in regards to receiving our initial deposit bonus, we were responded to instantly. Our question was answered in the blink of an eye by a customer service representative who was ready to handle our situation with a sense of urgency. Having a great level of customer service absolutely increases the experience of playing on a site and we were impressed at the speed and responsiveness of the customer support team.

  • Conclusion

While there were a few hiccups loading pages here and there, we are confident enough to say that 4Grinz provides a strong and well developed online bitcoin casino experience. With a simple interface that’s easy to use for all ages, more games than we can count a massive variety of bonuses and promotions that are seemingly never ending, we can confidently say that 4Grinz is a highly competitive and competent online bitcoin casino that is driving to be a powerhouse in the industry.

Their emphasis on security is also a great assurance for those among us who are rather mindful of our information and gives piece of mind that our names, home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are not being sold out to third parties for a profit. Customer service was certainly some of the best we’ve ever seen and our questions were solved almost as fast as we asked them.

4Grinz is a top online bitcoin casino with the full menu of games, top quality support and industry leading attractions in every corner. We recommend checking out 4Grinz if you like a constant barrage of free bitcoins, prizes and one of the largest collections of games available online.

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